Starting the Year Off With a Kick! Comic Books and Novels.

Hello, followers and bloggers, writers and, of course, readers! This post was meant to be up a few days ago. But I’m glad I still managed to find the time to do it.

I love this!  I’m on the rise! I have a goal to reach 1,000 followers by Jan 1st, 2016. Follow me! I’ll follow you write back. I will be pretty active this year. Don’t be surprised if you see me leave comments on your page…

Last year I published my first novel, Hero’s Romance. Its success has surprised me to extremes I never thought would happen. I don’t want to make it seem like the book is making me millions. That’s not the case. But the fact that it is still selling and I’ve had a few book signings still blows my mind. All at the age of 20-21.

Last year in general was really huge for me. I feel as though I did a lot of self-finding. Not only did I release my first book, I traveled to Great Britain ALONE. It was my first time going overseas AND being on an airplane. But everything went stellar. I saved up the money for tickets and the hotel and spending money. My family helped me a little but I did the bulk of the work. That’s EXTREME.

I’m not rich and I’m not a genius. I don’t have any rare talents (except for writing and art I guess). I am just a regular person and yet I have been doing all of this stuff mostly by myself. Publishing a book and traveling overseas at 20-21 isn’t something every individual can say they’ve done. Last year was huge to me because for myself, I’ve proved that ordinary people can do extraordinary things IF they are willing to work hard.

My experience in England has changed me entirely. My mind is more open than it used to be. My optimism and persistence have reached new extremes. The major thing I notice the greatest change in is my confidence. Everything that I’ve been doing since I’ve been back has had an extra kick to it. I hadn’t noticed it until my uncle pointed it out to me when I was doing concept art for the comic book I’m creating.

I trust myself more and I’ve stopped second guessing every single detail. That’s not just with art either. It’s with my writing, the way I talk and even dress. I’ve stopped stressing on perfection and started focusing on just being happy in all of the areas of my life. And honestly it’s been a GREAT year so far. My stories are great, my artwork is coming along great and I’m even doing well with saving up!

This year I want to focus on self-mastery. That is my new year’s resolution. Mastering who I am. That’s what I want for myself by 2016. When you’re the king of you, it seems like nothing ever gets you down. With that out of the way, off to my UPDATE.

Alright so for this past month I’ve been working on concept art for my comic book and story drafts.


Where is Dreamland? had my eye for a very long time. Before I went to England I finished its first draft and did the book work. It looks amazing. The interior text and formatting is WAY better than Hero’s Romance.I’m really proud with how this came out. The cover art was done by my friend Jemma. She’s the reason I traveled to England. I’ll have to post about my trip sometime. Where Is Dreamland? was the book I bragged about before leaving and was supposedly releasing it this spring BUT as soon as I got back my motivation for the book kind of just dimmed down. Love Bleeds Red (another book I’ve been writing for 3 years) caught my eye.



I started editing/revising the first chapter. A week later I’m on chapter Five. 80 pages worth of revisions/editing have been done. I doubt I’ll stop until it’s finished. This is draft 3 and I like it even more than before. I realize that I mention alot of stories. It’s giving me ideas on future posts. I’ll share synopses sometime this week.

Lastly. My progress with my comic book is coming along pretty smoothly. I have ideas of creating an apocalyptic fairy-tale where this girl wakes up in the middle of her city. The city she once knew has suddenly become ruins filled with beanstalks and mythical creatures, both good and bad, roaming the streets. She realizes her parents are missing and goes to search for them. Along the way she gets mixed in with a story that will forever change her life.

IMG_6299 IMG_6300 IMG_6304 IMG_6305 IMG_6302 IMG_6306

Our protagonist’s name is Gina Malition. Her name comes from the word “imagination” split into a first and last name, then scrambled.  She has went through several design changes and name changes. Her name changing was mainly due to me forgetting letters in imagination. Her first name was Natali Magon. Then it was Natali Magioni. I realized that somehow I added an L and I think it’s because I wasn’t thinking when I was scrambled imagination. I took the i thinking it was an L. L’s look like capital I’s when you don’t pay attention.

I’m pretty sure that’s her outfit and name. Her character design isn’t definite. But I’m leaning towards the middle two pictures. I’ll keep my blog updated. I will probably split up post about my writing and comic book because this post is way too long.

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First Post of the Year! Many Things to Come this Year!

Hello, followers and bloggers, writers and, of course, readers. I know that I’ve been gone for some time now. But like I’ve written in the past, writing is my dream. I don’t plan to stop. In fact, this year I plan to take my writing very serious and reach new levels of success.

Since I last made a post, I have done many things and have made many goals. I’ve written another book, I’ve had a signing, I’ve met writers and I’ve traveled across the globe to England. My trip has brought me many things.

Traveling overseas alone for my first time traveling out of the country has brought me a strong sense of independence and determination. I feel that there is nothing I can’t do as long as I work hard and stay persistent. My experience over this past year has proven to me what I’m truly capable of and what plateaus I can reach by using my strengths.
This year I am determined to gather many more feats for myself as a young and independent author.

Create My Own Comic Book.

My first goal is to create my very own comic book before the year of 2016 and participate in the Indy Comicon of 2016. I went to the convention last year and it was amazing. To say I participated in something like that and showcase my own work would be amazing.

Reach 1,000 Followers.

I want my blog and networks to be able to reach mass numbers. By doing this more and more people will see my progress and work. I will gain supporters as well as inspire more writers to pursue their goals. I truly believe anyone can do this if they work hard enough. I want to be hope to everyone who dreams the way I do. I want to inspire people to become dream catchers. I want to encourage them to never give up. No mater what. So I will definitely be blogging a lot more this year.

Complete 1-5 Drafts of Stories

I don’t want to become a slacker when it comes to writing stories. I’m not positive if I will be releasing one or two books this year. I’m definitely releasing one. Regardless I want to keep completing drafts and sharpen my writing skills.
Laugh More. Play More. Relax More.

I realize I stress a lot about things and I’m serious a lot. This year I want to be more laid-back and carefree. I want to have more fun and worry less. I want to just go for things without worrying about what happens afterwards.

That’s pretty much it as far as my goals go. I am back on my blog and I plan to make a lot of things happen this year! I will post more very soon.