Day 11 of 30 Blog Challenge

Today has been a long and busy day for me today. So this post is going to be pretty short and I’m throwing in another short story. This week I plan to have some illustrations ready to show. At the very least Magenta Orchid’s character design will be shared but I would like to have all three characters to show. I will be traveling around the city to take reference photos for  settings. Very excited to finally start making my very own graphic novel!

These are four random pages from a book I’m working on. I say “book I’m working on” alot as I make more and more posts because I have about 20 or more books started. I target 2 or 3 every year and try to get the drafts finished and possibly start revisions. Unfortunately as I finish my old books my brain refuses to stop coming up with ideas. So my list continues to grow.

When she said Samantha Black everything came back to me. I recognized the memories. “Izabel found us! I ran at her and then she looked at me. That must have been when I fell into that nightmare! I remember. We did break up and you were cold about it. You put me through hell.”

She struggled to speak. “And I deeply regret it. Thomas I am so, so sorry.”

I said, “then I met Samantha. She would never do what you did.”

“Oh yeah,” she shouted. “Then why did she leave you as a garden ornament. If she loves you so damn much please show me! Where has that filthy leech been for the past year?”

I laughed. “Caroline you’re unbelievable. What are you talking about?”

She was in tears, answering with obvious detest for Samantha. “I’m talking about the fact that Samantha has been gone since the moment Izabel petrified you. Meanwhile, I’ve been staying up day and night, busting my rear to bring you back!”

I laughed at her obvious lies. “She wouldn’t leave. Caroline you’re such a bad liar. You expect me to believe this? If she left then where did she go?”

“For your information she went back to Nightingale! Ha, and everyone thinks your precious angel killed you. I’m telling you the truth. No one has seen or heard from her since that day. I’m the one who’s been here this whole time.”

I opened the door. She grabbed me saying, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I pulled away. I said, “I’m going into my house. You should leave. Samantha won’t be happy to see you here.”

She laughed. “You think Samantha is so great. You’re so clueless huh, Thomas? That leech wouldn’t last two seconds against…” She paused as if not wanting to say more.

“I don’t know why you keep calling her that. It’s the lamest insult you’ve ever came up with. I’m going now. Bye, Caroline.”

I walked out of the car. As I started walking towards the house, I heard a loud bang. Caroline slammed her hands on the hood of her car.

“Idiot! You can’t just waltz in out of the blue like that. You’ll scare the crap out of everyone. Have you not heard anything I’ve said? Everyone thinks you are DEAD. If you walk in they will flip out. I suggest you stop being so cruel to me.

“I’m the one who saved your life. Not her! So get in the damn car and come home with me. We need to figure out how to explain why you’ve been gone so long.”

After she finished I walked away. She quickly panicked and followed me to the door.

“Hey! Listen to me. I’m telling the truth. You can’t go in there. They think you’re dead. Please listen to me.”

I sighed. “Fine, Caroline. Let’s go.” She smiled and agreed. When she turned around I opened the door. As I walked inside she whispered loudly for me to stop. Everything in the house was the same.



The downstairs area was spacious with brown and wooden flooring. The staircase was ahead beginning at the left, leading upward bordered by wooden railing. To the left was the dining room, filled with furniture and a widescreen tv. I called for my father and sister as I stared at the chandelier above me.

I heard a glass shatter against the floor. My father and sister were staring at me with shock in their eyes. “No way. It really is him,” my dad said.

He quickly ran to me and hugged me tight. He said, “We thought you were dead! We thought Samantha had done something to you.”

I pulled away as the feeling of discomfort shadowed me. Dead? Killed me? My stomach began to twist and turn as I began to understand. Caroline had told the truth.

My sister said, “Everyone thinks you’re dead. We had the funeral and everything. Where were you?”

My eyes were fixed on Caroline as my anger boiled. The guilt in her eyes grew and grew. I ignored my family and confronted her. Grabbing her arm, I drug her away from them.

“How much,” I asked.

She whimpered nervously, “Huh?”

I shouted, “How much of it is true? Tell me!”

She cried, “All of it!” I was disturbed. Everything around me felt so dry and stale all of the sudden. It felt like someone had died and that it was raining.



“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t want to lose you. Everything was back to normal and we were together again. I didn’t want to lose you again. I’m sorry!”

I backed away slowly. “Caroline. You’re a liar. Leave.” Before she could speak I quickly raced to my room. She would be there. I just knew it. Samantha would be in my room, waiting on that bed as always. I opened the door to greet her. But it was empty.

Her scent was on the sheets. That same scent from my dreams was there. My insides began rattling as my anxiety fired. I paced back and forth trying to figure out what to do. Samantha Black, the woman of my dreams had left thinking I was dead. I heard footsteps at the door.

I smiled and looked back saying, “Samantha!” But it was Caroline. I never felt so angry in my life. I quickly stood and walked to her. I grabbed her shirt and pinned her to the door.

“You. What have you done?” She looked away crying. I shouted, “TALK!”

She shouted back in tears, “NOTHING! Samantha left on her own. I even begged her to stay. I had nothing to do with it.”

“You liar! You hated her. You would have done anything to get her out of my life. Just like you do with every girl!”

She held her chest crying. “No. I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t hurt you like that. I knew how much she meant to you. I would never do that. Samantha left for Europe last year. I begged, begged and begged her to stay. But…”

I interrupted, “Caroline just leave. I can’t believe anything you say.”


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