Day 30 out of 30. Blog Challenge is OVER!

30 days ago I set a goal to post on my blog for 30 days straight. The plan was to get me used to blogging again so that I can bring my blog back to life. At first I was a little lazy with this but after a friend scolded me about not posting I dove deep into this. I’m pretty proud with my dedication. For the most part I posted alot of stories that I’ve been working on. Now I’m going to start focusing this blog on my graphic novel and spreading inspiration..

Here’s my final story share. I’ll post more monthly.

Iris by T. Edward Redd


My family was made of ten people including myself. There’s the twins, Julie and Elain, Me, Astrid, Rosary, Bridgette, Olivie, Oceana, little Violet and of course my mother, Catherine. My mother was a beautiful woman in her late thirties. She had long brown hair and her eyes were emerald green like mine.

She loved gardening and took care of her lovely and spacious home. It lied on the outskirts of New York. Far enough to not be disturbed or cause trouble to humans. But close enough to watch over them. It was in a very secluded area surrounded by lovely green plants and trees. Early in the day my mother would always be found in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my sisters.

The twins were the oldest of the siblings. They were twenty and usually wore these matching outfits, which were usually blouses with jeans or skirts. They were those cliché type of twins, being identical and doing practically everything together. They ever said phrases and did expressions likes sighs and huffs at the same time. They were really good with magic, smarts and usually watched over me and my sisters when Mother was away.

Astrid was two years younger than me. She was a petite girl with straight and black hair similar to mine. Hers was shoulder length though. She also had green eyes but unlike me her face was patterned with tan and brown freckles. Typically, Astrid wore black and white short-sleeved shirts with black pants. Her hands were always stained with paint from her daily passion for painting.

Rosary was a year younger than me and annoyingly reminded me a lot of myself. She was very sarcastic, playful and stubborn. She had habits of picking on the siblings too. She wasn’t all bad though. She was loving, strong and confident just like me. But her taste in outfits reminded me nothing of myself. She wore red shirts with brown or black pants. She also had freckles and brown hair cut in a bowl shaped sort of way. She usually wore ponytails on each side of her head.

Olivie was my fraternal twin. We look exactly the same for the most part. She got my father’s eyes which were a bluish silver. She always loves to remind me that she’s the oldest (by two hours) but far from the most mature. She loved to break curfew, avoids chores and even breaks certain rules our kinds must obey. But she isn’t completely bad. She has a pretty kind and protective heart, she makes us laugh and she’s one of us.

Bridgette was probably the most polite out of us all. She was three years younger than me but very obedient, polite and well mannered. Her hair was long, brown and curly like Mother’s. She usually wore her ponytail to the side. She always dressed in an elegant manner, typically wearing dress shirts with dress pants or dresses.


Oceana was what most people would call the odd child of the family. She stuck out like a sore thumb. She dressed pretty nicely, favoring black and white striped shirts like Astrid. But she liked to wear black skirts instead of pants. When she was six she accidentally permanently turned her hair by playing with magic. She’s very gifted in sorcery and very intelligent. She was only fourteen.

And lastly there’s our adorable little Violet. At only age four she was already transforming and realizing her gifts. Mother considered her the most prominent Green to realize her gifts in several generations. She was the youngest to ever transform. Bridgette or Mother were the ones who usually dressed her so she always wore dresses with stocking. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were like our dad’s. She was very adorable which she always used to her advantage. Whenever Mother wasn’t around Violet was always getting into trouble and winning Mother over with her charm when caught.

So that’s my family. We usually kept a low profile and things were pretty laid back at home. Even though we were so different we never attracted danger. Unlike the filthy leech. She really was like some tornado. She had been gone for almost two years and yet I was still cleaning the destruction she left behind. The barn outside our home had become the place I spent my time the most after she left.

Our land was pretty big. Aside from the home we had a garden and a barn. We raised livestock for money. I actually didn’t like animals too much. But the barn was the only place I could put the statue. Mother wouldn’t let me put it in her beautiful garden and I was afraid the siblings would break it if it were inside. Plus being outside gave me privacy with him. Oceana was usually out there with me but she was quiet for the most part, just studying her magic and spells quietly.

For the hundredth time I watched a bird land on the statue’s head. I didn’t bother shooing it that time. Part of me was losing hope. A year ago that statue was a person, my best friend. Then he fell in love with a demon who led an immortal gorgon here. She got him petrified and left him without even trying to revive him. She turned herself in. The day played through my mind as if it had happened the day before.

Sometimes I wondered how Samantha Black was doing. The last time I saw her she said something about being taken into solitude. By getting Thomas killed she committed a horrible and unforgivable crime amongst her kind. Every time I thought about her I hated myself for missing her. She was the one who got him into this mess yet she was all I had left of him. I tried to save her but she didn’t let me.

I looked at my mobile phone again. I was waiting for her to contact me again. But she hadn’t called or even messaged me. As usual she was running late. As my ears picked up pecking noises I nearly screamed. The bird was pecking at the statue’s head. We had been working on reviving him for a year and we were on the verge of a breakthrough. I couldn’t afford to let the statue get harmed in anyway.

“Shoo! Shoo!” I shouted. I ran and swatted at it. It flew away for a brief moment. But as soon as I walked away it landed on the statue again and squawked at me.

“Do you want me to rip you in two featherhead? Get off!” I shouted. It just kept squawking as I yelled at it. Suddenly a blue light struck the bird. It quickly fled away as smoke and feathers fell from its body.

Oceana held a wand in her hand as she jumped up and down. She said, “I got it! I got it! Caroline did you see?”

I said, “You nearly blew his head off, Oceana! Go practice your magic somewhere else!” I went back to the workbench and looked at my phone again. I huffed and said, “Where is she? She’s never on time!”

Oceana sat beside me. She said, “You mean that half-blood? It’s so weird that she’s helping you like this. They don’t like our kind. I always thought they hated us.”

I said, “She had a change of heart when she found out Samantha wasn’t a pure blooded demon. She feels guilty so she’s trying to revive Thomas. I don’t particularly like her but she’s the best chance I have with reviving him.”

Oceana got up and walked to the statue. She held her had to her chin and observed it like she was some lab expert.

She said, “Hm. No one’s ever revived the petrified before. And spirit children are against dark arts. How are you two going to revive him?”

I ignored her annoying skepticism. I was already down on luck and my hope in seeing him breathe again kept dimming. Why? Why couldn’t I stop thinking about Samantha Black? Every time I shut my eyes I saw her watching me with that ugly blank gaze. Part of me felt I had a better chance of reviving him if she had stayed and worked with me. I was working with the girl responsible for getting Samantha sent to Hell then captured by demon hunters.

Out of nowhere the earth around us started shaking violently. I looked towards the grassland in front of me as a bolt of red and orange light fired from the ground. Ghoulish cries of terror and mourn erupted from the fiery pits of Hell as an old wooden gate rose from the ground. I stood up as the portal opened.

A girl raced out while she carried a huge sword over her back. She was wearing white robes with white dress boots. As she ran out of the portal a gigantic hand reached out for her.

A monstrous voice shouted, “Ye shall not escape.” It’s hand casted a huge shadow over her. She rolled her eyes as she stopped running and let out an annoyed sigh.

She said, “What a sore loser.” She took her sword with both hands and turned to the hand. She swung it and shouted, “BANISHMENT!” Immediately a blaze of yellow energy rippled from the sword and engulfed the demon’s hand. It cried in pain as the hand started incinerating away. She threw the sword into the air and clapped her hands together. As soon as her hands clapped the Hell Gate blew into thousands of pieces. The area was left clean as if nothing had ever happened.

She held her hand up to catch the sword. She turned to me and waved saying, “Sorry I’m late. It’s easy to lose track of time down there. Did you know time doesn’t exist in soul realms?”

I did know. But only because she told me every time I saw her. Oceana was still nervous whenever she came around. She quickly got beside me as she walked our way.

She said, “Wow. She’s so strong. Did you see the size of that thing? She blew it away like it was nothing. Caroline she’s not safe to be around. What if she decides to kill us or worse?”

I said, “We’re not pure blooded demons. She can’t attack us without being told to. Just relax.”

We watched the spirit child walk towards us. She was covered in scrapes and blood. From fighting demons I presume. Her robes were spotless though. They acted as armor against demon magic and physical attacks. It was weightless and looked like cotton but it was extremely durable. Only the strongest creatures could damage it. But her skin wasn’t as durable. It looked like she got knocked around a few times.

But as usual she showed no signs of pain. She smiled as she put her sword over her shoulder. She said, “Caroline. How are you?”

I said, “I’m fine. You look like you’ve seen better days.”

She looked at her wounds saying, “Oh these? I’m fine. They’ll all be closed up within the hour. I want to show you what I got down there.”

She had a bag over her shoulder. She knelt down and started digging through it. Finally she took out this jar with pink fluid in it. It looked slimy, bubbly and disgusting. It was like mucus or something. She was smiling like she had a trophy in her hands.

She said, “This is imp blood mixed with gorgon venom. I had to go across plains to get the latter’s.”

Oceana said, “You mean like realms? How do you travel back and forth like that? I mean it kind of looks cool.”

She said, “Oh that? It’s easy actually. You just need to know the incantation and…”

“Christine focus!” I said impatiently. “You’re already late and you’re not teaching my little sister how to open those gates. How are we brining back, Thomas?”


Farewell Angel

Humans are so odd. I’m sure she isn’t exactly human now that I’ve seen what she can do. But Caroline obviously has emotions similar to human ones. For 200 years I walked this Earth sad and alone. Every living person I came across feared or attacked me. It made me grow hateful and angry towards them. Then he made me remember. Thomas made me remember what love felt like.

I watched Caroline lie on the ground. There was no way of getting through to her. She was willing to fight those killers for my sake. No more blood. I wanted absolutely no more blood on my hands. It became so obvious to me once I saw Thomas’s once living body as a stone relic. I am a danger to every living person I come in contact with. I had no business walking amongst the living. I wasn’t going to let Caroline die for me. So I knocked her out.

“Sorry,” I said. “It was a noble thing to do, Caroline. But I need to go away. I don’t belong here. Take really good care of that statue. I want to bring him back. Make no mistake about that. But even if we did manage that, do you think he’d be safe around me? No. This is the best choice. Goodbye, Caroline.”

I’m not sure if she even heard me with being knocked out. Thomas was a statue. Caroline was knocked out on the ground and the Delphiniums were all on the ground fatally wounded. No matter where I went destruction always followed. So I had to spare everyone and go far away. I watched as Lance and his soldiers came my way.

He shouted, “Don’t move! By Lady Maria if you move I will obliterate your body and destroy you.”

I held out my wrist and said, “I don’t plan to fight you. Do what you must. Please.”

He grabbed my wrist and chained them. He almost took Caroline as well. But I begged him to spare her. As he started leading me away I just watched Thomas. It felt like he was still there. It felt like he was watching me and calling for me. I wanted to cry.

“Wait,” I said. “Wait! I need to see him once more!” I ran to him without thinking. It was only luck that prevented Lance from destroying my body. They just watched as ran to Thomas. I screamed for him to come back to life. I begged him to wake up and convince me to fight them all so I could be with him. I shouted for him to come back to life. I didn’t want isolation. I didn’t want to die. I wanted him. Him and nothing else.

I cried tearlessly, “Please! Wake up and bring me to life again. Save me from this Hell! You’re my salvation. Without you I truly am damned! I have no one else! You’re my angel in the darkness. My beacon of light. Make the world pretty again and come back to me…please…”

Slowly I got to my knees and started crying tearlessly. Why did I feel so human with him? Even when my heart didn’t pump I felt so strongly for him. My body was dead but he brought my soul to life. And in return I couldn’t offer him anything. Not even tears. I destroyed him. The darkness inside of me destroyed the only light I had seen in 200 years.

Eventually Lance and his soldiers got tired of waiting. After they healed the Delphiniums they were ready to take me back to Nightingale. Christine was surprisingly not happy to see me being dragged off to either be executed or placed in solitude. She ran to Lance and stopped him.

She said, “Before you take her I need to ask her something!” She walked to me. I could see the frustration in her face. She said, “I’ve casted away literally hundreds of demons. How did you escape Hell? Tell me! I need to know how you did it!”

Lance and his soldiers laughed loudly. He said, “Poor rookie. She’s clueless.”

Christine said, “What’s funny? Stop that! I need answers! I practice nonstop every day. My techniques are foolproof. Tell me how this ordinary vampire escaped Hell! It’s impossible!”

I sighed. “You’re a talented slayer, Christine. I didn’t escape Hell. I was rejected and sent back to this realm. I’ve told you this over and over. I’m not a demon.”

“You mean you weren’t lying,” she said softly.

Lance laughed and said, “Samantha Black a demon?” He laughed harder. “The girl wouldn’t harm a fly! Well maybe if you hurt her family. For the most part she keeps to herself. They probably won’t believe she got involved with a mortal. Sucks because I’d hate to see a sweet girl like her locked away.”

She said, “Wait! What? Samantha’s innocent? But that can’t be…”

They ignored her as they kept laughing. She kept watching me as they started taking me away. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference. But I really wished that I could read her mind at that point. She found out the girl she had been stalking actually was innocent. She kept gawking me with a look that spoke guilt.

I said, “Make it up by bringing him back to life, spirit child. By the time you manage that it’ll be impossible for him to find me. Farewell.”

Dream’s Bridge

“Who is that,” I muttered.

Jean nudged me again. “She’s watching you, Ryan. Go talk to her.”

Creep. That’s the first thing I thought. I quickly turned away. What was I to say?

Hey I’m pretty sure you’re the girl of my dreams. Literally. I’ve seen a girl like you in my dream.

No way! It would freak her out. What girl wants to hear that from a random stranger? Jean kept nudging me.

“Dude. Duuude. Go talk to her,” he persisted.

I acted as if I hadn’t heard him. I said, “Huh? Oh. Sure I will. I just need to get my schedule first. We’re next.”

“Oh!” Jean said. The lady was patiently waiting for us with a smile. He started talking to her and asked for our class schedules. I couldn’t help but hold gazes with the mysterious girl in purple. She didn’t feel like a stranger at all even though we had never physically spoken. I felt as if I had known her for a really long time. For a second she looked away then back at me. She smiled again and I couldn’t resist smiling back.

What was going on? That had never happened to me before. There were people everywhere. But for that moment it felt really quiet as if it was just us. I felt this unspoken connection between us. Far away but so close. Like the rain connects the earth to the sky. There was something between us that I couldn’t explain without sounding insane.

“Hey, Alice!”

Suddenly I could hear everything around me and saw everyone. Her friends were calling for her.

“Alice let’s go.”

Alice? Wasn’t that a little cliché? Guy sees girl from his dreams in real life. That sounds like the plot to some fairy tale. Now her name was Alice? So what was it, Alice in Dreamland or something? I pinched myself hoping I felt pain. And I did. Alice was real and she was walking away with her friends. She turned at me and waved me goodbye. Wait!

Suddenly I had all of the bravery in the universe. I had to go talk to her. But out of nowhere this lady walked past with over a dozen of students following her.

“And this is the main campus building. Here you will find the bookstore, technology center,” she kept going on. A tour? On the day before classes started? It made no sense! And they blocked my vision. It really was like a dream.

I went through the crowd of students and of course Alice was long gone. I felt like a complete idiot! Why hadn’t I talked to her? She clearly liked me with all of the waving and smiling. She was up for a conversation at the least. Yelich was huge. How was I supposed to find her without a last name?

Jean came to me. He said, “Got both of our schedules. She said you were easy to find. Big man on campus!” He nudged me again, which was getting annoying at that point.

I took my class schedule and thanked him. I said, “Jean your answer is probably no. But did you know any of those girls?”

He shook his head. “Yes. The tall girl with long black hair was my sister. Her name is Cho Zhang. Do you like her?”

“Do you know, Alice? That’s the girl who was waving at me.”

He said, “No. My sister and I aren’t from here. Cho is just really outgoing. She makes friends fast and easy. I bet she knows Alice by now. Hey let’s go meet my friends.”

I shook my head and followed him. His sister Cho knew Alice. So if I met Cho I could meet Alice. Plus I was going to make some more friends. Along with offices for academic advisors, deans, a few classes, the main campus building had several food courts. That’s where Jean led me. It was late noon and I had missed lunch on the plane. So I was starved.

After we got our food, Jean led me to a round table of four. I was glad I met Jean. There were hundreds of people everywhere. Had we not met I wouldn’t know where to sit. I would have hated to have to sit alone or awkwardly ask to join a table like a high school freshman. Jean’s friends looked pretty friendly and my luck would have it that his sister was there.

We sat down as Jean introduced me. He said, “Hey guys. This is Ryan Hansel Reeds. He’s a freshman and soon to be famous author. He has his own book out.”

They started wowing and clapping. Something I wasn’t particularly used to. I started imagining that happening in all of my classes. I had to snap out of my fantasy to meet everyone though. I had to meet Cho so I could ask about Alice.

A tall and skinny blonde wearing a pink tee shirt and blue jeans spoke first. She was really proper and spoke clearly. She could have easily been on a college debate team. She had shoulder length hair, glasses and a pen stuck behind her ear. Her name was Sara Inhow.

She said, “That’s impressive. Nice to meet you, Ryan. Tylor here writes too. He’s a screenplay writer. He’s pretty good actually. He has videos all over Mylink and FriendPad.” (Mylink was a website filled with videos that people from across the globe would upload. FriendPad was a social network that virtually everyone who was anyone had.)

Tylor was another guy who made me aware of how short I was. He had short brown hair, grey eyes and a skinny build. He was wearing a plain white tee and blue jeans. With him being a film person I quickly got repulsed. Lancington was the first place I thought of. Another rich and over privileged prick. Great.

He held out his hand. He said, “Hi, I’m Tylor Robinson. Sara’s right. I created the Mylink channel Creative&Independent. It’s known for the short film The Borrower’s Thief and shamefully, The Dancing Orangutan.

My eyes almost popped from my head. “The Dancing Orangutan? But that’s the funniest thing ever made.”

Tylor face palmed himself and looked embarrassed. He said, “Please don’t remind me. That video is awful and was a joke. I didn’t know it would get so much attention.”

Sara said, “Tylor made his channel for young and creative people like himself. The Borrower’s Thief recently hit two thousand views. Still rising.”

I tried my best not to scoff or roll my eyes. I said, “So what part of Lancington are you from?” I couldn’t cover up all of my annoyed tone.

He laughed. “Lancington? I wish! I want to go there one day but I have to save up. If I hadn’t gotten a scholarship I wouldn’t even be at Yelich. I’m hoping by being here I’ll open up some doors for myself and the people back at home. I grew up in the not so nice part of town here in Canson.”

So then I felt like a complete ass. He wasn’t rich or overly confident. I was the over-privileged and apparently, judgmental prick. He was very polite, kind and obviously hardworking. One of the few people who were genuinely earning their success. Not inheriting it or getting it given to them shallowly.

The next person who spoke was Tomas Cherry. He looked to be mixed with black and possibly white or Hispanic. He wasn’t particularly too proper but not very improper. The more I thought about it the more rude I felt. I didn’t want to come off as racist or anything so I just didn’t ask. He had hash brown toned skin, an athletic build and short black hair. He was close to my height.

He said, “Tylor and I grew up in the same neighborhood but we never really talked much. He’s pretty cool though. Our neighbors let him use their homes for his films.”

Jean said, “Tomas here has also published his own book. It’s called, Fantasies of Wichita. It’s an epic, well, ha…”

Tomas said, “Erotica. Yes I wrote an erotica that tons of people have grown to love. People write about sex. It’s not a big deal.”

Fantasies of Wichita was in bookstores everywhere in Lancington. Girls at school read it over and over. It’s about a boy who becomes freakishly obsessed about a girl he named, Wichita. She finds a journal where he writes all of the things he wants to do to her, which leads to her becoming infatuated and then in love. I will admit, the book is pretty good. It’s not over the top or disgusting. There’s even romance.

“You wrote that?” I placed maybe a little too much emphasis on the you. It had nothing to do with him though. Tomas just looked incredibly young. “You don’t look a year over 19,” I said.

He smirked and said, “Eighteen last next April. Yes I know. Everyone always asks, ‘Where did you get the inspiration?’.”


He laughed. “Most of it is true.” He looked away in embarrassment. “The whole journal, girl finds journal, and girl gets infatuated with the writer thing? It all happened. I’m still with her. She’s the reason I’m in Canson City. We both go here now. She’s a sophomore.”

While he went on about his love story I glanced at Jean’s sister, Cho. She was really pretty now that I had gotten a closer look. Her hair was cut like her brothers but it reached to her back. Her skin was an attractive tan color and her eyes were brown like Jean’s. Unlike her brother’s preppy look, she was dressed more American. She had on a yellow blouse and white pants.

Her English was even more proper than Jean’s. After Tomas stopped talking she sort of jumped into the conversations.

She said, “When I found out I was so jealous of her!” She kept fidgeting with her fingers and glancing at Tomas. Anyone who couldn’t tell she liked him was blind and dumb. She even started blushing. “Such a lucky girl,” she muttered.

Jean leaned over to me and started whispering in my ear. Cho had apparently fell for Tomas Cherry after reading his book in Beijing. She started following his blog and even added him on FriendPad. She begged their parents to let them attend American college after finding out Tomas was going to Yelich. With her 4.5 gpa (how she got over a 4.0 I don’t know) she was a shoe-in. However, she didn’t know that Fantasies of Wichita was based on a true story. So when she found out Wichita was real AND as hot as the book says, she was pretty bummed out.

“Wow,” I whispered. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Cool? She’s obsessed with him!” Jean whispered.

That’s when Cho shouted at him in what I assumed was Chinese. Jean spoke back in the same dialect. None of us knew what was being said but it was probably about Tomas. She kept looking at him and blushing like some high school girl with a crush. Jean just sat their laughing and waving at her. Everyone but Tomas looked entertained.

Tomas actually looked pretty nervous and crept out. But I guess I would have been too if I had a stalker when I already had a beautiful girlfriend. He awkwardly tried to leave but Cho grabbed him and stood up. She shouted at him in Chinese then quickly said, “Sorry, Tomas! I mean sit. Please don’t go.”

It was easy to tell Tomas was the perfect gentleman. He wasn’t rude to her. He started rubbing his arm nervously as he said, “I have to grab my schedule and unpack my things. Then I have to buy books. Um. My girlfriend, Snow, she…”

Cho stood up and walked to him. She had the guy by four inches at the least. Tomas wasn’t the tallest guy and Cho wasn’t the shortest girl. So she easily could intimidate a guy. She grabbed his hands with both of hers and practically begged.

She said, “Let me help. I’m really good at unpacking and organizing. I also memorized every location on campus during my summer visits. I can navigate you around. Here, I can show you to the bookstore.”

Tomas gave in as he dropped his head. “Fine.” Cho just giggled as she dragged him away.

“Cho! Wait,” I called. “I need to ask you something!” But she was too focused on Tomas and was getting further and further away. I didn’t get to ask about Alice.

Jean was still laughing. He said, “She’s really persistent. Snow had better keep an eye on him.”

Sara held her hand to her chest and watched Tomas. She sighed. “I too understand her feelings of desire for Cherry. God, the things that boy can make a woman feel with those ink words of sensuality and passion. I would eat him alive. Snow is the luckiest woman in the entire world of ever.” She held her head down and sighed.

“Man. I hope I write something that good one day,” I said. Seriously. Who was Tomas? I read the book ONCE. And it really wasn’t THAT good.

Writing was taken from Dream’s Bridge, Written by. T. Edward Redd

Bits From a Short Story

I slept for about an hour until I was disturbed. I heard someone shuffling through clothing or something as they muttered in some foreign language. My first thought was my luggage was being ransacked. I sat up fast and said, “Hey!” I guess I was trying to scare him and I did. It was this tan guy around 5’7ish with black hair cut in a bowl cut fashion. He was dressed up in a white polo, brown khakis, brown shoes and glasses. As preppy as it gets.

As soon as I sat up and shouted the poor guy jumped backwards and fell on his rear. He wasn’t anywhere near my bags. He was going through bags I didn’t see before. His bags. It was my roommate.

I said, “I thought you were going through my things. Sorry about that.”

He laughed and said, “No worries. I probably woke you with all of my noise. Sorry. I can not seem to find my book.” He started going through his bags. His English was perfect. Too perfect. It was easy to tell he wasn’t American.

“Hey,” I said. “What language was that?”

“Chinese. Ah. Found it.” He took it out with both hands. It was a book with all of these blue birds on it above an ocean.

I said, “That doesn’t look like a textbook. What book is that?”

“Blue Owl by Timothy Derr. It’s about a boy who has this obsession with birds. He loved how they could literally touch the skies, not being bound to the earth. It was about chasing your dreams.”

That’s when he instantly became my friend. I got along pretty well with readers for obvious reasons. I sat up, repeatedly glancing at my bags with the books in it. My books. He had no clue I was an author and it gave me a thrill. He held up five fingers telling me how many times he had read Blue Owl. Then he went on to tell me how it was about a man who lost his homeland beneath an ocean after a hurricane crushed it. That man later went into creating a 5 star restaurant and making millions.

He gave me the book and introduced himself. He said, “Jean Zhang. Freshman and soon to be biochemistry major.”

I shook his hand. “Ryan Hansel Reeds. Freshman. I want to major in education and English.”

“Why both,” he asked.

That’s when I grinned and dug into my bag. I pulled out my book and handed him a copy. I said, “I have an obsession with writing. Getting an English degree will make me better at it. I also want to teach elementary school.”

“Love’s Lullaby,” he said. “I like aliens, man. So you want to become an author and a teacher?”

He didn’t look at the author name. I always hated when people didn’t catch on. It’s not that I was narcissistic. But it was a pretty HUGE accomplishment. How many people can say they published a book at 18? Not many. I pointed to the author name for him then myself.

“No sir. I am an author. I just became one last year,” I said.

Then his eyes almost fell from his head. He stared at the book then me, then the book then me again. It was hilarious. His mouth kept dropping slowly until he muttered, “You,” maybe a dozen times.

I shook my head. “Yes. I am R.H Reeds.”

He said, “No way. That’s awesome, man! Congratulations. What’s it like to be an author and have people read this? You have to let me have it. I’ll read it tonight and everything. Here sign it!” He got a pen from his pocket and handed me the book. After I signed it he said, “Dude. Can you come to the main campus with me? I have to get my class schedule and you can meet my friends.”

“I need to get my schedule too and I love meeting people.” I let out this heavy breath. I thanked my mom in my mind over a thousand times. My journey finally took a light turn to a clear. Jean gave me a thumbs up and nodded. Then we left the dorms, went down the elevator and towards the main campus.

We had to walk out of the building and walk across campus. Jean didn’t seem to mind the long walk. Neither did I. It gave me the chance to admire the campus. I couldn’t get over all of the green grass. I was so used to seeing pavement walkways. I hadn’t been happier. I hadn’t seen a single skyscraper or overly huge shopping malls since I made it to Canson City. They had shopping centers, movies and other city attraction. But it was very, VERY watered down.

So I was having a good time. I made a friend and we were on our way to meet more friends. Nothing couldn’t have made that day better. Or could it? We walked into this building that was about the size of an office building. The inside had the same theme as the dorm did but with way more space. It wasn’t a surprise that a line was already formed. But luckily we were only behind five people. All of the students got me excited.

I couldn’t stop looking for Stacy though. There were a lot of girls and pretty much all of them looked amazing. A group of brunettes walk past me and that’s when my life changed. One of the girls glanced at me as she walked past me. When she smiled I felt my face get hot and smiled like a dork. That’s when she turned to her friends and started giggling. They kept walking but after a few steps the same girl looked back and waved at me. When I waved back she turned to her friends and started giggling again.

Jean nudged me. “Show them your book, man. Girls love that poetic stuff.”

There were five of them. But I could only keep my eyes on one. She stuck out like a rose in a large field of dandelions. No she wasn’t a rose. She was like some rare orchid. An orchid because of the purple dress she had on. It came to her knees and flowed naturally with the air as her body moved. Most of the other girls had on leggings or jeans but this girl chose to where a dress. A purple one at that.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. It’s like she was sexy but she wasn’t. It seemed wrong to call a girl like that sexy. All I could think of was beautiful. But even that word didn’t quite describe her. Her beauty was indescribable. It wasn’t just her beauty. This girl looked dangerously familiar. She looked like someone I had only seen in my dreams. It didn’t make sense. I had to have been losing my mind right?

They stood by an office door a few feet away. She kept watching at me. Just like the girl from my dream she had long and curly dark brown hair. From a distance her hair looked black. But the lighting showed its true color. I had to see her up close to see if it really was her. The dress though. There was no mistake about it. She was wearing the same dress Dream’s Bridge wore.

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I woke up to a cold chill. It was a gust of wind blowing. When I opened my eyes I saw the night sky as leaves all around me. It felt like some strange dream. When the wind hit me again I quickly sat up. I was lying on the ground in some strange pentagram. Candles were arranged on each star point of the pentagram. I was still drowsy.

“What’s happening,” I said. “Isabella? Isabella!”

“Calm down, my love. You’re safe I promise.”

I looked forward. It was so blurry. I thought there was five of her. My eyes finally focused and I saw her sitting on the ground. She had her black book beside her. She was sewing something in her hands. It looked like some strange doll.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake, my love. Forgive my attitude for earlier. Those girls just make me jealous is all. They’re so damn persistent. It sickens me.”

I tried to stand but I felt incredibly weak. I dropped as quickly as I stood. I looked around to see all sorts of trees and bushes. Behind me was a cliff leading to a large lake. Somehow we had ended up on a cliff side surrounded by a large forest.

“Some girls just don’t get boundaries. Why can’t they just let us be in peace? Why do these filthy monsters keep chasing you, my love?”

She sounded different. Her tone was still polite but something was off. Somehow she seemed different. And dark.

She said, “You made me do this Thomas. I didn’t want to but you made me do it. You’ve been a very naughty boy. Now I must put a leash on you. I’m so sorry.”

She kept sewing something in her hand. I could see it now. It was a doll. The more I watched the more crept out I got. I looked at the pentagram around me. Suddenly my heart dropped as this cold and dark fear swallowed me whole. Witchcraft. Isabella was performing some sort of ritual on me.

I said, “Isabella. What are you doing?”

She finally looked at me. She had this deranged smile. Her eyes were wide and scary. She giggled saying, “I’m making you behave of course. I can’t have you going around kissing girls can I? I can’t have you go holding other girls can I? No. You belong to me. You’re mine. Only mine!”

She shouted and quickly stopped. Then she was giggling hauntingly. Her pace with her sewing sped up. She looked at me saying, “Oh. You thought I didn’t see? You thought I hadn’t seen you share tongues with Miss Black? No. Isabella sees everything. Everything. Yes you’ve been a bad, bad boy.”

I slowly began to back away. I said, “Isabella. Please. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. Let’s just talk.”

She stood up. She shouted, “Talk? You want to talk? No talking. No not now. Now you obey. Obey me, my love. I will make you behave. Miss Black will not have you. She will NOT HAVE YOU!”

I covered my ears as her scream echoed throughout the forest. As soon as the winds stopped blowing I could hear her laughing. Slowly I began backing out of the circle as she laughed uncontrollably. When I turned to run my body jerked backwards into the circle again.

“Don’t run from me! Stay right there!”

I looked at her. She was holding the doll to her chest. She was hugging it close as she pet its head. I could feel the hairs on top of my head move as it felt like someone was petting me. I brushed it off and looked around but no one was in the circle with me.

She said, “Now you will never misbehave. You’re mine. Only mine. And if you disobey me I will punish you.”

I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. I quickly grabbed my face as I flinched away. Blood was on my finger. It felt like someone slashed me across the face with something sharp. Isabella was laughing. I looked to see her holding a needle to the doll’s face.

She said, “Naughty boys get punishments. That was for kissing Miss Black. This is for letting Miss Green sit on your lap!” She slashed the doll. Instantly another cut opened on my face. She said, “This is for holding Miss Black close to your body!” Another slash. More cuts began opening on my face.

“Isabella stop! Stop it!” I pleaded.

She cocked her head to the left. “Stop? You want me to stop? I’m only doing this because I love you. How else will you learn your lesson? I can’t reward bad behavior!”

She started cutting the doll over and over. More and more cuts started to split open all over my body. I had no choice but to try and run away. As soon as I did my body rose from the ground and slammed back into the pentagram. I ached all over but still tried to get up.

Isabella said, “I loved you. I never wanted to resort to this but I had no choice! You made me do this. This is the only way to keep you away from Miss Black! And Miss Green! And all of those other sluts you love so much!”

It was like slow motion. I felt my arm slowly rise. I could hear the bone slowly crack. In an instant my shoulder snapped. I couldn’t hold in the pain. I dropped to my knees and screamed in pain as I held my shoulder. My left arm was completely useless. All I could move were its fingers.

Isabella cried, “It’s for your own good! This will teach you not to sleep around. I will kill you before I let you cheat on me. You hear me. I will KILL YOU.”

I quickly looked up as I saw her raise the needle into the sky. She was going to stab me. I quickly got on my feet and raced at her.

“No. NO DON”T,” I pleaded.

She screamed, “No one will have your heart but ME!”

She slammed the needled down. Suddenly here body flung backwards. I hit the ground as the doll hit the ground. I heard Isabella screaming as her body rolled along the ground. Quickly she got on her feet and glared my way.

She grinned and said, “So the fiend has come to play.”


I felt her eyes on me. Quickly I looked back. Samantha was standing close to me. Her long and red hair gleamed crimson as the wind blew against it. Her fists were balled and she was glaring at Isabella.

I couldn’t believe it. But at the same time I wasn’t surprised. “Samantha?”

She had her calm look. She said, “Thomas. That secret I wanted to tell you. Can I tell it to you now?” She looked at me and grinned. Her eyes were shining red.

I swallowed a large lump in my throat as I shook my head.

Quickly she turned to Isabella as she crouched down. She held her hands out as sharp claws came from her fingertips. She said, “I’m a bloodsucking fiend!”

In an instant she vanished as black mist appeared again. I quickly looked to see her appearing close to Isabella. I barely followed her movement. With one punch to the face, she sent Isabella flying backwards. Isabella toppled over again and again until her body slammed into a tree. Before she could recover Samantha ran to her, grabbed her face and threw her. Her speed was nearly impossible to track and her strength was monstrous.

Isabella landed on her feet but the force must have been too much. She tripped backwards and kept rolling backwards. She managed to stop her toppling and caught her balance. She watched Samantha carefully while moving slowly.

Isabella said, “This is perfect. Now I can have the pleasure of getting rid of you myself. I’ve wanted you dead the moment you moved here, daywalker.”

Quickly she sprinted towards Samantha. Samantha swiped at her but missed as Isabella rolled out of the way. She grabbed her black book from the ground and quickly jumped away. She began flipping through the pages fast as Samantha turned to her.

She laughed and said, “It’s over, daywalker!” She chanted words I couldn’t understand. Suddenly Isabella opened her mouth and breathed a giant ball of fire. I was yards away but I could still feel the heat from the flames. The ball blitzed through a quarter of the forest and incinerated everything in its path.

I screamed for Samantha. Isabella was laughing hysterically. She stopped when she saw the silhouette standing in the flames. She was completely unharmed.

Samantha said, “Was that meant for me? Or was that just target practice? You were way off. Isabella run away. You can’t honestly believe you stand a chance against one of the tainted.”

Isabella laughed. “A demon no. But a half-blood shouldn’t be hard for me to kill. Impure bloods can’t hold against my magic. NOW DIE!” She raised her hand and fired green lightning at Samantha. It shot her body and began electrocuting her. Samantha quickly flinched back and started screaming loudly. I covered my ears as the winds started blowing fiercely. The ground was trembling. It was as if the forest was afraid of Samantha.

Isabella kept firing magic at Samantha as she laughed. She said, “Yes! Die, daywalker! Nothing will come between him and I. Nothing!”

I screamed for her to stop as Samantha screamed in agony. She was screaming to the sky then suddenly stopped. She looked at Isabella and grinned. Isabella flinched backwards as if she had seen a ghost.

“What,” Isabella said. “No. Impossible!” She fired more magic at Samantha. A gigantic bolt of lighting formed around Samantha as Isabella used both hands. Samantha grunted and started fighting the pain. She took a single step towards Isabella. Then another.

Isabella slowly stepped back. She said, “She’s resisting my magic? No! It’s impossible!” She fired more magic. Samantha let out a monstrous cry and suddenly the lightning stopped as Isabella flung backwards. Steam was coming from Samantha’s body but she kept grinning as she walked towards Isabella. She grabbed the black book and ripped it in two.

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Iris By T. Edward Redd

1. Fade into Black

I usually took the time to comb my hair in the mornings I hated it when it looked like I just woke up. But there was too much on my mind to care about preening. All I wanted to do was go back to bed, burry myself in the sheets and let sleep take away my pain. That wasn’t an option anymore. I had to face school eventually. I had already missed too many days. It was senior year and I wasn’t going to throw away three years of hardwork.

I put on the first thing I could find; a brown sweater, blue jeans and black shoes. My hair was still a mess. I couldn’t find the motivation to actually care though. I just wanted the day that had barely started to end. After a lot of reluctant effort I forced myself out of my quiet home. It was hard to ignore the harsh winds of the fall weather.

I gazed the sky as I shut the house door behind me. The sun was shining bright and the skies were painted with different soft shades of blue. There were a few clouds here and there. It kind of made me smile. A sign of a good day? Suddenly a few clouds blocked off the sunlight. Then I was reminded of everything that made me stay home for so long.


I got into my silver convertible and the drive to school began. Why couldn’t I just stay home just a little longer? One more week. How could I face her? I didn’t want to. Things would be so weird and painful now. So badly, I wished that I could rewind to last summer. Maybe I could have said something to change her mind. The more I thought of it, the more I wanted to hold her warm and soft hand. I still couldn’t understand what happened.

After a long and quiet drive, I was at my high school. It was nothing out of the ordinary. It had space for a couple thousand students. Pleasantly painted royal blue walls, white tiles, long and quiet hallways filled with lockers. When I passed the lounge areas I got a strong whiff of coffee. Just a typical high school. The only thing out of the ordinary about it was Caroline Green. The more I thought about it the more depressed and pitiful I felt. I pushed her to the furthest part of my mind and walked to my third period class.

As I walked in I felt this sudden blankness as eyes stared at the boy who had vanished for months.

They all knew Caroline and I broke up. Nothing had changed even though it took me a month to come back. Professor Grays crinkled his grey mustache and fixed his glasses saying, “Thomas Rouges, you’re back.” He handed me as I walked past him. I avoided the dozens of faces watching me as I went to the middle of the room.

When I walked inside everyone stopped what they were doing. The guy who vanished for months had returned. Professor Grays was writing on a board in front of the class. When he stopped to ask a question, he saw me. He stared and cleaned his glasses and crinkled his bushy mustache. It was like he couldn’t believe I came.

Thomas,” he said with an overly surprised tone. “You’ve shown up for class? It ends in about fifteen minutes but I’m still glad to see you. The teachers were worried. Are you ok?” He handed me the packet. I didn’t give a verbal response. Just a shrug and a grunt.

I ignored the dozens of eyes watching me. I walked to the middle of the classroom and took my seat. I could feel them all staring at me. Trying to invade my mind. No words were spoken but I could hear their thoughts.

What happened?”

Why did you two break up?”

Will you get back together?”

I hid away in the world of history, letting hundreds of the book’s pages hide my face.

Thomas!” I heard someone whisper.

I looked back. It was my friend Ace. His actual name is Albert. He’s a sort of round kid with short hair, brown skin and glasses. He usually wore sweatpants with some sort of anime t-shirt.

I watched as he sketched Japanese cartoons in his pad as he usually always did. His thick brown fingers held the pencil delicately as the led paced back and forth, then in circles on the canvas. I never understood how people could be so talented with a simple sheet of paper and pencil. He looked and realized I was watching him.

He whispered, “Oh. I didn’t think you heard me. Where’ve you been? School started in August and it’s almost October.

I know that,” I said, trying not to be heard.

He said, “Is this about the breakup? It’s been almost three months. Dude you…”

Don’t even,” I interrupted.

He took in a deep breath, nodded and started drawing again. Being so harsh felt bad but so was my mood. He was going to say, move on. As if it were the easiest thing to do. Caroline was, perfect and my best friend. I turned away from him.

It upset me he would even think to that. Everyone knew how much she meant to me. Yet they just kept telling me to forget and let go, move on. It’s not like I can turn the feelings on and off like some faucet. I hated how they all thought it was that easy when it wasn’t.

Then I heard laughter. That really got to me. I quickly turned back, trying to find out who it was. But they weren’t laughing at me. It was a girl I had never seen before. I nearly forgot why I was upset. She made me so…speechless.

She had hints of blush on her face and her skin was radiant. Her hair was what stuck out the most. It was red and wavy, reaching her shoulders. She wore this black dress that looked to be from medieval Europe. It was beautifully decorated with floral designs over the black. A classic novel was resting on her desk as she read it gracefully, not a care in the world. As she flipped a page and I saw her smile ever so slightly. I started to smile with her. But the moment was ruined. A tiny paper wad hit her in the face and her smile slowly turned into this blank stare.

Her eyes shut. I knew she was going to either cry or confront them. Or so I thought. She opened her eyes and kept reading, never flinching or anything. The boys kept snickering and tossing things at her. But it was like she couldn’t see or hear them. She was so calm.

The kids at my school were always like that. They could be really annoying and cruel. Especially to the new kid. I didn’t understand. All she was doing was reading a novel. And I’m sure she hated the school. Who would blame her?

Without any warning she moved her eyes in my direction. She never moved her head, neck or body. Just her eyes. Had the teacher called on her? I looked back but he was writing on the board as he spoke to the class. I looked back at her. Her eyes were still locked on me. I couldn’t look away as I tried to figure out what she was saying with her eyes. She never smiled, frowned or even blinked. Why was her stare so familiar yet unknown?