Dear, Friend

You came up in conversation the other day. Whenever I’m around you I feel weird because lately whenever I’m around you I notice how beautiful you are. It’s strange because I’ve never noticed. Not until recently anyway. The funny thing is you probably don’t have a clue that I would ever wonder about you when you’re not around. But yes. I wonder.

I wonder about how you’re doing. If you’re happy or sad. What if she’s depressed or something? You never look depressed. But I wonder sometimes. What if? And there’s no way I’d go out of my way to ask. Why? That should be obvious. You would wonder why I cared to ask. Then you would realize that I cared to ask. Then you would be wondering about a lot.

So instead of talking to you about this, I spoke to a friend. I told them about how I’ve known you for a while and that whenever I see you I notice you more and more. I’m usually pretty relaxed with the opposite sex. But with you it’s weird because I’ve known you for so long. Now all of the sudden you’re so, wow. When I talked to my friend about you I realized that I was talking about you. Damn. I like you.

Again. There’s no way you know this is about you. You don’t have a clue that I notice you. You probably think you’re the last person I’d think about. Wrong. Lately I wonder about you. The biggest wonder is how you would react. What would you feel if you knew I thought about you? My friend thinks you would react well. I don’t want to find out…right now.

So I’m writing about it on my blog. Even if you do read this there’s no way you’ll know it’s about you. You might get a hunch. But I’ll just lie and say it’s not about you if you ask. You’ll know it’s about you if I ever want you to know.

But in a nutshell, I think you’re pretty brilliant.



Edward and The Sun

Loud beauty is your nature.

You don’t try to impress.

Yet you made this man a chaser.

By being yourself and nothing less.

I am not afraid to say out loud,

How beautiful you really are to me.

You shine like the brightest sun above a cloud.

You illuminate my darkness and set me free.

You and me are the dream team.

Being with you makes me feel unstoppable.

You shine this beautiful beam.

Thank you for your loveliness.

It feels me with such liveliness.

Written by. T. Edward Redd      

Reflection by T. Edward Redd

I know a man who’s losing,

The light in his eyes.

His heart is bruising.

Pain eats away at his soul like flies.

Those dying eyes.

How they remind me of mine.

So long ago I tried, freeing my soul from dark cries.

But was saved by the great divine.

I was rejected by death.

I discarded my own life.

Yet was given one last breath.

Now I live with great strive.

How can I save his soul?

It’s like I’ve been sent back in time.

Placed here to console.

Stop him from listening, to familiar dark chimes.

I’m lost for action.

Though I avoided my self-inflicted demise.

It was only by a fraction.

Not my doing. But a gift from the skies.

Please don’t let go.

Though times are dark.

You must search for your inner glow.

Look in your heart and let light spark.