Nine Days Left!!

In nine days I will have posted every day for 30 days straight. I’m really proud with myself for sticking to this and disciplining myself. All it takes is time and effort. Tonight I’m going to share some bits from a story I have. Dream’s Bridge is the story about a boy who meets the girl from his dreams on his first day of college. As the two get close the story takes one magical twist after another. First his dream girl shows him a magical world then she mysteriously gets kidnapped by evil sorceress. Before he knows it he’s running away from dragons and fighting giants all for the sake of this girl he’s fallen for. I love this story. It’s one of my latest ones.

Dream’s Bridge by T. Edward Redd

Dreams of a Mysterious Girl

Have you ever just sat down and thought about what dreams mean? Not the dreams you have for life like being a doctor or something. I mean the dreams you have when you sleep. Supposedly these silly, random and sometimes terrifying visions are our subconscious minds freed. But what if they have deeper meaning. Do you think that those dreams could ever somehow manifest themselves into reality?

Let’s say you dream of a person you’ve never met before for years. You have no clue how they got into your mind. Now imagine that person is everything you could ever dream of. They make you shine simply by being around. That vision motivates you to conquer fears and capture greatness in the palm of your hands. She’s the bridge to your dreams. Simply because of her place in your subconscious mind you become some superhuman. You conquer every obstacle hoping one day she’s at the end of your journey.

Let that scenario sit in your mind. This vision of this person has made you who you are today. The person in your dream slowly became your guardian angel. It was during your darkest hours when she appeared, held your hand and said, “Don’t you dare think about giving up. Stand tall and ride this out. I believe in you.” So you stand up and you light a match in the darkness. You follow the light YOU made until you reach the sun.

Then one day by chance you meet this person. No you’re not sleeping. Everyone else can see her and she has a name. You meet the person who single handedly sculpted you like you were formless clay. You went from weak to strong because of this person. How would you react to finally meeting that person? How would you react to her falling for you and literally opening your eyes to things you never thought could be real? Things like giants, magic and completely different worlds.

Maybe you can’t relate. Maybe you think I’m crazy. But this is no lie. She’s real. I call her Dream’s Bridge. I met a girl who I thought only existed in my mind. My dreams. The day we met was the day my life changed forever. Everything became one magical twist after another. We were hunted by sorceress and evil queens, nearly trampled by giants and swallowed by hot infernos spewed from dragons. Shit got pretty insane. But that’s not where this story starts off.

Sorry for the cruel teaser. No my story starts off during the late summer of 2013. August 19th. Dream’s Bridge was nothing more than an on going dream at that point. I hadn’t dreamed of her for a while though. She was the furthest thing from my mind. August 19th was an important day for me. I was in my room packing away virtually everything I valued.

My room was abnormally neat. The navy blue bedding and white sheets were spotless, ironed and perfectly made on my bed. My shelves and floor were overly clean. It looked like I had just move. Just the opposite though. I was leaving. I had gotten accepted to my number one college choice. Yelich University.

Yelich was a school thousands of miles away from home. And that’s literally the ONLY reason I chose it. Living in Lancington City was dulling on me. Lancington is this city in New York a little ways from Queens. The buildings were giant skyscrapers practically reaching for the skies. Downtown was where most people went back and forth for work. Barely anyone used a car since everything was walking distance.

Where I lived you were either in the high class or high middle class. This meant I lived around a bunch of teachers, lawyers, doctors and all of those other professional business people. In Lancington there were even actresses, actors and writers trying to make it big. And no my family was not rich. We were middle high class and my parents worked VERY harsh hours just to make ends meet.

Anyway you’re probably wondering why I decided to leave. It’s for reasons I’ve already said. But bluntly I got sick of the snobby and overly structured crowds. My mother urged me to go to Lancington College because of the writer’s program they had (yes I’m a cliché in that city. I write books) but there was no way I was going to stay. So August 19th was one of the happiest sad days of my life.

I stood at my bed with a huge smile on my face. I had finished packing two black bags, a suitcase and my laptop bag. Everything else I needed was already in my dorm. My father urged me to take things there early so the move would be easy for me. It was done. I was packed and ready to go.

“Oh wow. Your mother will love this! It looks like you just moved in.”

I looked back to see my dad at my door. He had on his white polo and grey pants from golfing. I suppose he was going to play once my plane left. Hitting a few holes would take his mind from the emotional hit he’d take once his first and only son went off to college.

I said, “I won’t be here for a while. I thought it would be nice if I cleaned up a bit.”

He shook his head. It was easy to tell he had tears in his eyes. But he did his best to not show his emotions. He took a deep breath while he took a picture frame from my dresser.

He said, “Wow. Has it really been that long? I bet you can still throw a fast one huh?”

I laughed. “Little league was ten years ago Dad. The only thing this hand is good for is writing.”

I heard heels smacking against the wooden floors of the house. My mother was rushing from down the hall. She said, “Ryan, honey! Don’t forget to pack copies of Love’s Lullaby. Your English professor will be impressed to have an author from Lancington in his class.” She finally made it to the door. She joined my father’s gazing at my little league picture.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” I said. “I have a bundle of them.”

She walked around the room with her mouth gapped. She looked as if she had seen some sort of ghost. She said, “You cleaned it. Wow. Why did you clean it? It looks like you were never here now.”

I shrugged. “Well I won’t be, Mom. I leave soon.”

She let out a deep breath. “Your bedding is all wrong.” She walked to it and started untucking the sheets. As the bed shook, a pillow fell onto the ground.

“Mom what are you doing? I just made it!”

She stopped me when I reached for the pillow. “Leave it there,” she said with tears in her voice. She finished untucking the bed and slowly walked to my bookshelf. Gently she started disorganizing the rows and opening dresser drawers. My room looked awful. But all I could do was watch her cry softly as she opened the last drawer.

She said, “Leave everything this way. I want to remember how messy my boy is while he’s gone.” She broke down after that. My father held her and rubbed her back as she cried. I joined in and hugged her.

“Mom don’t cry. Hey I’m coming for Thanksgiving. It’s not so bad.”

She fixed my collar. She said, “You’ve never been gone for so long. Are you sure you don’t want to go to Lancington?”

“No!” I said firmly. “I have to go to Y.U. That’s the place I chose.”

She started begging again. “But it’s so far away! Besides the school here has a really, really great writing program. The best in the country! You would get so many recommendations and jobs would be so easy to come by. Listen let’s…”

“Mom, stop!” I urged. She flinched back a bit but finally gave up. She shook her head as I hugged her. I said, “We talked about this all summer. My mind is made up.”

She wiped her eyes. “I don’t understand. It’s so far away. Why do you want to leave home so badly? I won’t be able to see you like I want.”

Finally my dad joined. He said, “Sophie, come on. He’s growing up. He wants to explore a new place with new people. We were the same way when we were his age.”

He barely managed to stop her crying. It was awkward. I just stood there rubbing my arm and looking everywhere but at them. Mom once convinced me to change my mind with tears during the summer. I wasn’t going to let her do it again. As my father comforted my mother, I heard tiny footsteps tapping against the wooden flooring. I looked back to see my little sister, Riley, at my door. She had my mother’s light brown complexion but was unfortunate to get my father’s wild hair.

“Is Ryan leaving,” she asked.

“Yes,” Dad said. “We’re ready to take him to the airport. Son are you ready?”

I shook my head yes and grabbed all of my bags. Before I could walk, Riley was hugging my legs.

She stared whining. “No don’t go! Who will play firefly with me while you’re gone?”

I patted her head, “Come on, Riley. I have to go. I’m going to school so I can become a better writer. One day you’ll see one of my books in a bookstore.”

She cried, “I don’t want to read! I want to play firefly with you. Mommy, make Ryan stay and play with me!”

Mom walked to her and picked her up, “I’ve tried all summer, sweetie. It’ll be ok. Ryan will visit us. Someday you’ll go off to school just like he is. Are you ready, Adam?”

My father nodded, “Let’s hit the road.”

Finally we left my room. It was a quiet walk. It was impossible not to notice all of the family portraits, the family room, eating table and all the other rooms we had family time in. I recounted all of the family dinners we had and all of the lighthearted laughs we shared in front of the tv. Even the drive was quiet and somewhat sad. The fact that I was going to be away had suddenly hit me.

My mother was still sniffling and Riley looked like she lost a family pet or something. I could even feel how sad my father was. Even though they were sad because of me I couldn’t turn back. I was a fish who had outgrown its pond and it was time for me to venture out into the ocean. I had to go far away and embark on a journey. A voyage with new familiarity waiting to be discovered.


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