Day 17 out of 30. He Fell From the Sky.

“You can see that cat, Martha?”

“Of course I can. Why? Was it supposed to be a ghost?” She laughed a bit. “Maybe I can see them now.” Violet looked back at the cat. It was still sitting, waiting for her to return. But she wasn’t going to skip bible study. She went inside and led prayer. After prayer, bible study began.

Normally she would have been enjoying herself. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the talking cat, Thome or even the ghosts. Lately she’d been seeing more ghosts and having more strange dreams than normal. And she had never encountered a talking animal. On top of all of that, Violet had a strange feeling. A feeling that spoke danger.

As the pastor led bible study the feeling grew. Eventually she excused herself to the restroom. She ran cold water and wet her face over and over. But her nerves wouldn’t settle. Finally she went back outside. She was surprised to see that night had fell and light rain had arrived. Upon walking outside the cat met her.

“You. You’re still here?” Violet muttered.

“We have to find, Thome Lily. He’s in danger, Violet.”

She looked around. “How, how do you know my name?”

“There are a lot of things I know about you. But right  isn’t time to explain. We…” He was muted by a loud thundering noise from the skies. Violet looked to see lightning dancing in the sky. Neon blue bolts of lightning spiraled back and forth in the clouds as rain began pouring.

She held her hands up to block the rain. “I’ll get soaked out here.” She stopped when she noticed she could see her breath. It had suddenly gotten cold and the shadows in the area were much darker.

Liel the bobtail said, “It’s happening. Violet we have to get away from here. Follow me!” He scurried towards her car. She followed him. The doors opened on their own. Liel jumped inside. “Hurry,” he warned.

“Tell me what’s going on! What are we doing and what’s happening?” Thunder sounded again. Violet looked down when she felt the ground tremble. She heard something moan eerily from the graveyard. A shadowy figure close to 3 meters tall slowly stepped out. It smiled hauntingly at Violet.

“That!” Liel shouted. Before she could react, the car doors slammed as the engine started. Violet stared in shock as her seatbelt buckled around her. As the monster walked towards them, the car sped away. She looked back to see if it was following.

“This is a dream. This has to be a dream. What in the world is going on?” She tugged her hair as her body shook. Not knowing what else to do she began to pray. When she opened her eyes she was relieved. Nothing was chasing her and the storm had calmed down.

“Phew,” she said heavily. She sat back and laughed. A gasp left her mouth when she felt the car still moving. Her eyes opened as she sat up quickly. “How the? How is the car moving on its own?”

“Violet calm down,” Liel said. She looked at the cat and nearly exploded.

“I’m losing my mind! You’re a cat. A TALKING cat!”

He said, “No. I’m an angel lion and you are not losing your mind. Violet calm down.”

She laughed loudly as she held her head. “No. I’ve really blown a brain cell. I’ve lost my mind. I have completely lost…” Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise. The car came to an abrupt halt as it nearly flipped over. Slowly it fell on its back wheels. Violet screamed as the airbag hit her in the face.

She began crying and moaning. “What’s going on with my life?” She grabbed the airbag and moved from beneath it. When she caught her breath she looked for the cat. But it was gone. The car was on the side of a long rural road surrounded by trees.

She grabbed her face and began crying. “I’m crazy. I’m completely insane.” When she opened her eyes she let out a scream. Her body jerked away from the windshield. Someone was lying on their back on her car’s hood. Quickly she got out of the car and ran to the body.


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