Poetry Time. Lust, Lust.

T.Edward Redd

Lust, Lust”

I never meant for it to be this much.

No feelings were supposed to be. No emotion.

It was just our touch.

My body was tense and so was yours.

We both agreed it was just lust.

So we pleased each other behind closed doors.

You blew my rocks off. I made your body numb.

Satisfaction. Pleasure. Lust. No emotion.

You kept quiet. While in your heart, feelings begun.

I heard it in your voice. I could see it in your eyes.

Even when you lied and said, “Just lust.”

I knew I had become your heart’s demise.

I never meant for it to mean this much.

I never mean to hurt you.

I thought it was just our touch.

You said just lust.