Day 14 of 30 Blog Challenge.


I just spent about three to four hours doing character designs for the graphic novel I’m writing/Illustrating. I have a definite idea that I’m going to stick to until it’s finished. Unless I find a name I like better the novel will be called, Florescent Dream. Florescent Dream is the name of the story’s protagonist. Today I worked on basic character and costume designs for the hero and her counterpart, Magenta Orchid. I can’t wait to post these on here and my deviantart. Most likely I won’t share anything until Sunday so I have time to draw up several poses. If I’m lucky I’ll have more than just two characters to share. Fingers are crossed.

Today I’m going to share more of Love Bleeds Red. This is the second finished novel I have. It just isn’t published. I have thoughts on sending it out to publishers and trying my luck. Before I do that I’m going through the draft one last time to see if I want to add or take out anything. Love Bleeds Red is a story about a boy who falls for a girl with a dark curse. It makes her nearly immortal and for two hundred years she walked the Earth alone as every living thing feared and tormented her. Until the day she met her lover. It’s my favorite story so far. This is a random passage I picked out. Enjoy!

I couldn’t help myself around her. We were having this serious conversation. Next thing I know I was rubbing her arms and moving in for a kiss. She held my face and pressed her lips against mine. I felt her body get tense as she tightened her grip. She turned away.

She said, “Your aroma. It’s too satisfying. I can hardly stop myself from biting you. One sip and I’ll lose myself again.”

I kissed her face. Then her neck. She let out a heavy sigh and went limp. I held her in my arms and looked at her. She looked dazed.

She said, “How can you make me so wild yet tame all at once? This is dangerous, Thomas. What will you do if I lose control? Are you really willing to risk your life for a filthy leech?”

I pulled her close and kissed her. I said, “Don’t call yourself that. I just have to teach you how to control yourself when we kiss. I can’t help myself around you either, Samantha.”

“Teach me to control myself?”

I nodded. “Go slow and relax your mind,” I said. I pulled her in and gently put my mouth against hers. Quickly her breathing sped up as her muscles twitched. I held her back gently as she tried to kiss me again. I laughed. “You’re anxious. Go slow and stay relaxed. Don’t lose control.”

She was getting frustrated with herself. She got up and kicked some mulch up.

She said, “I’m hopeless. I’m not used to this. It’s been over one hundred years since I was with someone who was alive. It’s hard to relax when you have such a sweet-smelling scent.”

I walked to her and touched her arm. She looked to me as I rubbed her face. She held it to hers as she nestled in its warmth.

I said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’ll work on it. Just mirror what I do.”

I kissed her. She began breathing hard again as her body tensed up again. “Slow and easy,” I said in-between a kiss. Slowly she became less stiffened and more relaxed. Still, she was a little strong but I could tell she was gaining control.

She pulled away. She said, “I want to try again. Thomas I think that I’m learning how to kiss you without crushing you. Let’s try it once again.”

It made me laugh. “I never said stop in the first place.” She batted her eyes and quickly leaned in. She stopped when her face was inches away. Slowly and gently, she pressed her lips against mine. She was learning how to tame herself fast. This time she was holding me lightly and her kisses were soft.

I pulled away. She panicked and said, “I tried my best! Oh no. Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head. “No. You were perfect. You…”


Gently she swatted my hand away and kissed me as she wrapped her arms around me. I did the same. Her kisses were cold and sensational. Each time she stopped to breathe her cold and sweet breath teased my lips as I anticipated the spark from the first, making my heart thunder as she held her soft body against mine. Our breaths intertwined as our lips said hello in a soft moist dance.

She stopped, but didn’t let me go. Her ruby red eyes were now staring into mine. Under the moonlight they seemed to glisten. For a moment, she looked away towards the parking lot as if watching someone.

“Hey,” I said. She looked at me as I said, “Are you ready to leave?”

“Only if it’s with you,” she said.

I smiled, “What makes you think I was going to leave any other way?” Our fingers laced and I began walking back to the car with, Samantha Black.


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