Day 9 of 30 Blog Challenge: More of Cloud Head

It never ceases to amaze me when a friend mentions they’ve looked at my blog. I’m really proud of myself for finally getting back to blogging daily. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who takes a peek and leaves a like or a comment.Thank you. I do notice. Once I’m finished with school I will be sure to follow back and check out your pages.

I haven’t had much time to work on artwork because today I’ve been studying nonstop for my math final. It’s tomorrow. I’m very excited. Once I ace that test I will be finished with college leveled math for as long as I live. The moment I answer my last problem tomorrow I will be working hard on character and setting concept art for my graphic novel. I’m heading towards the preproduction stage. I want to have something to show on here and my deviantart accound by next week so I’ll be pushing it.

Here’s more of Cloud Head. Enjoy 😀

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a separate but parallel world from the people round’ me. Here I sit yet again with my friends. They’re all talkin’ about what color heels look best with what dress and all. I ain’t’ spoken a word though. I’m just drawin’ stories of my dream man and what not.

I’m just imaginin’ some handsome devil, carryin’ me over some rain puddle. Drawin’ a smooth city boy, openin’ the door to some fancy ol’ restaurant for me. Boy I tell ya. That kind a thing beats any pair of heels any day. Heck I’ll take ol’ fashioned romance over any dress or heels. My friends are probably wonderin’ why I haven’t said what color I like. I’m always so quiet an’ all. But shoot, they don’t get this side of me. No one does, I tell you what. They all say I live in a fairytale world.

The other night, during dinner, my family was all laughin’ and talkin’ bout the trip to Paris we took last summer. A very eventful trip, I tell you what. But I didn’t speak. I was taken by my own imagination just daydreamin’. Picturin’ some gentleman sweet talkin’ me like in the books, treatin’ me like a lady and what not. My family’s friends always ask, “Why she so quiet?” “What’s the matter with, Amy? She’s so quiet.”

Most friends don’t bother anymore. I’m here yet I’m not. I’m like this ghost. I’m sleepin’ yet awake. Waitin’. I’m just so bored.

Why can’t I meet someone like the people in the books or my drawin’s? Why can’t anyone compare to em? I tell my older cousin Julie about my dream of meetin’ some sweet man. She always sayin’ I live in a fairytale world like I’m some lil’ ol’ kid. So I just keep to myself a lot

But you know. Sometimes I feel like one day, somethin’ or someone will come and wake me. Excite me ya know? But when that happens, when I do get woken’ up, I wonder if anyone in my present life will recognize me. They barely know me to begin with. Oh well, I know someone who gets me will show.

I know it. One day, some lucky fella is gonna catch me from fallin’ or hold some umberella over me in the middle of a storm. He’s gonna see what no one else does and understand it. I tell you what, someday, some sweet gentleman is gonna see me and understand what’s inside.

That’s why I draw so much in this ol’ sketchpad of mine. It keeps me hopeful. You see it has all sorts of pictures of me and my dream man. Some pictures show him carryin’ me over some ran puddle. In other drawin’s he’s makin’ me laugh, blush or smile peacefully like I’ve seen some beautiful sunset.

“Amy. Amy.” My friend Sarah Waltz was buggin’ me. She was usually the first to notice my quietness. I felt her pretty and brown hair hang over my shoulder as she leaned over me.

“Wow,” she said. “That’s pretty good. Who is he?”

“Nobody. Just a silly ol’ drawin’ is all.” I hardly ever looked up when I was sketchin’ somethin’.

“Girls. Look. She’s drawing a handsome boy again. Look.” Molly Timber and Sarah Waltz hopped up from Julie’s bed and came over.

Molly Timber and Sarah Waltz were close friends. City girls. Both of em. I met them all through my overly popular cousin, Julie Lockhart. All four of em were really, really pretty. I mean gorgeous. Molly and Sarah were all curvy with long and lovely brown hair. Julie had a nice body too and I envied her hair the most. Long, blonde (dyed) and wavy and it reached her lower back.

I was the weird redhead with a face full of freckles and a weird county dialect. I’m about five foot five, slim I suppose but nowhere near as gorgeous as those ol’ city girls. It frustrated me sometimes, I tell you what.

They all gathered round’ me and started envadin’ my personal space and all. Molly said, “Oh my goodness. He’s so handsome. Who is he?”

“Nobody, I told ya. Now let me be,” I said. I was sittin’ in a chair a lil’ ways away from the bed. Close to Julie’s desk in case I decided to stop drawin’ in my lap. It gets tirin’ on my thighs and shoulders sometimes. I tried to give the ol’ hint and turned from em onto the desk.

Sarah reached over my shoulders and started getting’ all touchy. She grabbed my cheeks and pinched em. “Amy has a secret crush. Amy has a secret crush.” Boy let me tell ya. I hated it when she did that. Always grabbin’ on me.

I swatted her way. “I ain’t got no crush. Now leave me be. Ya made me smudge the shadin’ all wrong.” I started erasin’ my mistake delicately.

“Amy Conrad do you have a secret boyfriend?” It was Julie talkin’ in her overly sweet voice. She always wantin’ to know what boy I was datin’ or who I was likin’. She liked to see how handsome or not so handsome they were and compare em to the entourage of men she had beggin’ to date and even marry her.

I can’t stand it. Marry! I could barely find a decent guy and she had boys from left to right tossin’ her rings and what not. She never said yes though. Julie always ends up breakin’ some poor man’s heart.

“I ain’t got no boyfriend and I ain’t got no crush” I said softly. I turned to the picture feelin’ sad for myself an’ all. Julie had a better chance with a man like that on her worst day than I did on my best day. I started tuggin’ at my curly locks. Nervous habit and such.

Julie said, “Well what about Richardson? The boy with a boat. He was really cute. What happened, didn’t you enjoy your date with him? He says you haven’t called him back.”

I huffed. “The boat was nice and all. But.” I hesitated to speak. Julie said, “But what? What, Amy?”

I said, “All he did was talk about his cars and how his dad was some fancy ol’ CEO of a company. He didn’t let me talk or anything. When we went out to eat he didn’t pull out my chair or even open the door for me. When I told him about my college career he just kept going on about sports cars. He just ain’t my type is all.”

Julie did her signature heavy sigh and tilted her head back. She walked over to me and said, “Amy what’s not to like about him? He’s rich, his father is well connected and the boy is gorgeous. Wow. This is really good.”

She took my drawin’ when I stopped to clean my eraser. That’s the type of gal she was. Assumin’ it’s ok to just take somethin’ of mine. I didn’t yell at her though. I had a lot of love and respect for Julie. She let me move in with her so I could attend university.

She said, “Who is this boy? I haven’t seen him before.”

“Cause he don’t exist,” I took the sketchpad and closed it. “Just a fantasy that I’m waitin’ to come true.” I couldn’t help but watch her brush her hair in her beautiful black dress. She was gettin’ ready for a date.

“You can’t keep living in this fairytale world of yours Amy. I mean come on. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud. You won’t call Richardson because he didn’t open a door for you? Come on.”

I said, “It ain’t no fairytale. Some boy values chivalry and he’s lookin’ for a lady like me who respects that. I ain’t gonna compromise my dream for nobody. Richards is rude and selfish, I tell you what.”

Molly and Sarah were laughin’ softly to themselves behind me. Julie came to me and said, “I’m not going to compromise my dream for anyone. Stop talking like that Amy. You’re not out in the country anymore. No man wants a woman who sounds uneducated.”


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