Farewell Angel

Humans are so odd. I’m sure she isn’t exactly human now that I’ve seen what she can do. But Caroline obviously has emotions similar to human ones. For 200 years I walked this Earth sad and alone. Every living person I came across feared or attacked me. It made me grow hateful and angry towards them. Then he made me remember. Thomas made me remember what love felt like.

I watched Caroline lie on the ground. There was no way of getting through to her. She was willing to fight those killers for my sake. No more blood. I wanted absolutely no more blood on my hands. It became so obvious to me once I saw Thomas’s once living body as a stone relic. I am a danger to every living person I come in contact with. I had no business walking amongst the living. I wasn’t going to let Caroline die for me. So I knocked her out.

“Sorry,” I said. “It was a noble thing to do, Caroline. But I need to go away. I don’t belong here. Take really good care of that statue. I want to bring him back. Make no mistake about that. But even if we did manage that, do you think he’d be safe around me? No. This is the best choice. Goodbye, Caroline.”

I’m not sure if she even heard me with being knocked out. Thomas was a statue. Caroline was knocked out on the ground and the Delphiniums were all on the ground fatally wounded. No matter where I went destruction always followed. So I had to spare everyone and go far away. I watched as Lance and his soldiers came my way.

He shouted, “Don’t move! By Lady Maria if you move I will obliterate your body and destroy you.”

I held out my wrist and said, “I don’t plan to fight you. Do what you must. Please.”

He grabbed my wrist and chained them. He almost took Caroline as well. But I begged him to spare her. As he started leading me away I just watched Thomas. It felt like he was still there. It felt like he was watching me and calling for me. I wanted to cry.

“Wait,” I said. “Wait! I need to see him once more!” I ran to him without thinking. It was only luck that prevented Lance from destroying my body. They just watched as ran to Thomas. I screamed for him to come back to life. I begged him to wake up and convince me to fight them all so I could be with him. I shouted for him to come back to life. I didn’t want isolation. I didn’t want to die. I wanted him. Him and nothing else.

I cried tearlessly, “Please! Wake up and bring me to life again. Save me from this Hell! You’re my salvation. Without you I truly am damned! I have no one else! You’re my angel in the darkness. My beacon of light. Make the world pretty again and come back to me…please…”

Slowly I got to my knees and started crying tearlessly. Why did I feel so human with him? Even when my heart didn’t pump I felt so strongly for him. My body was dead but he brought my soul to life. And in return I couldn’t offer him anything. Not even tears. I destroyed him. The darkness inside of me destroyed the only light I had seen in 200 years.

Eventually Lance and his soldiers got tired of waiting. After they healed the Delphiniums they were ready to take me back to Nightingale. Christine was surprisingly not happy to see me being dragged off to either be executed or placed in solitude. She ran to Lance and stopped him.

She said, “Before you take her I need to ask her something!” She walked to me. I could see the frustration in her face. She said, “I’ve casted away literally hundreds of demons. How did you escape Hell? Tell me! I need to know how you did it!”

Lance and his soldiers laughed loudly. He said, “Poor rookie. She’s clueless.”

Christine said, “What’s funny? Stop that! I need answers! I practice nonstop every day. My techniques are foolproof. Tell me how this ordinary vampire escaped Hell! It’s impossible!”

I sighed. “You’re a talented slayer, Christine. I didn’t escape Hell. I was rejected and sent back to this realm. I’ve told you this over and over. I’m not a demon.”

“You mean you weren’t lying,” she said softly.

Lance laughed and said, “Samantha Black a demon?” He laughed harder. “The girl wouldn’t harm a fly! Well maybe if you hurt her family. For the most part she keeps to herself. They probably won’t believe she got involved with a mortal. Sucks because I’d hate to see a sweet girl like her locked away.”

She said, “Wait! What? Samantha’s innocent? But that can’t be…”

They ignored her as they kept laughing. She kept watching me as they started taking me away. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference. But I really wished that I could read her mind at that point. She found out the girl she had been stalking actually was innocent. She kept gawking me with a look that spoke guilt.

I said, “Make it up by bringing him back to life, spirit child. By the time you manage that it’ll be impossible for him to find me. Farewell.”


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