The Author’s Career Continues!!

Hey Bloggers! It’s month 3-4 of my career as an author. I have become very bad at updating this but I haven’t forgotten about it. I turned 21 two days ago and whilst celebrating there was a discussion that ended with me talking about my book. It made me anxious to blog!

It’s a bit hard to blog when I don’t have a subject. Back in December when I first made this blog, I had decided to publish a book. It was very easy to blog back then. I had updates everyday because I made progress with Hero’s Romance each day. At the moment I don’t know what I will publish next. I do know that I want another book released by the spring of 2015.

My plan is to find a focus by July 28th. At the moment I now have FOUR different books that I am working on. Love Bleeds Red, Trinity and two books I have yet to give titles. Last month was very crazy and I kept getting inspired. So I would continually make one story line after the other. Love Bleeds Red most likely will not get published. Its rewrite is coming along well and I feel that if I baby it more and more it will be a VERY well written story by the time I publish it.

Last month I made a list of things to do for the month of June. Even though I haven’t been blogging about it, I have stayed productive and have gotten a few things accomplished.


I have finally made a business card. It’s for professional purposes only. That’s why the black line is there (my phone number). This is a temporary version until i have professional cards made. I figure some is better than none. I’ve had alot of people request business cards lately. Now i have them 😀


Hero’s Romance continues to make sells monthly. I’ve been getting surprised with its progress. It has now went overseas three times now. Australia, Germany and most recently England. I hadn’t realized it was being bought online until I randomly went through my email and found out I’ve been receiving money for Kindle purchases along with paperback orders. No wonder my bank balances weren’t matching! I would spend money and look at my statement then become confused as to why it’s higher than what it should be. Aside from sells I have yet to send books to reviewers or book clubs. I’m running low on copies so I may have to order more. I plan to send some copies out to reviewers very soon.


There’s much much more for me to do.


And of course, I’ve been doing MUCH better with my schooling. For the summer I am taking an English class so I can take more advanced classes in the Fall. As of right now I have plans to attend, University of Iowa, New York University or California State University of L.A. I’m not sure which and to be honest, I may leave the states and finish school overseas. I’m doing whatever it takes to master my writing craft so I become a superb writer. I believe studying overseas will give me more experiences.

That’s my current update. I want to blog weekly but I’m not sure what to write about without a subject. So I might share other things related to writing with you all. I have a muse lately so I know I will be inspired to write more and more.

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