Day 16 out of 30. Beyond a Lifetime. Continued.

I’ve decided to post more of Beyond a Lifetime today. I got some feedback for it and it pretty much made my day. I’ve got two days until I start posting concept art on my websites so at the moment I’m drawing my butt off. Today I was at the zoo and I talked to one of those people who do the little toon portraits. She made a suggestion that I should do fan art to attract fans to my websites. So now for the first time I’m doing fan art. I’ve always been against it because I’m a firm believer in being original. But I’ll be adding my own originality so it should be fun. Can’t wait to share!

Here’s more, Beyond a Lifetime.

She said, “Mr. Simons. I do socialize. Bible study remember? I go every Tuesday. Which reminds me…” An alarm clock on her phone began beeping. She took it out to see it was thirty minutes until 5pm. She smiled as she stood up. “I forgot that today was Tuesday.” She picked up a purple bag beside her and stood.

“I don’t think bible study is helping. It may be influencing these things you see.”

She said, “Bible study is one of the few things that relaxes me. Thank you, Mr. Simons. Same time tomorrow?”

He nodded as he shut his notebook. They walked out of the office and down a hall clothed in white walls and brown wooden flooring. After waving the secretary goodbye, Violet went through a set of double doors that led outside. Doctor Simons was behind her.

“Be safe,” he said. “Try and get out. Invite some friends over. Or go out and make some friends. Any sort of social interactions will be good. Not with ghost or animals. Just people.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” she said. “I have to get to bible study. Then I have to study for my placement exams for college. If I score high I won’t have to take prep classes. Have a good night, Mr. Simons!” She waved with an optimistic smile and quickly raced to her car.

No one understood why she liked bible study so much. Violet found everything about the Bible to be fascinating. She stood up for hours each night reading stories from it. She spent lunch periods reading it, despite what her classmates thought. She couldn’t wait to get to the church by her home.

It was a small and white cathedral. Violet always parked in the front row of the parking lot. Closest to the church. She loved the way it looked from a certain distance. It was surrounded by grass and looked very archaic. As usual she was one of the few dozens of people who arrived. Not too many came if it wasn’t a Sunday.

She stepped out of the car and took in the air. Something about being close to the church made her feel light and safe. She couldn’t explain it. But churches gave off a certain energy when she was near them. Almost as if they had some invisible safeguard around them. Even the air smelled cleaner.

She held her bible close to her chest as she walked to the cathedral. On her way she stopped. A teenaged girl with a gash on her face walked to her. She was rubbing her eyes as she yawned.

Violet said, “Amanda. Hey. Wow, you look really tired. Are you ok?”

“Violet those mean boys keep playing around my grave. I can hardly get any rest. Do you mind shooing them away so I can rest in peace?”

Violet nodded and led her back. The church had a small grave site beside it. There were only a few tombs there. Occasionally, dead spirits would come to Violet. Typically if they were being troubled or disturbed. They were mostly harmless unless provoked. When Violet and Amanda made it to the graveyard they saw three boys racing around the graveyard.

One of the boys tripped over Amanda’s tomb. Flowers near her grave were crushed beneath his body. She let out a heavy breath. “How’s a dead girl supposed to rest with those brats running around? Mother brought those yesterday and now their ruined.”

“Hey! Boys knock it off. Have respect for the dead!” They looked to see Violet. Her tone was anything but mean. It was full of concern and compassion. They didn’t bother to argue with her. They simply ran off. She turned to Amanda and apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. At least now I can sleep. Thanks, Violet. Hey is that your cat?” Violet looked back to see a small bobtail sitting in the grass. Its fur had an odd pattern of white stripes.

“You again?” Violet said. “How did you follow me? The school is miles from here.”

“Violet Orchid. Have you seen Thome Lily?”

She turned away blushing. “Only in my dreams. I’ve told you that. This is crazy. Cats can’t talk. Maybe something really is wrong with me.”

“I’m not cat. I’m an angel lion and my name is, Liel. I’m looking for Thome. He’s in danger. You have to help me find him.”

“Danger?” Violet asked. “What kind of danger?” Before he could say anything, Martha, one of the regular bible study students, came into the graveyard. She was happy to see Violet.

“Hey! I thought I’d find you here. Did you see another ghost?”

Violet nodded. “Some boys were disturbing Amanda’s grave. They’re gone now.”

“Of course they are. Violet come into the church. We’re about to begin. Pastor Gresha wants you to lead prayer. The cat will have to stay outside.” She took Violet’s hand and lead her out of the graveyard.


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