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October Release

It’s been about half a year since I last made a post. But I’m a writer, so inevitably I always end up on this blog. That’s mainly due to me releasing or in the process of publishing a novel. Earlier this year a friend inspired me to finish one of my favorite projects originally named, Love Bleeds Red but has now been rewritten as, Pretty Monsters.

The story is about a girl who was cursed by a demon two centuries before the story takes place. The curse gives her immortality in exchange for her humanity. She can never die but every living thing she encounters will fear and either run away or attack her. So for two hundred years she suffers loneliness, persecution and isolation. It seems her life will be an eternity of darkness until she meets a boy who for some reason is immune to the effects of her curse. He falls for her instantly and despite her strongest efforts she can’t seem to push him away so he can’t discover her dark secret. As she lets him in she has to keep him from getting hurt from the darkness inside of her.

This story has a lot of supernatural elements along with action and romance. I got inspiration from Harry Potter while writing the story over and over. I wanted it to have a magical and out of this world sort of feel to it. Then I added horrific elements to make it out to be a somewhat romantic and dark fairy tale. I tried to include a lot of mythical creatures (no spoilers) some already known and others I made on my own. Pretty Monsters has been requested over and over from people who either know me personally or have had a class with me and heard about the story. I’ve finished its final draft and now it’s in the revision and editing stage. I plan to release it on Halloween because what a better time to release a horror themed story on Halloween?

Aside from the story writing I’ve been up to quite a lot this year. I’m finishing up my final semester at Ivy Tech before I transfer to university. From there I plan to major in Journalism and pursue a career in reporting. I have thoughts about going back to school sometime later to become a detective. It all depends on where I’m at in life in about 4 years.

That’s it for my update. I felt like blogging today. It’s been on my mind for a while. I’ve been getting weekly views for some reason and can’t figure out from who or why. But it’s brought me back. I plan to start blogging every other day or weekly.




Reflection by T. Edward Redd

I know a man who’s losing,

The light in his eyes.

His heart is bruising.

Pain eats away at his soul like flies.

Those dying eyes.

How they remind me of mine.

So long ago I tried, freeing my soul from dark cries.

But was saved by the great divine.

I was rejected by death.

I discarded my own life.

Yet was given one last breath.

Now I live with great strive.

How can I save his soul?

It’s like I’ve been sent back in time.

Placed here to console.

Stop him from listening, to familiar dark chimes.

I’m lost for action.

Though I avoided my self-inflicted demise.

It was only by a fraction.

Not my doing. But a gift from the skies.

Please don’t let go.

Though times are dark.

You must search for your inner glow.

Look in your heart and let light spark.

Bucket List For Year 22. July 8th 2015-July 8th 2016.

The last time I made a post it was about me expressing my ideas about living in the moment and not for the moment. I decided that instead of living my life dreaming of that moment I see myself the happiest, I will be living each and every day making special moments for myself. Living. Pushing myself out of myself out of my comfort zone and making sure every minute is fun.

I didn’t quit my job. I’m still in college and I still want to become a successful husband and father some day. But now those are small fragments of my life’s vision. My vision is to live my life having fun and making adventures both humongous and microscope and everything in between. I’m 22 and from now until the day I die I will be making every moment special.

I’ve decided that I will be doing a bucket list for the year. From here until I’m 23 I’m going to complete a list of 50 things I want to do. Most of these things will be firsts for me. I don’t want my life to be routine or plain. I don’t want to be the type of person who just works, comes home, hangout with friends every so often, then repeat. I realize that who I am is an adventurer. A dreamer. I want to embrace that and hopefully embrace others to do the same.

  • Visit Canada for a week.
  • Enter a bodybuilding competition
  • Watch the sun set
  • Watch the sun rise
  • Illustrate a graphic novel
  • Read 12 books or more. One for each month.
  • Make a collage.
  • Recycle 100+ bottles/cans
  • Buy 7 Avril Lavigne T-shirts
  • Go to a shooting range
  • Look into professional temporary tattoos
  • Design a T-shirt
  • Play a stranger in scrabble
  • Buy a taser
  • Finish a draft of Love Bleeds Red
  • Finish/Publish “Whisper”
  • Go to the Soldiers/ Sailors Monument
  • Plant something
  • Make an Avril Lavigne+The Pretty Reckless Mix
  • Build two build-a-bears and donate them/give them away to someone I don’t know
  • Paint/Draw something on a boarded canvas and give it away
  • Give away 100$ to a stranger
  • Watch the entire Star Wars series before December 18th and go to the premier of The Force Awakens.
  • Attend an outdoor yoga class.
  • Beat a video game’s main story line on a hard difficulty setting
  • Go to the movies 12 times this year or more. One for each month.
  • Get a pedicure
  • Paint a portrait
  • Dog sit someone’s dog for free
  • Volunteer
  • Go go-karting
  • Go paint balling.
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Go fishing with Dad
  • Inspire someone

So far I’ve only got 35 things. I’ve been taking ideas from friends and family to make the list more meaningful and challenging. I’ll update this list as I come up with more challenges and complete them. Each time I complete something on my list I’ll post a picture on here and Instagram.

My point in posting this stuff is to hopefully inspire others to live life in the moment and not for it. Have a blast. Do something that makes your blood rush. Laugh everyday and make others smile. I look forward to completing this list!

Day 30 out of 30. Blog Challenge is OVER!

30 days ago I set a goal to post on my blog for 30 days straight. The plan was to get me used to blogging again so that I can bring my blog back to life. At first I was a little lazy with this but after a friend scolded me about not posting I dove deep into this. I’m pretty proud with my dedication. For the most part I posted alot of stories that I’ve been working on. Now I’m going to start focusing this blog on my graphic novel and spreading inspiration..

Here’s my final story share. I’ll post more monthly.

Iris by T. Edward Redd


My family was made of ten people including myself. There’s the twins, Julie and Elain, Me, Astrid, Rosary, Bridgette, Olivie, Oceana, little Violet and of course my mother, Catherine. My mother was a beautiful woman in her late thirties. She had long brown hair and her eyes were emerald green like mine.

She loved gardening and took care of her lovely and spacious home. It lied on the outskirts of New York. Far enough to not be disturbed or cause trouble to humans. But close enough to watch over them. It was in a very secluded area surrounded by lovely green plants and trees. Early in the day my mother would always be found in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my sisters.

The twins were the oldest of the siblings. They were twenty and usually wore these matching outfits, which were usually blouses with jeans or skirts. They were those cliché type of twins, being identical and doing practically everything together. They ever said phrases and did expressions likes sighs and huffs at the same time. They were really good with magic, smarts and usually watched over me and my sisters when Mother was away.

Astrid was two years younger than me. She was a petite girl with straight and black hair similar to mine. Hers was shoulder length though. She also had green eyes but unlike me her face was patterned with tan and brown freckles. Typically, Astrid wore black and white short-sleeved shirts with black pants. Her hands were always stained with paint from her daily passion for painting.

Rosary was a year younger than me and annoyingly reminded me a lot of myself. She was very sarcastic, playful and stubborn. She had habits of picking on the siblings too. She wasn’t all bad though. She was loving, strong and confident just like me. But her taste in outfits reminded me nothing of myself. She wore red shirts with brown or black pants. She also had freckles and brown hair cut in a bowl shaped sort of way. She usually wore ponytails on each side of her head.

Olivie was my fraternal twin. We look exactly the same for the most part. She got my father’s eyes which were a bluish silver. She always loves to remind me that she’s the oldest (by two hours) but far from the most mature. She loved to break curfew, avoids chores and even breaks certain rules our kinds must obey. But she isn’t completely bad. She has a pretty kind and protective heart, she makes us laugh and she’s one of us.

Bridgette was probably the most polite out of us all. She was three years younger than me but very obedient, polite and well mannered. Her hair was long, brown and curly like Mother’s. She usually wore her ponytail to the side. She always dressed in an elegant manner, typically wearing dress shirts with dress pants or dresses.


Oceana was what most people would call the odd child of the family. She stuck out like a sore thumb. She dressed pretty nicely, favoring black and white striped shirts like Astrid. But she liked to wear black skirts instead of pants. When she was six she accidentally permanently turned her hair by playing with magic. She’s very gifted in sorcery and very intelligent. She was only fourteen.

And lastly there’s our adorable little Violet. At only age four she was already transforming and realizing her gifts. Mother considered her the most prominent Green to realize her gifts in several generations. She was the youngest to ever transform. Bridgette or Mother were the ones who usually dressed her so she always wore dresses with stocking. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were like our dad’s. She was very adorable which she always used to her advantage. Whenever Mother wasn’t around Violet was always getting into trouble and winning Mother over with her charm when caught.

So that’s my family. We usually kept a low profile and things were pretty laid back at home. Even though we were so different we never attracted danger. Unlike the filthy leech. She really was like some tornado. She had been gone for almost two years and yet I was still cleaning the destruction she left behind. The barn outside our home had become the place I spent my time the most after she left.

Our land was pretty big. Aside from the home we had a garden and a barn. We raised livestock for money. I actually didn’t like animals too much. But the barn was the only place I could put the statue. Mother wouldn’t let me put it in her beautiful garden and I was afraid the siblings would break it if it were inside. Plus being outside gave me privacy with him. Oceana was usually out there with me but she was quiet for the most part, just studying her magic and spells quietly.

For the hundredth time I watched a bird land on the statue’s head. I didn’t bother shooing it that time. Part of me was losing hope. A year ago that statue was a person, my best friend. Then he fell in love with a demon who led an immortal gorgon here. She got him petrified and left him without even trying to revive him. She turned herself in. The day played through my mind as if it had happened the day before.

Sometimes I wondered how Samantha Black was doing. The last time I saw her she said something about being taken into solitude. By getting Thomas killed she committed a horrible and unforgivable crime amongst her kind. Every time I thought about her I hated myself for missing her. She was the one who got him into this mess yet she was all I had left of him. I tried to save her but she didn’t let me.

I looked at my mobile phone again. I was waiting for her to contact me again. But she hadn’t called or even messaged me. As usual she was running late. As my ears picked up pecking noises I nearly screamed. The bird was pecking at the statue’s head. We had been working on reviving him for a year and we were on the verge of a breakthrough. I couldn’t afford to let the statue get harmed in anyway.

“Shoo! Shoo!” I shouted. I ran and swatted at it. It flew away for a brief moment. But as soon as I walked away it landed on the statue again and squawked at me.

“Do you want me to rip you in two featherhead? Get off!” I shouted. It just kept squawking as I yelled at it. Suddenly a blue light struck the bird. It quickly fled away as smoke and feathers fell from its body.

Oceana held a wand in her hand as she jumped up and down. She said, “I got it! I got it! Caroline did you see?”

I said, “You nearly blew his head off, Oceana! Go practice your magic somewhere else!” I went back to the workbench and looked at my phone again. I huffed and said, “Where is she? She’s never on time!”

Oceana sat beside me. She said, “You mean that half-blood? It’s so weird that she’s helping you like this. They don’t like our kind. I always thought they hated us.”

I said, “She had a change of heart when she found out Samantha wasn’t a pure blooded demon. She feels guilty so she’s trying to revive Thomas. I don’t particularly like her but she’s the best chance I have with reviving him.”

Oceana got up and walked to the statue. She held her had to her chin and observed it like she was some lab expert.

She said, “Hm. No one’s ever revived the petrified before. And spirit children are against dark arts. How are you two going to revive him?”

I ignored her annoying skepticism. I was already down on luck and my hope in seeing him breathe again kept dimming. Why? Why couldn’t I stop thinking about Samantha Black? Every time I shut my eyes I saw her watching me with that ugly blank gaze. Part of me felt I had a better chance of reviving him if she had stayed and worked with me. I was working with the girl responsible for getting Samantha sent to Hell then captured by demon hunters.

Out of nowhere the earth around us started shaking violently. I looked towards the grassland in front of me as a bolt of red and orange light fired from the ground. Ghoulish cries of terror and mourn erupted from the fiery pits of Hell as an old wooden gate rose from the ground. I stood up as the portal opened.

A girl raced out while she carried a huge sword over her back. She was wearing white robes with white dress boots. As she ran out of the portal a gigantic hand reached out for her.

A monstrous voice shouted, “Ye shall not escape.” It’s hand casted a huge shadow over her. She rolled her eyes as she stopped running and let out an annoyed sigh.

She said, “What a sore loser.” She took her sword with both hands and turned to the hand. She swung it and shouted, “BANISHMENT!” Immediately a blaze of yellow energy rippled from the sword and engulfed the demon’s hand. It cried in pain as the hand started incinerating away. She threw the sword into the air and clapped her hands together. As soon as her hands clapped the Hell Gate blew into thousands of pieces. The area was left clean as if nothing had ever happened.

She held her hand up to catch the sword. She turned to me and waved saying, “Sorry I’m late. It’s easy to lose track of time down there. Did you know time doesn’t exist in soul realms?”

I did know. But only because she told me every time I saw her. Oceana was still nervous whenever she came around. She quickly got beside me as she walked our way.

She said, “Wow. She’s so strong. Did you see the size of that thing? She blew it away like it was nothing. Caroline she’s not safe to be around. What if she decides to kill us or worse?”

I said, “We’re not pure blooded demons. She can’t attack us without being told to. Just relax.”

We watched the spirit child walk towards us. She was covered in scrapes and blood. From fighting demons I presume. Her robes were spotless though. They acted as armor against demon magic and physical attacks. It was weightless and looked like cotton but it was extremely durable. Only the strongest creatures could damage it. But her skin wasn’t as durable. It looked like she got knocked around a few times.

But as usual she showed no signs of pain. She smiled as she put her sword over her shoulder. She said, “Caroline. How are you?”

I said, “I’m fine. You look like you’ve seen better days.”

She looked at her wounds saying, “Oh these? I’m fine. They’ll all be closed up within the hour. I want to show you what I got down there.”

She had a bag over her shoulder. She knelt down and started digging through it. Finally she took out this jar with pink fluid in it. It looked slimy, bubbly and disgusting. It was like mucus or something. She was smiling like she had a trophy in her hands.

She said, “This is imp blood mixed with gorgon venom. I had to go across plains to get the latter’s.”

Oceana said, “You mean like realms? How do you travel back and forth like that? I mean it kind of looks cool.”

She said, “Oh that? It’s easy actually. You just need to know the incantation and…”

“Christine focus!” I said impatiently. “You’re already late and you’re not teaching my little sister how to open those gates. How are we brining back, Thomas?”

Farewell Angel

Humans are so odd. I’m sure she isn’t exactly human now that I’ve seen what she can do. But Caroline obviously has emotions similar to human ones. For 200 years I walked this Earth sad and alone. Every living person I came across feared or attacked me. It made me grow hateful and angry towards them. Then he made me remember. Thomas made me remember what love felt like.

I watched Caroline lie on the ground. There was no way of getting through to her. She was willing to fight those killers for my sake. No more blood. I wanted absolutely no more blood on my hands. It became so obvious to me once I saw Thomas’s once living body as a stone relic. I am a danger to every living person I come in contact with. I had no business walking amongst the living. I wasn’t going to let Caroline die for me. So I knocked her out.

“Sorry,” I said. “It was a noble thing to do, Caroline. But I need to go away. I don’t belong here. Take really good care of that statue. I want to bring him back. Make no mistake about that. But even if we did manage that, do you think he’d be safe around me? No. This is the best choice. Goodbye, Caroline.”

I’m not sure if she even heard me with being knocked out. Thomas was a statue. Caroline was knocked out on the ground and the Delphiniums were all on the ground fatally wounded. No matter where I went destruction always followed. So I had to spare everyone and go far away. I watched as Lance and his soldiers came my way.

He shouted, “Don’t move! By Lady Maria if you move I will obliterate your body and destroy you.”

I held out my wrist and said, “I don’t plan to fight you. Do what you must. Please.”

He grabbed my wrist and chained them. He almost took Caroline as well. But I begged him to spare her. As he started leading me away I just watched Thomas. It felt like he was still there. It felt like he was watching me and calling for me. I wanted to cry.

“Wait,” I said. “Wait! I need to see him once more!” I ran to him without thinking. It was only luck that prevented Lance from destroying my body. They just watched as ran to Thomas. I screamed for him to come back to life. I begged him to wake up and convince me to fight them all so I could be with him. I shouted for him to come back to life. I didn’t want isolation. I didn’t want to die. I wanted him. Him and nothing else.

I cried tearlessly, “Please! Wake up and bring me to life again. Save me from this Hell! You’re my salvation. Without you I truly am damned! I have no one else! You’re my angel in the darkness. My beacon of light. Make the world pretty again and come back to me…please…”

Slowly I got to my knees and started crying tearlessly. Why did I feel so human with him? Even when my heart didn’t pump I felt so strongly for him. My body was dead but he brought my soul to life. And in return I couldn’t offer him anything. Not even tears. I destroyed him. The darkness inside of me destroyed the only light I had seen in 200 years.

Eventually Lance and his soldiers got tired of waiting. After they healed the Delphiniums they were ready to take me back to Nightingale. Christine was surprisingly not happy to see me being dragged off to either be executed or placed in solitude. She ran to Lance and stopped him.

She said, “Before you take her I need to ask her something!” She walked to me. I could see the frustration in her face. She said, “I’ve casted away literally hundreds of demons. How did you escape Hell? Tell me! I need to know how you did it!”

Lance and his soldiers laughed loudly. He said, “Poor rookie. She’s clueless.”

Christine said, “What’s funny? Stop that! I need answers! I practice nonstop every day. My techniques are foolproof. Tell me how this ordinary vampire escaped Hell! It’s impossible!”

I sighed. “You’re a talented slayer, Christine. I didn’t escape Hell. I was rejected and sent back to this realm. I’ve told you this over and over. I’m not a demon.”

“You mean you weren’t lying,” she said softly.

Lance laughed and said, “Samantha Black a demon?” He laughed harder. “The girl wouldn’t harm a fly! Well maybe if you hurt her family. For the most part she keeps to herself. They probably won’t believe she got involved with a mortal. Sucks because I’d hate to see a sweet girl like her locked away.”

She said, “Wait! What? Samantha’s innocent? But that can’t be…”

They ignored her as they kept laughing. She kept watching me as they started taking me away. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference. But I really wished that I could read her mind at that point. She found out the girl she had been stalking actually was innocent. She kept gawking me with a look that spoke guilt.

I said, “Make it up by bringing him back to life, spirit child. By the time you manage that it’ll be impossible for him to find me. Farewell.”

Day 22 out of 30.

Dream’s Bridge by T. Edward Redd

Dreams of a Mysterious Girl Continued.

The quiet ride on the semi-busy highway lasted for a half hour. No one spoke a word except for Riley singing to herself. Mom and Dad were probably thinking about my leave and how I wouldn’t be around anymore. When we parked at the airport garage my mother started crying again.

“He’s leaving us, Adam. He’s really going away.” She whimpered..

I got out and started grabbing my bags from the trunk. It was hard to hear her cry like that. It was even harder since it was because of me. But I had to leave Lancington. I just did. I needed to see what was out in the world. My heart was set on Yelich and I wasn’t going to change my mind. After I had all of my bags I shut the trunk and looked towards the airport entrance.

It was really packed for a Monday morning. The garage was flooded with cars. People were walking back and forth, young and old. College students most likely. I wasn’t the only student from my school who got accepted to Yelich. It got me excited. As I grabbed my bags my mom grabbed my laptop bag. When I looked back I saw all three of them standing there.

“Let me carry this,” my mom said.

“Mom. It’s fine.”

They just ignored me in a really strange manner. Mom took my laptop bag and Dad took my suitcase. Even he looked sad at that point. It made sense now. They were being nice because I was leaving soon. It was their last chance to help me carry something or clean up after me. It was their last chance to be my parents. Once I was on that plane there wasn’t going to be much they could do besides send money or visit me every so often. I shook my head and respected their kindness.

“Thank you,” I said.

Dad barely managed not to cry. He sniffled and said, “Your plane will leave soon. We should hurry, son.”

We walked through the garage and into the airport. It was my first time inside one. It was so huge. When we left the garage, we stood on this moving walkway that took us across the entrance room. There were currency exchange booths, drivers with signs waiting for travelers and even newly weds going to a honeymoon in Lancington.

From there we took an escalator up a level. Then finally we were on the top level with all of the check in stations. After I checked in my bags and got my ticket, we went to the food court. I had to beg my mom to stop babying me. So they just let me walk on my own for a bit.

The food court was like those food courts they have in malls. They had all sorts of fast food places all around. Besides food places they also had bookstores, accessory and souvenir shops. There wasn’t any time to eat since we were already late for check in. So I bought some gum and soda pop for breakfast. My family was just sitting at a round table in the middle of the food court.

“Riley leave the plants alone,” I heard my mom say. She took my sister’s hand and led her away from large plants lined around railings leading to the escalator. I walked to the table as I opened with my packet of gum.

“Wow,” I said. “I’ve never seen this many people before.”

My father looked at his watch for the hundredth time. He said, “Forty minutes. You might want to get on board, son. It takes a while to find your seat. Then you have to put your bags away,” he sniffled.

“Oh. Right.” I suddenly had this lump in my throat. It felt like I had swallowed a large marble or something. I took my laptop bag and one of the black bags I chose as my hand luggage. See, at airports they let you take two bags on. One personal item and a bag. So I chose my laptop and the bag with my books. All of my other things were in luggage somewhere on the back of the plane. Anyway I gathered my bags and all of the sudden I had to use the restroom.

I put the bags down as quickly as I picked them up. “Restroom,” I said before quickly walking off. My mom called for me. Probably wondering why I left so randomly. I didn’t answer back as I zigzagged between the dozens of people in front of the restroom. My eyes were fixed on the ground. The moment finally hit me. I was going REALLY far away from home for a REALLY long time.

But that was the point right? I was going away on this journey for new experiences and a fresh start. No rich snobs and overly structured social classes. I should have been overjoyed and thrilled. But my nerves were rattling like bones in some dry deserted island with no one around to offer me water. I was scared out of my mind. It got worse when I went into the restroom and bumped into someone without looking.

I staggered back and finally took my eyes off the ground. Now the hairs on my back were rising as I saw this pudgy man in a black trench coat. He had this wild black hair that covered his face and eyes. He was at least a foot taller than me.

“Watch it, kid! You made me drop my briefcase.”

“Ah! Sorry,” I said fast. “I didn’t see you!”

He grunted and shooed his hand at me. He bent down to pick up his briefcase as this shorter and thinner guy walked beside him. He had blonde hair, weird shades and unlike his friend, he was wearing a white polo with brown kakis.

He said, “Give the kid a break, Luf.”

Seriously? Luf? That was this guy’s name? Add that to their accents and I seriously started thinking these two were murderers or something. Not those bank robbing murderers. They gave off this body snatcher’s vibe. Everything about them came off as sketchy and dangerous. Like how the big guy looked at me or how the blonde guy was grinning at me way too much.

“I don’t care about this idiot,” Luf grunted. “We need to hurry and get on the damn plane. We’ll be in trouble if we miss it.”

That’s when the blonde guy lit a cigarette and started smoking. He started smoking in the restroom like it was nothing. I was repulsed. “Hey! You can’t smoke that in here, man.”

He rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Bloody American. I thought you lot were supposed to be cool.” He dropped it and stepped on it. Slowly he rubbed it out as he said, “Let’s get out of here, Luf. Stay in school kid.” They started walking towards me. The big guy made me flinched but never tried to grab me. When they left the bathroom my pocket started to vibrate really, REALLY loud.

I screamed and jump shouting, “No! No don’t kill me!” But no one was behind me. They were gone. I hadn’t been hit with a stun gun or stabbed. My pocket vibrated again and that’s when I realized my phone was going off. My father was calling me and I knew why. My plane was going to leave in ten minutes! Forgetting why I went to the restroom in the first place, I quickly raced out and met my family.

“What took you so long? Have you changed your mind,” Mother said with hope.

“No. I got distracted. I have to hurry,” I said nervously. I grabbed my bags, ignored my mother’s questioning and urged everyone to follow me to the check in station. There were two entries; A and B. My plane was at entry B. My family couldn’t follow me once I was past the gate. Beyond the gate was security and bag checkings. I heard my mom sobbing and felt Riley tugging to my leg. It was time to say goodbye.

“Son. You should hurry or you’ll miss your flight,” my dad said.

“No don’t go. Please stay, big brother.” Riley tugged on my leg with one hand as she held her thumb to her lip. She looked so nervous and sad. I bent down to her and patted her head.

I said, “I have to. This is the next step in my life. I want you to do me a big favor. I want you to take really good care of Mom and Dad while I’m gone. This is going to be rough for them.”

She was so strong and brave. Tears were flowing down her face but she refused to sob or anything. When I wiped her tears she finally took a breath. That’s when she couldn’t hold them any longer. She hugged me tight and said, “Ok. But promise me you’ll come back and pay firefly with me?”

“I promise.”

The last call for Canson City was made. That’s when I had to hurry. Or I really would miss the flight. I stood up from Riley.

I said, “I guess this is goodbye then you guys.”

Dad said, “I’m proud of you, Son. Go out there and have fun. Don’t get distracted from school but still have fun.” He gave me his last hug. Then Mom and Riley joined in. It was the last time I hugged them before leaving Lancington. After that I was heading towards the lines with my bags. After I went through security and checked in, all I had to do was follow the groups of people heading towards my plane’s terminal.

There were dozens of people of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I heard so many dialects and languages. There wasn’t anytime to take in the moment. I was finally at the terminal. We all stepped into this walkway that connected the plane to the building. It was really chilly and the air felt fresh. It was only in the walkway. Once you got on the plane the temperature dropped instantly to room temperature and the air felt less fresh and clear.

The plane wasn’t as big as the movies showed. It was actually PRETTY crowded. I kind of felt like I was in a classroom. Everyone was seated on the rows left and right. Some stared at you but most people were too busy getting themselves and their families adjusted. It was hard not to get excited. I forgot to mention that this was my first plane ride alone and I had only been on a plane once and it was to Yelich with my family. So all of this was both exciting and nerve racking all at once.

My row was A20. After squeezing and maneuvering passed the dozens of passengers I was at my seat. I was lucky enough to get a seat next to the window. After putting my bags into the overhead compartments I took my seat. Everything was finally set in stone. I was soon to be flying to Canson City. Being seated for a while gave me time to think about everything. Mostly my family.