Book Writing, Publishing Books and Creating a Graphic Novel



Hey there bloggers, writers and followers! I managed to update my page within a month. I am very serious about getting back into the groove of blogging. I even have ideas to have them written days before they are even placed online. I have decided to post about mainly my writing career. But when there’s nothing to share, I will post about my interests, daily life and books that I am reading. For this post I will just share current progress with my career.

My goal for the summer was to have one or two story drafts written. I hadn’t realized that I completed the goal until yesterday. Love Bleeds Red: Daywalker and Beyond a Lifetime: Through the Veil, were my story writes for the summer. They both need revising and editing before I think about releasing them. I made that summer goal so I get in the habit of finishing books instead of only starting them.

My main focus right now is finishing “Where is Dreamland?” The manuscript has 111 pages at the moment.  Lately I’ve been struggling with writer’s block but instead of going to different projects I keep writing. Ideally, I want to be finished writing this by late October or early November. Revisions would start late December, then editing. I think it would be pretty cool to have this published around the time Hero’s Romance was released, but there is no rush. I’ll keep everyone updated.


I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I also have plans to start a comic book. Originally it was supposed to be based on Hero’s Romance. But now I’m not sure. Aside from the plot, I’ve been working on a new art style. This one borders realism. My old style looked a lot like anime/manga, which is fine, but I feel like it’s overused a lot today. So I’ve been practicing realism by drawing people. Mainly celebrities.


I don’t necessarily hate my old art style. But I do like this new one more. It looks more mature in my eyes.



I’m no artist. But I really like the way this is coming along. An old friend sat with me yesterday and showed me a few things that should help me improve. I post pictures every day on Instagram. I’m thinking about starting my own Youtube channel to show how I draw and also talk about my books, writing. A vlog basically. It would be a great way to inspire people and motivate them to follow their dreams like I am.


Back To Blogging!! Working on my next book, “Where is Dreamland?”

Hello followers, bloggers and of course, book readers. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted but as I’ve said in the past, this blog will never come down. Writing books is my dream and since April 1st 2014, I’ve been proud to be able to say that I am an author. Hero’s Romance continues to sell monthly both from me and online. It is available on Kindle and paperback. Check out the buy a book tab for more details.


Updating my blog comes to mind weekly but I never know what to write about. When I first started my blog, I was in the process of publishing Hero’s Romance. So daily, I would post my progress with editing, formatting, revisions and so forth. Then I posted about my signing and release of the book. But after that I didn’t really have a subject for blogging since the mission was accomplished. Early this week I met a woman at work who inspired me to blog more.

After telling me she was writing a book that she wanted to publish, I told her about my publishing experience. Then I showed her the book. She was really impressed and motivated, with me writing/publishing a 456-page book at the age of 20. So then she went into telling me about a writer’s society here in Indy and gave me her blog’s web address. She told me that she doesn’t restrict her blogging to just her books which gave me the idea to blog weekly/daily, even if it’s not about my book.

For this post I will just give a quick update on what I’m doing as far as projects go.

I have been working on a story called, “Where is Dreamland?” The story focuses on a boy named, Ryan Reeds, who moves away from home to attend a University. He meets a girl named, Alice James and learns that she is his pen pal of two years. He knew her as May and had never seen her face.

After realizing who one another are, they instantly connect and eventually fall for one another. Things take a scary turn when Alice suddenly goes missing.  With her being his dream girl, Ryan must make a journey to find her. The further he gets into the journey the more he discovers that there’s more to Alice than she has allowed him to see.

I have very strong feelings about this book. A lot of things going on in my life have inspired this story. So far I have written 105 pages for this, which is why I have decided to stick with it, finish it and publish it.

Aside from, Where is Dreamland, I have also been working on a mini comic book series based on Hero’s Romance. I’ve been working on my artwork and getting storyboards made.  I will post pictures of my progress sometime. I have a Japanese comic art style. But I’m looking to draw the series in a more realism based style but still have a comic book look. So I’ve been working on realism and drawing portraits.

That’s all I have for you all as far as updating goes. I plan to update more frequently so there’s no need for me to write everything all at once. But currently I have A LOT going on as far as writing and my dreams go. I plan to share it with all of you. Keep writing and blogging! If you haven’t checked out Hero’s Romance give it a peek. It’s a must have for hopeless romantics.