Day 10 of 30 Blog Challenge: Graphic novels and short stories


I’ve just finished my math final and I’m pretty confident in my performance. Everything was familiar and I knew what I was doing. Honestly I’ve never been that confident when taking a math exam. Too be fair though I did study my butt off. It felt pretty good. Still. I hate math and I’m glad to be finished with it. With school out of the way for a brief moment I can start putting extra time into my graphic novel and fiction novels.

Last night I worked on the plot summary for the idea I have. This is the rough summary so far.

The story is about Magenta Orchid who is also the city superhero, Daphne the Florescent Dream. When she isn’t fighting crime she lives an ordinary life as a college student pursuing a degree in education. For fun she’s on the university swim team. She purposely gets ranked dead last in order to protect her identity. However she slowly begins showing her true self around her crush, Jesse Crimson.

Jesse is an easy going, highly lovable and hardworking student at Louis Derr University. He’s on the swim team with Magenta and his rank is the opposite of hers. He’s the team captain and ranked number one in the city. After getting beaten by Magenta in a secret rematch he’s forced to take her out on a date as a bet the two made. Slowly he falls for her the more they spend time together. This upsets the former swim team captain, Adam Forest who is deeply obsessed with Magenta.

After he discovers Jesse and Magenta are together he’s driven mad. He attempts to murder Jesse in disguise by using one of his father’s highly advanced military weapons. He nearly succeeds but is thwarted by the Florescent Dream. Adam then becomes hell-bent on destroying her, as he slowly becomes her arch nemesis, The Red Nightmare. Magenta must protect the one she loves while keeping her superhero life a secret. But can she?

So far I love the plot. Classic comic book theme. I have parts of the novel’s script written out. Right now I’m focused on forming ideas for the story’s setting and characters. Last night I had fun working on the story’s antagonist, Red Nightmare. As soon as I have the sketches finalized I will posting them on here and my deviantart. I’m very excited about this. I really want to have my own graphic novel and being in ComicCon would blow my mind. I’m following through with this. If I can publish a book I know I can publish a comic book.


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