Day 20 out of 30! Pre-production for “The Florescent Dream” Begins! Meet, Magenta Orchid.


Magenta Orchid is a nineteen year old college sophomore at the University of Derr. For the most part she’s quiet and reserved. Her dream is to one day teach kindergarten. For fun she swims with her teammates and competes against other university teams. Her rank is dead last. Quiet, reserved and somewhat ordinary. That’s all anyone in the city of Hoosier would ever think about Magenta Orchid. And that’s just the way she likes it. Why? Because she has a secret.

Since Magenta Orchid moved to Hoosier City a mysterious and masked superhero has appeared. She’s been nicknamed the Florescent Dream. Whenever a crime breaks out a masked vigilante dressed in purple tights with floral designs all over it appears. She shows no mercy to injustice and always puts her life on the line for the weak and innocent. No one has connected the dots yet. But Magenta Orchid and the Florescent Dream are one and the same. In order to keep her identity a secret Magenta keeps a low-profile and lives an ordinary life.

Things start to quiver for her when she sets her eyes on her crush, Jesse Crimson. He’s an easy going, highly lovable and hardworking student at Derr University. He’s the swim team captain and is ranked number one in the city. For fun she challenges him to a race. Purposely she loses to avoid any suspicion. But her ego and affection for him pushes her to challenging him to a secret rematch where if she wins he must take her to dinner. She effortlessly beats him and wins the date. Slowly they begin a romance and little by little Magenta’s true identity becomes endangered.

Ex-team-captain and city champion, Adam Forest grows to detest Jesse even more when he discovers Magenta is with the guy he hates the most. After losing his rank it seems he has nothing left but his affection and deep obsession with Magenta. Driven mad by jealousy and the feeling of loss he attempts to murder Jesse and nearly succeeds but is thwarted by the Florescent Dream. Adam then becomes hell-bent on destroying the city’s superhero. Slowly he becomes her arch nemesis, The Red Nightmare and goes on a rampage. Magenta must protect the one she loves while keeping her superhero life a secret. But can she?

That is the synopsis I have for this story. FINALLY I’ve gotten around to making this post. I’m going to try and do this weekly. If I can I will share more than one character. The posts will be a little information about the characters, their involvement with the story and their character sketches. Today I’m showing off Magenta Orchid.

She’s the first character I came up with for the pre-production stage. I’ve decided to name the story after her alter-ego, The Florescent Dream. Her character stems from these dreams I used to have when I was in high school. For years I would dream of this girl with long and black her. In the dreams she always wore a purple dress. Even though I had never seen her outside of my dreams she would occasionally show up in my dreams throughout the years. I still have images of her in my mind. So for the first time I’m using her as inspiration for a story. For a long time I was hesitant to use her for inspiration because I didn’t want to influence the dreams in anyway on the off chance of me seeing this person in real life.

But my mind has been changed. Now I’m writing a story where she is a superhero. I’ve been drawing for a pretty long time. When I started writing fiction novels I got away from it. When I was working on Hero’s Romance I went months without drawing. It’s shocking to me how good I still am and how fast I still improve. These are the basic character designs and ideas I have for Magenta Orchid.


When I was coming up with her designs I thought really hard about what her personality would be like and what look would best reflect it. I didn’t want her to be typical superhero protagonist; nerdy or seen as weird by their peers, troubled past, average looks, etc. That wouldn’t reflect the girl in my dream at all. So I decided to give her an attractive look but nothing outrageous. She’s only quiet and reserved to keep her identity secret. But when the story progresses and she interacts with Jesse and others, readers will get to see her personality. I’m going for a confident, humble, strong but sort of laid-back and playful attitude for her.


As far as designs go I’m pretty satisfied with her concepts. I’m going to be working on her cover art and final inked/colored designs for my websites.


Her superhero outfit is inspired by the dreams. I don’t have any plans to draw her in a purple dress but I thought it was a clever idea to make the outfit purple. Then her name is the Florescent Dream. I wanted her name to be original but not incredibly cheesy. Her first name was the Florescent Wonder but it sounded cliche to me. Boy Wonder, Wonder Woman,The Wonder Twins. It’s been done before. So I scrapped the name and looked for something else. Online superhero name generator names did me no justice at all. I got names like the Quantom Shadow, Bronze Howler and a bunch of other weird and irrelevant names. Then it hit me to name her, The Florescent Dream. The name relates to her costume and I don’t know. It just sounds cool to me and catchy AND original. So it’s the name I decided to give her and it became the story’s title, The Florescent Dream.

I look forward to sharing more characters and my progress with this whole thing, It’s pretty fun so far.


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