First update, since the book signing!! I’m STOKED!!

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Quote from my next book 🙂

Sorry all, towards the end of this past semester, I had to focus hard on my exams. But classes ended last Friday so I’m back with A LOT of updates. I’m going to talk about; my first book signing and my future plans and current projects.

My first book signing was April 25th, 2014. It was from 6pm to 8pm and I LOVED every minute of it. People came and went. I won’t lie and say it was a blow out because it wasn’t. But I did sell copies of Hero’s Romance to readers. The book signing was amazing. People I didn’t know came to the store. During the signing I sold books, signed books and talked to the readers.


I think my absolute favorite part was answering questions about the book and my whole writing process, character development and where I get inspiration. I felt like I was getting interviewed. I LOVED it. Since that day I’ve been practicing every night in my study. I pretend I’m at a signing for 15 minutes after I work on my current project.

I will sit in my study and answer questions. There’s these flashcards I made with questions about inspiration and “my” writing processes. It’s motivating. The book signing has not only encouraged me to keep writing, but now I want to inspire others to reach their dreams like I have.

Hero’s Romance continues to make sells. It is available online in paperback and kindle. This week I sold 4 books by hand. My plans now are to keep spreading it through social media, have more signings and go to retailers and get it on shelves.

As of right now, I am currently writing my next book. There are three projects that I’ve been jumping back and forth through. Elements, Hero’s Wake and Love Bleeds Red.

Hero’s Wake is a book mentioned in Hero’s Romance’s story. I thought it would be cool to explore that story. It’s a more adult and passionate version of Hero’s Romance. I am thinking about starting a series of non- connected romance novels. It will always be Hero’s “something”. Hero’s Fantasy, Hero’s Story, Hero’s Nightmare. I would obviously have to get more creative with the titles.

Elements is a story that revolves around a boy who discovers an orb with mystical powers. He starts off as a cowardly and weak boy, who slowly becomes daring and strong as he protects not just the orb but his friends as well from the dangers, the mystical orb attracts.

Love Bleeds Red is another romance tale. It centers on a Thomas who becomes drawn to this mysterious yet alluring girl named Samantha Black. She transferred to his school while he was absent for a few weeks due to a heartache. When he returns he notices her immediately, due to her being the school outcast. Everyone finds Samantha to be strange and quiet. Thomas, however, finds her to be pleasant and kind after he decides to meet her. However, Samantha seems to be very withdrawn and distant towards him.

IMG_6316 A bit from the story so far.

But after several occasions of intense kissing with her, Thomas can’t bring himself to forget about her, even though she’s putting so much distance between them. She draws him in without trying. Eventually, she let’s her guard down as he too, moves her heart. Soon though, he learns exactly why others feel so nervous around her. Samantha Black has a very dark secret.

Love Bleeds Red is my FAVORITE. It’s the first story I wrote and now I’m rewriting it into a different point of view. I wrote this story when I was dating this girl named Ashley back in high school. She didn’t have any friends and the kids picked on her a lot because she was “different”. But I liked her because she was different. Over time she inspired Samantha Black’s character.

Right now my progress with Love Bleeds Red is the farthest. Trinity is the next then Hero’s Wake is last. I’ve been on fire with the first novel. I’m having fun with it and my experience with my first publish is improving the story dramatically. I can’t wait to let people read it. I plan for my next publish to be a huge step forward as far as writing skill and story telling goes.

So what’s my current progress?

1947577_10202763008569474_1762691221576267428_n I sell books

IMG_6318And I still write 😀

I’ll be sure to update weekly, now that I have the time to. If anyone is interested in  a copy of Hero’s Romance, check out the buy a book tab. Thanks!


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