Post 23 out f 30. Getting Close to My Goal!

Dream’s Bridge by T. Edward Redd

Dreams of a Mysterious Girl Continued.

I could see my mother and father’s faces in my head. Riley wasn’t any good at hiding her emotions either. They were all very sad. Maybe I was selfish for not considering their feelings. Mother and Riley wouldn’t be able to get over this for a couple months at the least. Father would be ok I suppose. He doesn’t really show his emotions too much. Even if I did decide that I wanted to stay it was too late.

The plane was slowly striding as it prepared to lift off. Slowly my eyes shut and I began to sleep. I must have slept for hours because when I woke It was night.

“Hey I hope you don’t mind,” I heard a soft and delicate voice say. I turned to see a beautiful blonde sitting next to me. She was dressed in a dark blue tank top, black leggings and white sneakers.

She was breathtaking. She had just sat by me and I couldn’t stop staring. High School all over again. I was so nervous I looked away. But couldn’t resist the temptation of taking in her presence again. I slowly looked back at her. She was eating some of the plane food. Chicken roast I think it was.

You’re probably thinking that this was girl I dreamed about. Think again. It wasn’t her. The girl I dreamed about doesn’t become part of the story until I’m on campus. At this point I still had no clue that Dream’s Bridge was an actual living breathing girl. At this particular moment I thought the girl sitting beside me was the hottest thing EVER.

She noticed me watching her as she ate her roast. She said, “Oh. Hey sorry if I’m in your space. The guy beside me was snoring like some monster. So I snuck to the first opened seat I saw. How did you get this whole row to yourself? You must be rich.”

I laughed. “No not rich. Lucky. There’s a big difference. I don’t mind if you sit there.”

She nodded. “Sweet. Thanks. So what’s your name? I’m Stacy Olive future chemistry major over at Yelich. That’s why I’m going to Canson City. You?”

“I’m going to Yelich like you are!”

She rose her eyebrow. “Really? That school is really exclusive. For the highly gifted or rich. So you are rich. Lucky you. I only got in because my father knows administration.”

I shook my head no. “No. I’m not rich. Even better.” I took one of my books from my bag and handed it to her.

“A salesman?” She said.

“No. Well yes. But I wrote that book.”


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