Day 6 of 30 Blog Challenge

Hello Bloggers and writers. This blog challenge is working pretty well for me. I’ve posted 6 days in a row now. I’ve been working on things to post and show as far as current projects go. Two nights ago I finished another draft of a book. With that out of the way I can finally focus on my graphic novel more.

Today I worked on concept art for characters and ideas of what story I want to illustrate. I currently have nothing to show. But I will soon. I’m thinking hard about getting a deviantart account for artwork purposes. A lot of my friends have suggested I get one and I think it would be a good way to get my work out there. I will post more on that later.

With nothing more to post about I will share small excerpts from one of the books I’ve been working on. This is from Sky Gazer. It’s a story about a boy who discovers her has angelic powers. He uses those powers to protect the world from the greater evils that threaten it. I started writing this because I wanted to make a story about a super hero.

It happened again today. The pain. It hadn’t left nor did it lessen. The pain was much more excruciating now. Telling mother was the furthest thing from my mind though. She doesn’t need any more bills to pay. We can’t afford a trip to the hospital.

Removing my backpack from my left to right shoulder seemed to lessen the pain. Or maybe I was just playing myself into thinking that. Using both shoulders and putting all of its weight on my back was out of the question. Eventually I just held the bag to my chest with both arms. It wasn’t a heavy bag anyway.

If we had a car like most people then I wouldn’t have to carry a bag filled with books. The walks lasted for half an hour then it was another half hour bus drive to my high school. From there it only took me ten minutes to walk to school.

That day was a rainy one. I liked the rain for some reason. My eyes admired the spiraling shades of grey, black and white in the skies. I loved the way the wind blew water through my curly brown hair. I could stare at the sky for hours.

When I had finally made it to the bus stop, I placed my bag down and stared. Birds danced in the stormy sky. The rain hit my face and the wind added to its cold touch. I loved it. Some people dread thunder storms. But I loved them.

Whenever a storm came, I stood in it. I let the rain hit me and the winds always hugged me. In a way I felt like the storm was washing me. It would rinse my mind from all of my troubles. I watched as the birds danced in the skies. I longed for that. Sometimes, I wish I could fly.

“Move it kid!” A hefty man dressed in trucker’s clothing shoved me out of the way. One after another each person pushed me out of the way. The bus had arrived and they were all in a hurry.

“Sorry,” I said as I looked down. I didn’t like looking people in the eyes. Especially not strangers. It might give them the wrong idea.

“It’s ok, Liel (Lie-ale). Go ahead.” Her voice was soft and comforting. It made you feel warm and at peace, as if things would be alright. Of all the people I’ve ever met, her voice was my favorite. She was my favorite. Elena Orchid. She was one of the regular riders and my classmate at Belle High School.

“Oh. No, ladies first.” I quickly stood out of her way. She was so poetic in appearance. She had on a brown leather coat. Beneath it was a white-cotton dress that reached her knees. As usual she wore these brown ankle boots.

She had long and wavy brown hair that reached past her shoulders. Her face was soft toned and patterned with lovely freckles. I loved her freckles the most. They even covered her arms.

She said, “After all of those rude people pushed you away? No way. You first. It’s fine.”

“A man is defined by his nobility and honor. I honor chivalry and high respect for women. I don’t care how rude those people were to me. Please, Elena. Ladies first.” I still hadn’t looked at her. Not directly.

She said my name. When I met her gaze, I saw that she was smiling softly. Her green eyes seemed to glimmer. “Thank, you.” She spoke kindly. After she got on the bus, I followed. It wasn’t too crowded. When I sat down my back thanked me. The stress had gone away.

Elena laughed when she heard me sigh with relief. I had sat a few seats away because I didn’t want to evade her personal space. We hardly ever spoke but we always shared smiles, laughs and glances. But that day she spoke to me for the first time.


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