Day 18 of 30. Tomorrow!

All week I’ve been talking about sharing the concept art for Florescent Dream. Just to give a little recap. Florescent Dream is a graphic novel I have decided to write and illustrate for this year and hopefully have it finished before next year. Why? So I can have a display during Indy ComicCon AND publish my very own graphic novel.

Now that I have my story’s general idea I’ve started the pre-production stage. This is where I gather concept art, settings and write my story’s script so I can sketch, ink and color things out. This is one of the feats I want to achieve and even though this is a tough and time consuming challenge I’m confident I can do this. I published my own book! Surely I can make a graphic novel. I simply refuse NOT to achieve this. Anyway moving on to my news.

Today I will NOT be sharing my artwork. Here’s why. I got a little in over my head with this whole blogging thing. I want my post to be nice, clean and well constructed when it comes to sharing this dream of mine and its progress. Right now I don’t have enough time to make that kind of post. If I do it now it will be VERY sloppy and not very elaborate. Since I’m doing this blog challenge I make it a point to post before 12a.m every day. I would rather postpone a post and have it look GREAT the next day versus posting some sloppy writing.

So sometime this week MOST LIKELY tomorrow I will be posting my work. I already have the some concept art ready to show. When I make this post I will be explaining the whole story and the idea I have. It’s going to be awesome and I look forward to sharing this journey with the people who read this blog. It shall be a BLAST!

Even though I’m becoming a art nerd these days I am still the fiction fanatic. I’ll make it a point to keep writing and sharing my stories. Here’s more of Beyond a Lifetime!

She grabbed her face and began crying. “I’m crazy. I’m completely insane.” When she opened her eyes she let out a scream. Her body jerked away from the windshield. Someone was lying on their back on her car’s hood. Quickly she got out of the car and ran to the body.

“Oh no. Hey! HEY! Are you ok?” He was covered in blood and scratches. His body was nearly caved into the car’s hood. She tried pulling him out. “No. I’ve hit someone. Oh no. Hey!”

“Relax. He’s still alive.” Violet jumped and screamed when she saw Liel beside her. His tail waved in the air slowly as he scurried towards her.

“How are you talking? What’s going on? Is he really?”

Liel nodded. “A fall like that couldn’t kill him. Does he look familiar?” He jumped onto the hood of the car close to the body. Violet observed the toned body, his soft brown skin and curly black hair. She covered her mouth and gasped.

“Impossible. No. I really have lost my mind. Is that…”

“Yes. It’s the boy you dream about. Thome Lily. They weren’t dreams Violet. They have deeper meaning. You and Thome are connected and you both have a special purpose in this realm.”

“We do?” she said.

“Yes. I will explain things later. But we have to get him somewhere safe so he can rest.” Violet tugged and tugged on the boy’s body. He was barely budging.

She grunted as she pulled him harder. “He weighs a ton! Agh!” Her hand slipped and she fell onto her rear.

“What are you doing? There’s no time to fool around,” Liel said.

“Fool around? I wasn’t!” She stood and grabbed Thome by both arms and pulled hard. “He’s…so…heavy!” Sweat began pouring from her skin. She pulled harder and harder. Slowly his body started lifting from the car’s hood. She sat him up and held him, trying to catch her breath.

“Great! Now put him in so we can take him away from here. Hurry!”

Violet said, “You mean carry him? He’s so heavy! And you aren’t being very polite about it either.”

“Violet…” Thome was muttering. She looked to him. His golden eyes were watching her. He breathed heavily and said, “Are you alright?”

She could feel her face getting warm. “Yes? Why wouldn’t I be?” Thome looked away then his eyes aimed at the sky. Violet followed his gaze. Without any warning he limped off of the car.

“She. She’s still alive. I didn’t win. I have to stop them or, AGH!” He nearly fell as he grabbed his chest. Violet caught him and nearly fell with him. Her legs shook as she held him up. She felt the warmness of his blood seeping onto her dress.

“Oh no. He’s bleeding really bad. Hey can you walk?”

He stared at her. “Violet.” His hand rubbed her face as he smiled weakly. “At least I was able to protect you.” His head dropped and he nearly fell. Violet held him up and helped him to her car. The door opened on its own and she put him in the backseat. Immediately he fell over.

Violet covered her mouth as she gasped. “Oh no! Hey!” She sat him up and shook him. Liel jumped into the front seat as the car doors shut. The car quickly sped off on its own. Violet looked around saying, “How is this car moving on its own?”

“I’m controlling it with my mind. No time to explain. You have to heal his wounds.”

“What? I don’t know about premed. You’re thinking about my parents. We should take him to a doctor.”

Liel jumped onto Thome’s chest. He scratched the shirt open and ripped it away with his mouth. Violet blushed and looked away nervously. But an odd wound drew her attention. Thome had a deep gash across his chest. It was glowing red around the edges.

“A demon did this to him,” Liel said. “No human doctor can heal this. You have to do it. You’re the only one that can.”

“Me? But how?”

“Place your hands out towards his wound.”

And she did. His body was as tough as steel. She couldn’t figure out why his body was so abnormally rugged. And cold. Her fingers nearly lost their sense of touch. She pulled away fast.

“Why is he so cold?” She asked.

“Dying,” Liel said. “He’s lost his immortality. This is worse than I thought. Hurry! Heal his wound.”

She placed her hands towards his wound. She looked at the cat and said, “What am I supposed to do?” Liel pounced on her hands. They pressed firmly against Thome’s freezing body. He began to scream in agony.

Violet tried pulling away, “Stop! You’re making me hurt him!”

Liel said, “No. It’s working. See for yourself.”

Her hands were glowing yellow. Steam began spilling from Thome’s wound as it healed fast. It was closing rapidly. Suddenly it was gone. Thome stopped screaming and struggling and went limp.


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