Summer time and Summer Goals! Update 6-3-14

Hello, hello bloggers and followers 😀 It’s been a pretty interesting week and month all together I hope everyone is doing well.

This summer is going to be huge for me. I plan to get A LOT accomplished as far as my writing career goes and personal life as well. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last post but I am devoting my summer to centering my life on my career as a writer. Although I am a fairly young writer, I still consider myself an author since Hero’s Romance has taken off as my first release. As I planned, it is the title that began my career.


The whole experience is pretty exciting even though it’s only been 2 months since I became an indie author. I have to get used to seeing myself online as well as seeing people buy and read my book. The best part about this is the amount of people who get inspired and intrigued. Both family and strangers have told me they’ve been inspired by me. That’s one of the things I hope to do as I continue to write and release book.

My plans for my summer is to really get my book around by social media means and by myself. So far, I’ve managed to sell copies each month since it was published in April. What I want to do now is introduce my book to stores, reviewers and book clubs. There are plenty book clubs and stores that I can reach out to around my area. For June, I plan to go out and do my research. Hopefully by the end of this month it is in stores and has official reviews.

People have frequently asked me what I am currently doing and when will my next book be available. At the moment, as I said, I’ve been centering my life on my career. I’ve been looking for like-minded people to associate with as well as working on a couple of projects. A lot of my classes this year have something to do with writing. I am taking an English class this summer so that I can take an advanced course this year along with creative writing and hopefully, Latin. I am also looking to intern.

I have decided to become a year-round student instead of taking on five each semester, for now at least. My love for writing is simply too strong. So I had to find a way to both manage school and my career. Some suggested me focusing just on my career.

School isn’t something I’m willing to put aside, even for one semester. It’s something I want to finish for the experience, the degree and myself. Taking on 5 classes made my grades suffer the first semester since I focused so much on Hero’s Romance. But during my second semester, I was able to pass all of my classes when the course load was less demanding of my time. So as of now I am taking 3 classes during the Fall and one during the Summer. I plan to transfer to a university once I earn my Associates degree in Liberal Arts next Summer/Winter. My goal is to earn my BA in English in two years.

Aside from school, I am still working on books! 😀 I don’t go two days without sitting at the computer for an hour or two as I write awesome characters and plots. Love Bleeds Red has been the book I’ve focused most of my time on. I am currently working on it as I type. I’m not positive that it will be my next publish. The more I work on it, the more I get drawn to it. I love the story and I want it perfected before I release it.

My year plan is to have another book published before 2015. By late July or late August, I should be finished with this rewrite. I wanted the next book I send out to be a fantasy-fiction but that could change depending on how I feel. I could throw out a science-fiction or even a horror. More than likely the next book will be a young-adult novel.

As of now these are my current goals for June:

Get business cards made.

Send Hero’s Romance out to reviewers and book clubs. Get more books out to readers.

Learn how to get book in stores, then do it.

Do well in school. Meet local writers, journalist, authors, etc.

Blog more frequently…lol Have fun.

Not too demanding right? It should be a pretty good summer. I hope everyone is doing well with his or her path to becoming an author. If you have any advice or want any, feel free to share or contact me on here or via email.

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