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October Release

It’s been about half a year since I last made a post. But I’m a writer, so inevitably I always end up on this blog. That’s mainly due to me releasing or in the process of publishing a novel. Earlier this year a friend inspired me to finish one of my favorite projects originally named, Love Bleeds Red but has now been rewritten as, Pretty Monsters.

The story is about a girl who was cursed by a demon two centuries before the story takes place. The curse gives her immortality in exchange for her humanity. She can never die but every living thing she encounters will fear and either run away or attack her. So for two hundred years she suffers loneliness, persecution and isolation. It seems her life will be an eternity of darkness until she meets a boy who for some reason is immune to the effects of her curse. He falls for her instantly and despite her strongest efforts she can’t seem to push him away so he can’t discover her dark secret. As she lets him in she has to keep him from getting hurt from the darkness inside of her.

This story has a lot of supernatural elements along with action and romance. I got inspiration from Harry Potter while writing the story over and over. I wanted it to have a magical and out of this world sort of feel to it. Then I added horrific elements to make it out to be a somewhat romantic and dark fairy tale. I tried to include a lot of mythical creatures (no spoilers) some already known and others I made on my own. Pretty Monsters has been requested over and over from people who either know me personally or have had a class with me and heard about the story. I’ve finished its final draft and now it’s in the revision and editing stage. I plan to release it on Halloween because what a better time to release a horror themed story on Halloween?

Aside from the story writing I’ve been up to quite a lot this year. I’m finishing up my final semester at Ivy Tech before I transfer to university. From there I plan to major in Journalism and pursue a career in reporting. I have thoughts about going back to school sometime later to become a detective. It all depends on where I’m at in life in about 4 years.

That’s it for my update. I felt like blogging today. It’s been on my mind for a while. I’ve been getting weekly views for some reason and can’t figure out from who or why. But it’s brought me back. I plan to start blogging every other day or weekly.




Day 11 of 30 Blog Challenge

Today has been a long and busy day for me today. So this post is going to be pretty short and I’m throwing in another short story. This week I plan to have some illustrations ready to show. At the very least Magenta Orchid’s character design will be shared but I would like to have all three characters to show. I will be traveling around the city to take reference photos for  settings. Very excited to finally start making my very own graphic novel!

These are four random pages from a book I’m working on. I say “book I’m working on” alot as I make more and more posts because I have about 20 or more books started. I target 2 or 3 every year and try to get the drafts finished and possibly start revisions. Unfortunately as I finish my old books my brain refuses to stop coming up with ideas. So my list continues to grow.

When she said Samantha Black everything came back to me. I recognized the memories. “Izabel found us! I ran at her and then she looked at me. That must have been when I fell into that nightmare! I remember. We did break up and you were cold about it. You put me through hell.”

She struggled to speak. “And I deeply regret it. Thomas I am so, so sorry.”

I said, “then I met Samantha. She would never do what you did.”

“Oh yeah,” she shouted. “Then why did she leave you as a garden ornament. If she loves you so damn much please show me! Where has that filthy leech been for the past year?”

I laughed. “Caroline you’re unbelievable. What are you talking about?”

She was in tears, answering with obvious detest for Samantha. “I’m talking about the fact that Samantha has been gone since the moment Izabel petrified you. Meanwhile, I’ve been staying up day and night, busting my rear to bring you back!”

I laughed at her obvious lies. “She wouldn’t leave. Caroline you’re such a bad liar. You expect me to believe this? If she left then where did she go?”

“For your information she went back to Nightingale! Ha, and everyone thinks your precious angel killed you. I’m telling you the truth. No one has seen or heard from her since that day. I’m the one who’s been here this whole time.”

I opened the door. She grabbed me saying, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I pulled away. I said, “I’m going into my house. You should leave. Samantha won’t be happy to see you here.”

She laughed. “You think Samantha is so great. You’re so clueless huh, Thomas? That leech wouldn’t last two seconds against…” She paused as if not wanting to say more.

“I don’t know why you keep calling her that. It’s the lamest insult you’ve ever came up with. I’m going now. Bye, Caroline.”

I walked out of the car. As I started walking towards the house, I heard a loud bang. Caroline slammed her hands on the hood of her car.

“Idiot! You can’t just waltz in out of the blue like that. You’ll scare the crap out of everyone. Have you not heard anything I’ve said? Everyone thinks you are DEAD. If you walk in they will flip out. I suggest you stop being so cruel to me.

“I’m the one who saved your life. Not her! So get in the damn car and come home with me. We need to figure out how to explain why you’ve been gone so long.”

After she finished I walked away. She quickly panicked and followed me to the door.

“Hey! Listen to me. I’m telling the truth. You can’t go in there. They think you’re dead. Please listen to me.”

I sighed. “Fine, Caroline. Let’s go.” She smiled and agreed. When she turned around I opened the door. As I walked inside she whispered loudly for me to stop. Everything in the house was the same.



The downstairs area was spacious with brown and wooden flooring. The staircase was ahead beginning at the left, leading upward bordered by wooden railing. To the left was the dining room, filled with furniture and a widescreen tv. I called for my father and sister as I stared at the chandelier above me.

I heard a glass shatter against the floor. My father and sister were staring at me with shock in their eyes. “No way. It really is him,” my dad said.

He quickly ran to me and hugged me tight. He said, “We thought you were dead! We thought Samantha had done something to you.”

I pulled away as the feeling of discomfort shadowed me. Dead? Killed me? My stomach began to twist and turn as I began to understand. Caroline had told the truth.

My sister said, “Everyone thinks you’re dead. We had the funeral and everything. Where were you?”

My eyes were fixed on Caroline as my anger boiled. The guilt in her eyes grew and grew. I ignored my family and confronted her. Grabbing her arm, I drug her away from them.

“How much,” I asked.

She whimpered nervously, “Huh?”

I shouted, “How much of it is true? Tell me!”

She cried, “All of it!” I was disturbed. Everything around me felt so dry and stale all of the sudden. It felt like someone had died and that it was raining.



“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t want to lose you. Everything was back to normal and we were together again. I didn’t want to lose you again. I’m sorry!”

I backed away slowly. “Caroline. You’re a liar. Leave.” Before she could speak I quickly raced to my room. She would be there. I just knew it. Samantha would be in my room, waiting on that bed as always. I opened the door to greet her. But it was empty.

Her scent was on the sheets. That same scent from my dreams was there. My insides began rattling as my anxiety fired. I paced back and forth trying to figure out what to do. Samantha Black, the woman of my dreams had left thinking I was dead. I heard footsteps at the door.

I smiled and looked back saying, “Samantha!” But it was Caroline. I never felt so angry in my life. I quickly stood and walked to her. I grabbed her shirt and pinned her to the door.

“You. What have you done?” She looked away crying. I shouted, “TALK!”

She shouted back in tears, “NOTHING! Samantha left on her own. I even begged her to stay. I had nothing to do with it.”

“You liar! You hated her. You would have done anything to get her out of my life. Just like you do with every girl!”

She held her chest crying. “No. I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t hurt you like that. I knew how much she meant to you. I would never do that. Samantha left for Europe last year. I begged, begged and begged her to stay. But…”

I interrupted, “Caroline just leave. I can’t believe anything you say.”

Where It All Began


It all started with a date with a really cute girl. I had met her at work. This isn’t something I usually do because of professionalism but in my defense she offered her phone number to me. I didn’t ask. I’m really outgoing with all of my customers so I guess I can be pretty approachable to most.
Anyway it was just us in the store. We were talking about what we both were doing in college. This was before I had published a book. So my answer was that I wanted to study English and become an author someday. I told her about the project I had going on at the time.

Eventually the conversation ended, she left and things were fine. Then she returns to the store maybe less than 5 minutes later asking more about me and the book I was working on. Long story short I ended up with her phone number and went on a date with her two days later.
A couple of weeks went past and things sort of went down hill with her. It disappointed me because she was really interesting. I thought I had finally found a cool girl to date. Back then one of my top priorities was getting into a steady and long lasting relationship. I know this sounds crazy for a 20 year old but wait, the story gets better.

I sat down one day and just thought about how much effort I was putting into dating. A LOT. When I say a lot I mean I had dates pretty much every weekend. And it’s not that I was a player. I wasn’t sleeping around with these women. I was just looking for that special someone. And I couldn’t find her. No one gave me the spark I was looking for. But my efforts were amazing.

I sat at a table one day and thought, “how successful would I be if I put this much effort into writing?”

That’s when it happened. I made the decision to publish a book. My goal was to write a book from start to finish it, edit and revise it and publish it before I was 21. And I went to WORK.
I woke up every day and wrote 1000 words at LEAST and wrote another 1000 before I went to bed. It was like a job to me. But not a desk job. I loved every minute of it. I would listen to my playlist on Spotify and just type for hours. Literally HOURS. There were times where I didn’t even leave home. I’ve written for eight hours straight before. No lie. I got so deep into it that I calculated my page per hour speed. I average 8 pages per hour on font size 11, Times New Roman, with page dimensions of 6×9. That’s 64 pages in eight hours. Yes, I was going to the EXTREME.

This wasn’t some joke to me. I hadn’t been more serious about anything in my life. It was time to be an author, not want to be an author. I set my alarm for 7am and when it went off I didn’t dare press snooze. It was time to write. It was time to be great and make my dream come true. Eventually I finished writing and revisions.


My war for my dream started in the winter of 2013 and I won April 1st, 2014. I self-published my debut novel, Hero’s Romance on April Fool’s Day, something I hadn’t realized until someone thought I was pulling a prank. It wasn’t a prank though. When my box came in March 12th people started freaking. I had done it.

I was finally an author at the age of 20. I had a book signing a week after I got my shipment and another signing at a library a few months later. I was even lucky enough to go to an Indy’s Author Masquerade Ball. I’m always the youngest person at these things. The second youngest that I have met has been 25.

My experiences with publishing my own book pushed me go after whatever I wanted. Any dream. I went overseas for the first time to England ALONE. This was huge for me because I had never been on a plane nor had I ever traveled overseas. But I didn’t care. I never thought twice about it. I went to England not thinking about any possible disasters. I was and still am the king of my dreams.

In England I met a girl there that I had known for 6 months through email. I was in the UK for a week. Things didn’t work for us though. And no she wasn’t a catfish. I have pictures all over Instagram haha. I just didn’t feel that spark that I was looking for. I went into the unknown not sure of what to expect but had my hopes up for greatness. And even though I hadn’t found that fairytale girl I dream of one day meeting, I loved every single moment.

20 and thousands away from home. Spending my week with a beautiful woman. Seeing things I never thought of seeing. I had one of the best if not THE BEST New Year’s of my life. I spent it in England. I felt and still feel so alive. Reborn or something. You set your eyes on something you want. A dream. Whether it’s being a famous dancer or some hardworking hair stylist. Anything. Then you chase that dream without ever looking back. Will you catch it or will you fail? You DONT know and that my friends is the beauty of it all.

Facing the ups and downs of chasing that dream with bravery. The laughs, the good times, the moments of disaster and burning.Those tough moments where you feel like throwing in the towel but you don’t because this fire inside of you refuses to die. Most of all those moments of flawless glory. Claiming your victories knowing it was all because of your hard efforts. These are the moments that make us glow. I call it afterglow. The beauty of being who you were destined to be, accepting that title regardless of the fears and dangers you must face.It’s a thrill I live for.

Chasing and catching a dream. I love all of it. I’m an adventurer. I’m a warrior. I ache for walking outside the lines and risk looking like a fool for love and my dreams. I live for the thrill of feeling alive every time I do these things. It’s what makes me fill full and grounded. I’m grateful for every experience, good and bad. I have no regrets and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chase your dreams. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Friends. Family. A lover. The only person who matters when it comes to your dream is YOU. It’s yours to claim and it is your duty, your destiny to fight the battles until you come out on top. I can’t promise you an easy victory or any victories at all. But I can promise you’ll feel amazing for having the guts to try. Too many people refuse to try because they may look foolish or their dream seems unattainable. Where there’s a will there is a way. Just run for it and don’t look back.

I am not rich and I’m not a genius. All of my feats have been rightfully earned through raw hardwork and dedication. Sure I’ve had help from family and friends. But the bulk of the work was done by me. So take it from someone like me. If you have a dream then get up and chase it. Accept your challenges and find a way to victory. One fail doesn’t equal a permanent one. It’s only permanent if you let it be. It’s not enough to just dream. You have to bring that dream to life.

And so now I’m a year from where I started. My journey’s anniversary is in a couple of weeks. I might give away a few books. I’m 99.99% sure that I will have something new on the book market either next month or before spring ends. Most likely it will be Where is Dreamland?

First Post of the Year! Many Things to Come this Year!

Hello, followers and bloggers, writers and, of course, readers. I know that I’ve been gone for some time now. But like I’ve written in the past, writing is my dream. I don’t plan to stop. In fact, this year I plan to take my writing very serious and reach new levels of success.

Since I last made a post, I have done many things and have made many goals. I’ve written another book, I’ve had a signing, I’ve met writers and I’ve traveled across the globe to England. My trip has brought me many things.

Traveling overseas alone for my first time traveling out of the country has brought me a strong sense of independence and determination. I feel that there is nothing I can’t do as long as I work hard and stay persistent. My experience over this past year has proven to me what I’m truly capable of and what plateaus I can reach by using my strengths.
This year I am determined to gather many more feats for myself as a young and independent author.

Create My Own Comic Book.

My first goal is to create my very own comic book before the year of 2016 and participate in the Indy Comicon of 2016. I went to the convention last year and it was amazing. To say I participated in something like that and showcase my own work would be amazing.

Reach 1,000 Followers.

I want my blog and networks to be able to reach mass numbers. By doing this more and more people will see my progress and work. I will gain supporters as well as inspire more writers to pursue their goals. I truly believe anyone can do this if they work hard enough. I want to be hope to everyone who dreams the way I do. I want to inspire people to become dream catchers. I want to encourage them to never give up. No mater what. So I will definitely be blogging a lot more this year.

Complete 1-5 Drafts of Stories

I don’t want to become a slacker when it comes to writing stories. I’m not positive if I will be releasing one or two books this year. I’m definitely releasing one. Regardless I want to keep completing drafts and sharpen my writing skills.
Laugh More. Play More. Relax More.

I realize I stress a lot about things and I’m serious a lot. This year I want to be more laid-back and carefree. I want to have more fun and worry less. I want to just go for things without worrying about what happens afterwards.

That’s pretty much it as far as my goals go. I am back on my blog and I plan to make a lot of things happen this year! I will post more very soon.

Back To Blogging!! Working on my next book, “Where is Dreamland?”

Hello followers, bloggers and of course, book readers. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted but as I’ve said in the past, this blog will never come down. Writing books is my dream and since April 1st 2014, I’ve been proud to be able to say that I am an author. Hero’s Romance continues to sell monthly both from me and online. It is available on Kindle and paperback. Check out the buy a book tab for more details.


Updating my blog comes to mind weekly but I never know what to write about. When I first started my blog, I was in the process of publishing Hero’s Romance. So daily, I would post my progress with editing, formatting, revisions and so forth. Then I posted about my signing and release of the book. But after that I didn’t really have a subject for blogging since the mission was accomplished. Early this week I met a woman at work who inspired me to blog more.

After telling me she was writing a book that she wanted to publish, I told her about my publishing experience. Then I showed her the book. She was really impressed and motivated, with me writing/publishing a 456-page book at the age of 20. So then she went into telling me about a writer’s society here in Indy and gave me her blog’s web address. She told me that she doesn’t restrict her blogging to just her books which gave me the idea to blog weekly/daily, even if it’s not about my book.

For this post I will just give a quick update on what I’m doing as far as projects go.

I have been working on a story called, “Where is Dreamland?” The story focuses on a boy named, Ryan Reeds, who moves away from home to attend a University. He meets a girl named, Alice James and learns that she is his pen pal of two years. He knew her as May and had never seen her face.

After realizing who one another are, they instantly connect and eventually fall for one another. Things take a scary turn when Alice suddenly goes missing.  With her being his dream girl, Ryan must make a journey to find her. The further he gets into the journey the more he discovers that there’s more to Alice than she has allowed him to see.

I have very strong feelings about this book. A lot of things going on in my life have inspired this story. So far I have written 105 pages for this, which is why I have decided to stick with it, finish it and publish it.

Aside from, Where is Dreamland, I have also been working on a mini comic book series based on Hero’s Romance. I’ve been working on my artwork and getting storyboards made.  I will post pictures of my progress sometime. I have a Japanese comic art style. But I’m looking to draw the series in a more realism based style but still have a comic book look. So I’ve been working on realism and drawing portraits.

That’s all I have for you all as far as updating goes. I plan to update more frequently so there’s no need for me to write everything all at once. But currently I have A LOT going on as far as writing and my dreams go. I plan to share it with all of you. Keep writing and blogging! If you haven’t checked out Hero’s Romance give it a peek. It’s a must have for hopeless romantics.