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You’re Oxymoronic by T. Edward Redd

Please put the coffee down.

When you breathe, I want to frown.

The odor makes me squirm,

Yet your beauty, makes me oh so warm.

I just wanted to share books.

Yet you’re foxing me with your good looks.

But I’m repulsed by horrid smells,

And I want to hammer my nose with nails.


Reflection by T. Edward Redd

I know a man who’s losing,

The light in his eyes.

His heart is bruising.

Pain eats away at his soul like flies.

Those dying eyes.

How they remind me of mine.

So long ago I tried, freeing my soul from dark cries.

But was saved by the great divine.

I was rejected by death.

I discarded my own life.

Yet was given one last breath.

Now I live with great strive.

How can I save his soul?

It’s like I’ve been sent back in time.

Placed here to console.

Stop him from listening, to familiar dark chimes.

I’m lost for action.

Though I avoided my self-inflicted demise.

It was only by a fraction.

Not my doing. But a gift from the skies.

Please don’t let go.

Though times are dark.

You must search for your inner glow.

Look in your heart and let light spark.