Day 15 of 30 Blog Challenge.

These short bits are from a story I wrote called, Beyond a Lifetime. It’s the story about a group of five who come together when they realize they’re all mortal angels. They were sent to Earth to protect it and its people from certain destruction. The story starts off with a girl, Violet Orchid, who has the ability to see ghost. Of course no one believes her. She starts to think that maybe she’s gone crazy. But things change when a boy she’s dreamed of but never seen literally falls from the sky. He crashes into the hood of her car and triggers the start to an epic journey.

“Ok, Violet. Tell me more about these dreams you’ve been having.”

“Alright. In the dreams I keep seeing this boy. The same one over and over. He shows up anywhere and everywhere. Like. I can’t explain it. He feels so familiar to me.”

Violet Orchid was the only daughter of Richard and Sam Orchid. Richard and Sam both worked at a hospital. They were doctors. Usually they could help most people. They had saved lives for nearly a decade. But some things were beyond their abilities. They couldn’t help Violet’s particular problem.

She was sitting politely and up straight in a cozy leather chair. Her eyes couldn’t stop peering at the doctor’s bookshelf. Doctor Simons watched her daily habit of room gazing from his desk. He took out his pen and notebook.

“Are you seeing more ghosts,” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I notice a new book on your shelf. Love’s Lullaby? I love that novel. I’ve read it several times.”

“My wife is a hopeless romantic. Every now and then I borrow some of her reads. Yes. Love’s Lullaby is a nice book. You were telling me about your dream?”

“Oh right. My dream,” Violet said. She smiled and nodded. “Sorry.”

“It’s perfectly fine. This boy you speak of. What is he like? Looks and such.”

Violet smiled and let out a sigh. “Where to begin. Ok. He’s a little taller than me. Around 5’7ish and he has a pretty athletic build. His muscles are pretty toned like he’s some warrior. But he isn’t hulky and he’s pretty young. Looks to be close to my age. Mr. Simons, do you believe in angels?”

“Angles? You mean the ones from the Bible?”

“Yes. The one’s with the wings and halos. In my last dream, Thome Lily, had wings like an angel. He saved me from,” she paused for a moment. She looked away as she tugged at her purple dress.

“From what? Violet are you ok? You look uncomfortable.”

“No. I’m fine. The image of that monster is just pretty creepy. It had this rough looking skin that was jet black. It didn’t look human at all but it stood on its feet like one. It had those things reapers carry in their hand.”

“A scythe?” Doctor Simons asked.

Violet shook her head. “Yes! That’s what it’s called. He had that thing in his hand. Just standing over me. I was sitting on the ground for some reason. Everything was really dark. I couldn’t stop staring at his sharp teeth and the horns on his head. They were like ox horns. When he swung it at me. Thome appeared and stopped the scythe with his bare hand. Like it was nothing.”

She watched as Doctor Simons wrote in his notebook. He nodded saying, “What happened next?”

“That was the end of the dream. I woke up.”

She watched Doctor Simons sigh lightly as he rubbed his face. It was the same face others made whenever she told people what she saw or the dreams she had. Very few took her serious.

He said, “Alright. Is there anything else Do you want to tell me about the ghost you saw today?”

“No. It wasn’t a ghost this time. It was a yellow cat. We had the practice graduation ceremony today for the senior class. I missed the bus again so I had to drive to this building downtown. It’s where we have home games for the city’s football team.”

“The Adam Oil Stadium?”

She smiled. “That’s the one. I parked in the parking lot and there was this cat asking about, Thome. The one from my dream! I ignored it at first. But when I came back from graduation the cat was still there. It asked if I had seen Thome.”

“Violet. Cats can’t talk. You know that right?”

She tugged at her hair. “Yes! I know that. But this one could. It was looking for Thome. Do you realize what that means? It means Thome is real!”

“Violet. I need you to listen to what I’m going to say. And I don’t want to sound harsh. But these things you see. Ghosts, angles and now a talking cat. These things aren’t real. Your mind is making them up due to your over active mind and lack of social stimuli.”

He began taking notes in his notebook as he continued. The moment he told her it was her imagination she tuned him out. No one believed Violet or the things she saw on a daily basis. Sometimes it was harmless things. Other times it got terrifying.


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