Day 13 of 30 Blog Challenge. Red Hair and Stoplights.

For my 30 day blog challenge I will post parts of a story whenever I don’t have much to tell as far as publishing or writing goes. Eventually I’ll start writing inspirational posts, share experiences and give my thoughts on certain topics. Right now I don’t have an update for my graphic novel. So here’s another story.

Red Hair and Stoplights is a story I started writing one winter ago. I got writer’s block and left it for some other project that I ended up finishing. But like with all my stories I plan to finish this one as well. Enjoy!

Stupid,” he thinks. “Just stupid.” He drove down the street anxiously. He couldn’t keep his hands from shaking on the wheel. He was antsy and jumpy. As the rain poured on the windshield he turned on the wipers. His mind was clouded with so many thoughts.

“Did I make a mistake?” He wonders as he stares at the road.

“It wouldn’t have worked out. We’re too different. I’m a writer. I like my solitude and artsy stuff. She’s a ballet dancer who loves to meet people, party and do fancy things. It was fun while it lasted but in the end we weren’t meant to be. I shouldn’t be thinking about her. So why am I?”

He stops at a stoplight. As the traffic of the city flows back and forth his minds continue to orbit.

He thinks, “I shouldn’t have talked to that girl. None of this would be happening. Why did I start this? Why do I want it to continue? Rosalyn Zink is just…a girl. But that’s a lie. Rosalyn isn’t just a girl. Maybe that’s the problem. She’s a lot more than that.”

Things started the day classes began. The first time I saw Rosalyn was at a stoplight right by the campus. The weather that day was pretty moderate. The sun was bright but not too bright. For a Monday morning traffic was surprisingly light. It was good for me because I woke up pretty late.

I’m pretty bad at waking up on time. I don’t get out of bed until I’ve hit the snooze button at least fifty times. You would think that I’d learn to get up on time with all the detentions I got in high school for late arrivals. As a freshman I should be more responsible.

I got out of bed at 6:50 a.m with class starting at 8. I left at 7:10 and sped my way towards campus. It doesn’t take long for me to get ready. I guess all of those times of waking up late had made me the Olympic champion of getting ready in twenty minutes.

As I past a few neighborhoods street and got onto the highway I checked the time to make sure I didn’t leave early. Not that I cared. It’s just traffic isn’t normally light in the mornings. But not that morning. Things were good and little did I know they were going to get better.

How could things be so good for a Monday? I drove happily knowing that I was going to arrive at least ten minutes early. I had so much time that I was able to stop and grab a croissant. I ate that bad boy and blasted Lorde all the way to campus. I love her music. I always sing along.

I sang Royals blissfully and confidently as I approached a stoplight. It was as if no one was there. But of course there were other drivers present. I noticed a guy to my right watching me and I quickly became self-conscious. I bobbed my head awkwardly as I slowly turned away and turned the radio down. Who else saw me I wondered. I looked to the left and that’s when it happened.

I saw a beautiful redhead with a yellow t-shirt on. She was in a light-blue convertible. Her roof was up so you couldn’t hear anything. But sound wasn’t needed. Seeing her was a time stopping moment in itself. She sat just waiting for the light to change. I was amazed as I watched her lips move smoothly.

I wondered why she was talking. No one was in the car so she might’ve been crazy. Then she turned the radio up and I realized, she was singing. She flipped her long and curly red hair behind her shoulders and drove off. I stared at the back of the car as it sped away. She hadn’t even glanced my way but man, who was that I thought.

Suddenly I jumped when a car rudely honked at me. It scared the life out of me. So my drive to class continued as I replayed the marvel redhead singing over and over in my head. What was her name? It’s not like it mattered though. I could never picture a girl like her attending a community college.

I parked my car in the student parking area and quickly made my way to the building. It’s a pretty big building for a community college. I don’t mean to talk about community college in such a condescending tone. It’s just I had always imagined attending a university after high school. All of my friends did. That redhead probably did too was what I told myself.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have wealthy parents or scholarships. University was too expensive. So I decided to attend a community college and save up for transferring. My good grades should hopefully land me a scholarship.

I only had one class that day. My French class. Three years of Spanish and still no gain of fluency turned me to a different language. Plus French was supposedly a romantic language. I’m a sucker for that stuff and girls love it.

Nothing interesting happened there. We just got a course overview. We introduced ourselves and went over the syllabus. The typical first day routine. After an hour of French and it was over. I left for the library. I update my blog there every school day.

As I walked inside I bent down to tie my shoe. The darn things kept coming untied for some reason. I like to people watch sometimes. So as I let my fingers tangle knots, I peered around. My mouth dropped slightly as my eyes quickly caught glance of a familiar face. I couldn’t believe it. It was the redhead from the stoplight.

She was checking out at least twenty books at the desk. That was insane. But what was more insane was her appearance. The car windows did her no justice at all. Wow was all I could think of. Just wow.

Her red hair reached down to her waist and it was curly. Her skin complexion was really captivating. It was soft and white like cream. It made me think of warm biscuits for some reason. Sure it sounds corny but I love biscuits. She picked her books up and walked away.

She’s like a beautiful creature in the wild I thought. You get about ten seconds to see the phenomena then it quickly leaps away into the wild. But this phenomenon was walking right towards me. I was so confused and nervous until I realized the exit was behind me!

She walked my way with a stack of books as high as her upper torso. I wondered how she managed to keep them all balanced. Then I wondered how she managed not to bump into anyone. Could she see? Then she got closer.

I looked away at first, not wanting to be caught staring. Then I realized I was just standing in the middle of the hall like an idiot. How long had I been there I thought. She got closer. Shoot, should I say something I wondered? She glanced my way and my impulses got the best of me. That’s where it started.



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