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Nice guys finish last and real ladies don’t exist. 

The friend zone is a fairytale Invented to relieve people of the pressure of rejecting others while misguiding others to the idea that rejection isn’t natural. I use the pronouns, people and others because anyone can be subjugated to the mythical land of friend zone, male or female but it’s usually men that talk about this. This is because when it comes to romance it’s usually the guy who is looked at to do virtually everything.
Some will disagree but it’s no secret that men do most of the first rounds of contact with women. Men are expected to lead, be confident, be polite and courteous while at the same time upholding impervious strong mind, body and soul. To fail in either of these things gives society an excuse to deem him less masculine. 

Women on the other hand are expected to wait to be approached. Be ladylike, submissive and less aggressive. In a world where gender roles are less prevalent a woman could walk up to a man and express her desires without being seen as less feminine. But our society was practically built on these unwritten rules so both genders are too engulfed in these beliefs to ever think about anything outside the norm.

So back to the guys. Since a man is supposed to be so flawless it’s expected that if he makes the right moves with ANY woman(married, lesbian, not attracted to him, basically any valid excuse to turn someone down) he will win her over and have his way with her. Any form of rejection is strictly on him and the glitches in his matrix must be fixed if he wants to succeed with the opposite sex. Here comes the friend zone and the case of the nice guy.

Legend tells of a noble man of great character and noble causes. He opened doors for women, treated them with the utmost respect and made them feel important. He was a gentle spirit with mighty power. Anyone who harmed his lady was met with forces unimaginable. But the lady saw this man as too kind and unworthy of her hand. So she banished him to a land where he could never been perceived as a competent lover for all eternity. The friend zone.

This is seriously how some people think. It’s ridiculous. Rejection is part of the dating world. It’s part of life. There is no friend zone. I’ve never understood the term. If you like someone , express that to them and get to know them. Express your opinion of them in a reasonable way. Treat them out on a date. Show them respect and kindness. But don’t do it so much that you forget to flirt, and express romantic desires. Express that you are wanting to be their lover, not a friend, buddy or consultant, or “laughs” brother. If they turn you down move on to the next one. Rejection is part of life. There is no friend zone. You are not supposed to go through life hearing YES all of the time. Some people will reject you no matter what you do. I’ve approached over a thousand women and through my experience it doesn’t matter what you say or what you do(for the most part). It’s a chance. They either like you or they don’t. Five people might think you’re the crypt keeper while ten others will think you’re hot like the Fourth of July. 

Basically stop the friend zone talk. Please. People say it like friendship is a bad thing now. Rejection is part of life and it’s not leaving any time soon. Now get out there and be somebody 😃.


Edward and The Sun

Loud beauty is your nature.

You don’t try to impress.

Yet you made this man a chaser.

By being yourself and nothing less.

I am not afraid to say out loud,

How beautiful you really are to me.

You shine like the brightest sun above a cloud.

You illuminate my darkness and set me free.

You and me are the dream team.

Being with you makes me feel unstoppable.

You shine this beautiful beam.

Thank you for your loveliness.

It feels me with such liveliness.

Written by. T. Edward Redd      

Poetry Time. Lust, Lust.

T.Edward Redd

Lust, Lust”

I never meant for it to be this much.

No feelings were supposed to be. No emotion.

It was just our touch.

My body was tense and so was yours.

We both agreed it was just lust.

So we pleased each other behind closed doors.

You blew my rocks off. I made your body numb.

Satisfaction. Pleasure. Lust. No emotion.

You kept quiet. While in your heart, feelings begun.

I heard it in your voice. I could see it in your eyes.

Even when you lied and said, “Just lust.”

I knew I had become your heart’s demise.

I never meant for it to mean this much.

I never mean to hurt you.

I thought it was just our touch.

You said just lust.

Nothing Beyond a Man by T. Edward Redd

When I first saw her,

It was love at first sight.

She wanted not my royalty.

She wanted not a dime.

Just a dance with a man she saw across the room.

We moved with such bliss.

I was no Prince Charming. There were no expectations to meet.

Just a man and a woman. She took me from my world.

For the first time in my burdensome life of royalty,

I found a woman who wanted nothing but I.

With her I was naked and free. Free to be just me.

Like the shooting star she was,

She came and went.

Leaving nothing but beautiful stardust, to confirm her existence.

My love was blind. I followed her glow and found the star and my life…dimmed.

I married a woman I barely knew.

A fantasy my desperate mind placed on a stranger. An escape.

Irony would have it that I too was her escape.

She was a poor girl looking to escape her troublesome world.

She found a prince and made him her ticket to freedom.

She was just like the others.

Full of unrealistic needs and expectations.

Can a man not just be a man? Or is man doomed to always play hero and savior?

I never tried to repaint her beautiful canvas.

So why does she try to paint over an already finished work of art?

Cinderella, you made me feel so normal that night.

But why is it now you expect me to be anything more than a man?

Oversleeping! Grrrr

What can I say, it happens right? I woke up on and off between 10 and 12, got to the shower at 2ish, now here I am. Regardless of when I get up, I will posts on here daily. I aim for the mornings and afternoons. Sorry if you guys missed last night’s post. I forgot to place tags on it -.-.

Last night I stayed up meddling with the book format and educated myself on inside and outside margins,  and gutter. I didn’t know what they were so when I formatted it, it was pretty much a shot in the dark. Luckily CreateSpace had a downloadable guide. That helped out ALOT.

The books recommended that I look at books that I like and measure them. This makes alot of since. If you want to look professional, why not learn from the professional? So I fiddled around with it. At first it was hard and frustrating. My manuscript kept running into the spine and sentence cutoffs happened to every single even page. Finally somewhere around 3 a.m I finally got the hang of it.

Trial and error. That’s how you win it. So after I was satisfied with my competence with the format work, I decided it was a break. I went back and forth with my favorite blogger for a while as I worked on another story “Beyond A Lifetime” I believe I gave the story description in my earlier posts. I stayed up close to 5 a.m writing it. Passion and creativity put together will make 5 hours seem like one hour. After whitening my teeth, I went to bed.

And now here I sit, blogging :). I checked the facebook fan page and the like count grew. Some likes on there aren’t from friends, meaning someone from here peeped. Thanks you all, I really appreciate it. I have to go grocery shopping and possibly to my college campus so I can’t stay much longer. I’ll update later tonight. Stay awesome bloggers.


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Update 12-27-2013

Hey bloggers and followers! I’m a little proud of my consistency with the updates. So far, since I made this blog seven or six days ago, I’ve been making updates and posts twice a day. The goal is to keep doing this. It should be possible since I can update via phone and computer.

So today I spent more time on researching page formatting and I’m getting closer and closer. The page count is fine. But now I need to format the book so the margins and trim size meet distributor/market standards. This way I can sell my book in paperback and ebook form.

Today I followed the recommended margin setup I saw on CreateSpace. But my manuscript isn’t centered when I do this. The words on the even pages get sucked into the spine so some words aren’t readable. Not good. So I researched forums and site and fiddles around Microsoft word and I think I finally learned how to do this.

I’m really glad that I planned ahead for these things. I still have plenty of time to reach my deadlines. Here they are again.

Edit/Revision- December 22nd, 2013 (check)

Formatting-January 5th, 2014

Cover art and design- January 25th, 2014

Blogs/Fan page-January 15th. 2014 (Check, minus the Facebook fan page. That’s in the process of being available.)

Choose Distributor- February 1st, 2014 (Check)

So I have 9 days to meet my next deadline. That isn’t horrible as long as I stay on top of things and keep using my free time diligently. The most important things right now are the formatting and book cover. I know I can do this and all of the motivation I’ve been receiving is pretty helpful towards it.

Speaking of Facebook, oh my gosh. I never realized how HARD it would be to clean it. I have posts from 2011 to 2013. Deleting friends is one thing but those posts are another. It’s not that I have anything bad on there, I just have to untag myself from alot of things, unfriend a few negative people, etc. Basically making the page as clean as possible.

I might just make the page public and leave pasts posts private while future posts are public. There aren’t any bad pictures or anything so that’s something I don’t have to deal with. I have a fan page in the making. All it needs is a cover photo and it’s set. I might post that link so you guys can like it


Boom. Go crazy, haha. It’s pretty naked right now but over time it’ll get fleshed out as I make posts and posts pictures. I haven’t looked at my twitter yet. That will be easier since no one can tag me in things on there. I usually tweet motivational things or random things I’m doing with friends.

The social networks are at the bottom of my lists though. Formatting and a cover design. Then I’ll be ready to go into publishing. I can’t explain in words how excited I am, but, I’m pretty excited xD

If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks to all that follow me. If you have a fan page, I’ll be sure to follow you. Thanks followers 🙂 see you in the a.m. Keep writing and blogging