Post 26 out 30!! 

I woke up to a cold chill. It was a gust of wind blowing. When I opened my eyes I saw the night sky as leaves all around me. It felt like some strange dream. When the wind hit me again I quickly sat up. I was lying on the ground in some strange pentagram. Candles were arranged on each star point of the pentagram. I was still drowsy.

“What’s happening,” I said. “Isabella? Isabella!”

“Calm down, my love. You’re safe I promise.”

I looked forward. It was so blurry. I thought there was five of her. My eyes finally focused and I saw her sitting on the ground. She had her black book beside her. She was sewing something in her hands. It looked like some strange doll.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake, my love. Forgive my attitude for earlier. Those girls just make me jealous is all. They’re so damn persistent. It sickens me.”

I tried to stand but I felt incredibly weak. I dropped as quickly as I stood. I looked around to see all sorts of trees and bushes. Behind me was a cliff leading to a large lake. Somehow we had ended up on a cliff side surrounded by a large forest.

“Some girls just don’t get boundaries. Why can’t they just let us be in peace? Why do these filthy monsters keep chasing you, my love?”

She sounded different. Her tone was still polite but something was off. Somehow she seemed different. And dark.

She said, “You made me do this Thomas. I didn’t want to but you made me do it. You’ve been a very naughty boy. Now I must put a leash on you. I’m so sorry.”

She kept sewing something in her hand. I could see it now. It was a doll. The more I watched the more crept out I got. I looked at the pentagram around me. Suddenly my heart dropped as this cold and dark fear swallowed me whole. Witchcraft. Isabella was performing some sort of ritual on me.

I said, “Isabella. What are you doing?”

She finally looked at me. She had this deranged smile. Her eyes were wide and scary. She giggled saying, “I’m making you behave of course. I can’t have you going around kissing girls can I? I can’t have you go holding other girls can I? No. You belong to me. You’re mine. Only mine!”

She shouted and quickly stopped. Then she was giggling hauntingly. Her pace with her sewing sped up. She looked at me saying, “Oh. You thought I didn’t see? You thought I hadn’t seen you share tongues with Miss Black? No. Isabella sees everything. Everything. Yes you’ve been a bad, bad boy.”

I slowly began to back away. I said, “Isabella. Please. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. Let’s just talk.”

She stood up. She shouted, “Talk? You want to talk? No talking. No not now. Now you obey. Obey me, my love. I will make you behave. Miss Black will not have you. She will NOT HAVE YOU!”

I covered my ears as her scream echoed throughout the forest. As soon as the winds stopped blowing I could hear her laughing. Slowly I began backing out of the circle as she laughed uncontrollably. When I turned to run my body jerked backwards into the circle again.

“Don’t run from me! Stay right there!”

I looked at her. She was holding the doll to her chest. She was hugging it close as she pet its head. I could feel the hairs on top of my head move as it felt like someone was petting me. I brushed it off and looked around but no one was in the circle with me.

She said, “Now you will never misbehave. You’re mine. Only mine. And if you disobey me I will punish you.”

I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. I quickly grabbed my face as I flinched away. Blood was on my finger. It felt like someone slashed me across the face with something sharp. Isabella was laughing. I looked to see her holding a needle to the doll’s face.

She said, “Naughty boys get punishments. That was for kissing Miss Black. This is for letting Miss Green sit on your lap!” She slashed the doll. Instantly another cut opened on my face. She said, “This is for holding Miss Black close to your body!” Another slash. More cuts began opening on my face.

“Isabella stop! Stop it!” I pleaded.

She cocked her head to the left. “Stop? You want me to stop? I’m only doing this because I love you. How else will you learn your lesson? I can’t reward bad behavior!”

She started cutting the doll over and over. More and more cuts started to split open all over my body. I had no choice but to try and run away. As soon as I did my body rose from the ground and slammed back into the pentagram. I ached all over but still tried to get up.

Isabella said, “I loved you. I never wanted to resort to this but I had no choice! You made me do this. This is the only way to keep you away from Miss Black! And Miss Green! And all of those other sluts you love so much!”

It was like slow motion. I felt my arm slowly rise. I could hear the bone slowly crack. In an instant my shoulder snapped. I couldn’t hold in the pain. I dropped to my knees and screamed in pain as I held my shoulder. My left arm was completely useless. All I could move were its fingers.

Isabella cried, “It’s for your own good! This will teach you not to sleep around. I will kill you before I let you cheat on me. You hear me. I will KILL YOU.”

I quickly looked up as I saw her raise the needle into the sky. She was going to stab me. I quickly got on my feet and raced at her.

“No. NO DON”T,” I pleaded.

She screamed, “No one will have your heart but ME!”

She slammed the needled down. Suddenly here body flung backwards. I hit the ground as the doll hit the ground. I heard Isabella screaming as her body rolled along the ground. Quickly she got on her feet and glared my way.

She grinned and said, “So the fiend has come to play.”


I felt her eyes on me. Quickly I looked back. Samantha was standing close to me. Her long and red hair gleamed crimson as the wind blew against it. Her fists were balled and she was glaring at Isabella.

I couldn’t believe it. But at the same time I wasn’t surprised. “Samantha?”

She had her calm look. She said, “Thomas. That secret I wanted to tell you. Can I tell it to you now?” She looked at me and grinned. Her eyes were shining red.

I swallowed a large lump in my throat as I shook my head.

Quickly she turned to Isabella as she crouched down. She held her hands out as sharp claws came from her fingertips. She said, “I’m a bloodsucking fiend!”

In an instant she vanished as black mist appeared again. I quickly looked to see her appearing close to Isabella. I barely followed her movement. With one punch to the face, she sent Isabella flying backwards. Isabella toppled over again and again until her body slammed into a tree. Before she could recover Samantha ran to her, grabbed her face and threw her. Her speed was nearly impossible to track and her strength was monstrous.

Isabella landed on her feet but the force must have been too much. She tripped backwards and kept rolling backwards. She managed to stop her toppling and caught her balance. She watched Samantha carefully while moving slowly.

Isabella said, “This is perfect. Now I can have the pleasure of getting rid of you myself. I’ve wanted you dead the moment you moved here, daywalker.”

Quickly she sprinted towards Samantha. Samantha swiped at her but missed as Isabella rolled out of the way. She grabbed her black book from the ground and quickly jumped away. She began flipping through the pages fast as Samantha turned to her.

She laughed and said, “It’s over, daywalker!” She chanted words I couldn’t understand. Suddenly Isabella opened her mouth and breathed a giant ball of fire. I was yards away but I could still feel the heat from the flames. The ball blitzed through a quarter of the forest and incinerated everything in its path.

I screamed for Samantha. Isabella was laughing hysterically. She stopped when she saw the silhouette standing in the flames. She was completely unharmed.

Samantha said, “Was that meant for me? Or was that just target practice? You were way off. Isabella run away. You can’t honestly believe you stand a chance against one of the tainted.”

Isabella laughed. “A demon no. But a half-blood shouldn’t be hard for me to kill. Impure bloods can’t hold against my magic. NOW DIE!” She raised her hand and fired green lightning at Samantha. It shot her body and began electrocuting her. Samantha quickly flinched back and started screaming loudly. I covered my ears as the winds started blowing fiercely. The ground was trembling. It was as if the forest was afraid of Samantha.

Isabella kept firing magic at Samantha as she laughed. She said, “Yes! Die, daywalker! Nothing will come between him and I. Nothing!”

I screamed for her to stop as Samantha screamed in agony. She was screaming to the sky then suddenly stopped. She looked at Isabella and grinned. Isabella flinched backwards as if she had seen a ghost.

“What,” Isabella said. “No. Impossible!” She fired more magic at Samantha. A gigantic bolt of lighting formed around Samantha as Isabella used both hands. Samantha grunted and started fighting the pain. She took a single step towards Isabella. Then another.

Isabella slowly stepped back. She said, “She’s resisting my magic? No! It’s impossible!” She fired more magic. Samantha let out a monstrous cry and suddenly the lightning stopped as Isabella flung backwards. Steam was coming from Samantha’s body but she kept grinning as she walked towards Isabella. She grabbed the black book and ripped it in two.


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