Day 7 of 30 Blog Challenge- “The Dragon, Black Knight and I”

Today I created my deviantart account and posted three pictures. I’m still working on concept art and story ideas before I post on here. I want a definite idea so I can have a concrete goal to work on and give updates about on here. I’m in between two ideas.

Until I have them ready I will be posting more pieces from my stories. This story was a short I wrote for a contest at my school. This story was actually one of the earlier ideas I had for a graphic novel. But since I didn’t have enough ideas for it I scraped it.

Here’s The Dragon, Black Knight and I

A bell. It’s a bell that’s ringing. I open my eyes and realize that I’m not dead. My flashbacks of my childhood with Ryan have ended as my vision clears. Fire and smoke surrounds me as I lie underneath the ruins of the fallen stone building. Somehow the beast hadn’t killed me. I can feel the burns on my body, the scratches on my face and most of all the sweat from the horrifying fires. But I breathe. I am very much still alive.

I hear the bell again. It’s faint but I can hear it. I jerk and pull my body from beneath the rubble. A large wind cools my body as I surface from the destruction. I can see the sky and around me is complete devastation. My fight with the golden dragon is evident. As I pull my leg from the rubble I hear its gigantic footsteps. It hasn’t left yet.

I look over my shoulder. The golden monster is stalking with its back hunched over. Sniffing the ground for blood. Me. It must have lost sight of me when the building collapsed. It’s waiting for me to surface so it can devour me. With my sword buried beneath the flames and no dream flowers left I feel hopeless. Then I hear it again. The faint bell.

I look north. The ring makes me space out and think of Ryan again. We would always go to the cathedrals on the day of rest. Not for scripture reads or to hear hymns sang. But simply because he loved the sound of the church bell.

“If by some chance this world became shadowed in darkness and you lost me, follow the sounds of the cathedral bell. For in the darkest hour it will be what reminds me of the light that once shined. Come find me where darkness can never prevail.”

It was the last thing I had ever heard him say. Before any of this happened. Before our world was swallowed in chaos and magic. Ryan told me to look for him where the bells rang. And now I can hear the bell loud and clear. For a while I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. But I’m sure of it now. Bells like that only ring at cathedrals. Demons can’t touch cathedrals. Their purity burns away any source of evil.

I look over my shoulder and see the dragon. It’s still hunting for me. I look north and close my eyes.


I stand up. That cathedral is my only chance at living. And I must live. I can’t die. I must find my parents. While the dragon isn’t watching, I jump from the pile of ruins and begin sprinting towards the sounds of bells ringing. I don’t know how far away it is but it must be close. I run faster.

I feel the ground quiver beneath my feet as the monster screams. It’s spotted me. No time to look back. Either I make it to the church or I get burned alive. No looking back. I must run!


The ground shakes violently as the dragon roars again. I hear its wings flap as it growls angrily. It’s taken flight. Still I run as fast as I can. I must live. Suddenly I feel a strong wave of heat above me. Quickly I juke my body as far to the right as possible. I hear the inferno slam onto ground behind me. I keep racing because I can now see the cathedral.

It’s huge and made of white stone. It looks beautiful under the sunset. I still hear the dragon above me but it hasn’t shot any more fire. I’m going to make it! I’m going to live! I’m nearly at the church door. Just a few more yards. Suddenly I try to halt my flee as I see something terrifying standing in front of the cathedral.

My inertia is too great and I trip over. My body topples and rolls over. When I stop I quickly look and I can’t believe it. The thing standing in front of the cathedral. He had on black colored armor from head to toe. Horns were constructed on the helmet. In his left hand was a gigantic sword that looked like a dragon’s tooth. In his right hand was a shield. No. This can’t be happening.

But be wary my precious, child of dreams. For there is a being far more terrifying than any beast or magic in this new land of chaos. Watch your path and keep your eye out for the black knight. For if you cross his path death is the only fate you will see. Run you may but his speed is too great. Fight you will try but his poise and power is too vast. If you are to ever see the black knight, surely you will die…

The black knight. No. It’s the one thing I thought I would never have to face. I hadn’t seen one since I was warned about it. He’s guarding the cathedral! Run. I need to get far away from him and fast.

Quickly I turn away. I scream when I finally realize the dragon is falling towards me with its neck lurched out. It misses as I run. My body jumps as the earth around me trembles and cries. Rocks and dust cloud the air around me as the dragon digs its face out.

I look back and see the black knight racing at me with its sword ready. My head jerks forward as the dragon cries to the skies as fire shoots from its mouth.

Hopeless. This is a dead end. A dragon in front of me and the angel of death behind me. This is where I die. Suddenly I’m reminded of my family. Mother. Father. No! I must live. I must fight and live! I have to find them. I turn to the knight. He’s less than a few feet away. The dragon takes a step towards me. But I stand tall and prepare to fight.

I say, “Mother. Father. Forgive me. I almost gave up…”

The knight is closing in.

“But I can’t. I have to live and see you again. I promise I’ll find you! Nothing will stop me. So bring it on! I won’t run! I’m right here so FIGHT ME!”

I race at the black knight as I hear the dragon scream. I prepare to punch him as hard as I can. It’s my only chance. But I miss. And it’s not because of my aim. He’s ran right past me. I’m dead. He’ll gut me from behind!

I hear the clashing of steel as the dragon roars madly. It’s incredibly close! Too close. I look behind me and I can’t believe it. The dragon’s teeth are grinding against the knight’s sword. He blocked the dragon’s attempt to devour me.

The confusion continues to cloud my mind as I watch the knight push the dragon back. His strength is unfathomable. The dragon stumbles backwards several yards and falls down. The knight races at the dragon as it gets up. It shoots fire at the knight but it’s blocked as he holds up his shield. He’s quicker than lightning!

The knight runs through the inferno and slashes through the monster’s left foot. The giant screams and shoots fire all around itself but the knight is way too fast. Blood is shooting everywhere as he slashes the dragon all over. I drop to my knees. What am I witnessing? A black knight? Killing a dragon? He’s so small compared to that thing.

Yet as I watch the dragon fall down I start to believe in an old saying. Size isn’t everything. The knight stands on the dragon’s head and slams his blade through its skull. The poor lizard didn’t even cry in defeat. The black knight put him down like a stray dog. Now he was looking at me. Walking to me. Preparing to kill me.

I saw how fast he was. Way faster than a dragon. I can’t outrun him. I saw how strong he was. Strong enough to push a dragon on its damn back. There’s no way in Hell I can beat him. He’s standing over me like a shadow. His sword is drenched in the blood of the fallen beast. Our eyes meet and I wait for him to do what he plans to do.


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