Update December 20, 13

Excuse my tardiness people. Just arrived home from an amazing party.

So I am guilty of having a lazy day. That’s right people, I didn’t do anything book related today. Well all that means is two hours of revising before I go to bed. Good thing I don’t have work or class tomorrow.

I’m liking the blog and bloggers so far. There are SO MANY poets, writers and novelists on this site. I got exactly what I came for. So far I’m getting followers each day. For the most part I would prefer that only novelists and book fans/reviewers follow my page. And that’s because I am a novelists so those would be the types of people who would be interested in following and spreading my work as I do the same for them. But should I be more open minded? Hmmm

So “Hero’s Tale” is progressing well. The revision should be over by late Sunday. Then I can start designs for book covers. I have a few blurbs for the back cover that I am thinking about sharing, I’ll keep you all posted.

If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ve read a few books this month. Maybe I’ll write a review.

Alright, well it’s time to fall from the face of the Earth again and enter my domain of writing/revising. Thank you to all who follow this blog. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. It’s going to be a real showstopper.


Don’t get envious. Get inspired!

Just returned home from a pretty great Christmas party my friend threw. Remember the film director from my last posts? That’s the guy. It was nice. I spoke to a few girls. One in particular caught my eye. I might have to contact her.

Do you ever see someone who you deem successful in some way? It makes you feel slightly behind or even inadequate. DONT feel that way. Get inspired and inspire. I used to get envious of my friend a few months ago but the more I hung out with him the more inspired I got. If he can do well, so can I are my thoughts.

Instead of being envious, congratulate them and push them further towards success. They’ll do the same for you, it’s good karma and it’s a pretty good way to stay in shape…excuse my corny Family Guy humor. But on a serious note, don’t get caught up in envy. It will turn into self-pity-every dreams’ worst nightmare.

Take a moment to look at your strengths and accomplishments. Take me for example, I could easily throw a fit about not having a book published yet. OR I can look at my progress- I’ve hired my own personal editor, I’ve wrote two books, getting one ready for publishing, I’ve started blogs to get my name out, etc.

Looking at the positive things will inspire you to go even further. So now I help my friend with his films when I am able and just motivate him and give him his props. In return he supports me. He even got me connections with a designer for my book cover. I doubt envy would have gotten me that far.

So, don’t get envious people, GET INSPIRED! I’m rooting ALL of you on and hope that each and everyone of you one day live in the dream you love to dream.

Oh and follow my blog, ha, I ALWAYS follow back. I support anyone who supports me.

Update for 12-19-13

Wow, so today/yesterday went pretty well as far as research for book covers go. I helped my friend run a few errands as I did it. Spreading the holiday joy while being productive. What better way is there?

My friend is a film director so we have a lot in common which is why we probably hangout so much. He informed me about a designer who could do a professional cover for me or he could do it for free! What luck right? I’m still keeping my options open.

You see for this first publish I want to get all the experience possible. This is my first time being in control of so much. I control virtually all of this projects process, I control what my editor does and how much she’s paid, I control what gets seen, this blog, the fan page and a lot more so it’s a lot to manage so early.

Before I decide I want more help. I want to expand my options. And if getting help for a design becomes a desired path, I would want them to flesh my idea out better than I can. So at the moment my mind is leaning towards exploring the ideas I came up with today…or yesterday.

I’m going to try and stay up to date with the updates and posts. I’ve gained a few followers so far which I’m liking. I welcome any and all support. Thank you for those who read and choose to follow you are greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback or email me. Thanks!


What’s a book without a cover design right? It’s like seeing a blank building that has all of these fascinating items inside. On the inside there’s this world of low prices and rich items. But on the outside there’s…nothing.

So I need ideas for a book cover. What I’m doing today is going out to do some research. I’m going to look at hundreds upon hundreds of titles related to Romance to see what draws in eyes and what doesn’t.

Alot of people are saying just google some images but what fun is that? I like hands on experiences and getting out to see things with the first person perspective.

My editor has came up with a few ideas but I want to max out my options before I narrow in on a decision. So I’m about to head out and meet up with a friend. I’ll keep the updates at least daily.

If anyone has any ideas or advice for bookcovers, don’t hesitate to give input. The title is Hero’s Tale and it’s a romance.

Thanks 🙂

Writer’s checklist

So since publishing is approaching I’ve decided to make a checklist of things to do in order to ensure I’m ready by February. Here are my deadlines.

Look over Editor’s revision-Dec 22nd, 13

Formatting-Jan 5th, 14

Blogs/Fan pages-Jan 5th, 2014

Coverart designs/backcover blurb-Jan 25th, 14

Choose distributor-Feb 1st, 14

My book is 500 pages more or less. It started off at 558 but since I’ve been looking over the revision and formatting as I go, it’s been cut down to 504 with the reduced spaces and proper indenting. I have 200 pages left to format. My editor has finals so I’m doing things on my own until Monday(I gave her the weekend off to rest from finals). But I’m proud of my progress. So far, I am ahead of schedule.

Hello world

My name is Edward Redd. My author name is T.Edward Redd. I am currently in the process of preparing to publish my very first novel. This blog will be a way for me to reach out to people with common goals, interest and fans/people who would like to follow me in my journey as I pursue my career in writing. I welcome any and all of you to follow me. I write fiction for young adults and I favor the romance genre.

I'm just a guy who decided to stop sleeping but kept dreaming. I'm Edward Redd and I write novels. Come get blown away by my imagination.