Day 5 of 30! My blog’s Revival!!

The good news is I’m posting ALOT more than I used to on this blog. Later today I’ll post again about my progress with my graphic novel and next book. But for now I’m posting more of my writing. This was a class assignment I did last semester. It’s about a girl who finds out a boy she has a crush on writes about her in his journal. But what does he write?

Witchita By: T. Edward Redd

They say he writes about me in that black journal. ‘Tomas Cherry has a big crush on, Snow Dotson,’ they say. Yet he has never spoken to me. Not once. Sometimes it feels like he may or may not be looking at me. Watching me even. But every time my eyes lie on him he’s writing in that journal. They say he writes about me in that thing. But what does he write?

The more I think about it the more I find it to be just another high school rumor. I mean seriously. The boy has never even spoken to me. Why write about me? I’m not even interesting enough to be the subject of a writer. I’m the middle child of five girls, I work at a cd shop, I have few friends and well, yeah we have never spoken. I know nothing about him and he knows nothing about me. How could he? The boy has never spoken to me! What the heck is in that journal?

Maybe he follows me around and writes everything I do. If he does that I figure he knows about my obsession with pop and punk rock. That stuff is candy to my soul. Every day at the music store I get to listen to all of the lady rock stars sing. I don’t think I sing well, but a lot of other people say I sound lovely. So that’s something he could write about in his little journal.

Or he might write about how I can play the bass guitar, piano, flute and harp. If he knew I played the harp, he would probably think I’m weird or something. No one plays harps anymore. But I love how you can be one with the strings as you make each sound. One by one you pull a string until you’re creating these bundles of sound that create a beautiful melody. He may write about my obsession with music.

The more I think about it the more irritated I get. Seriously. What is in that gosh darn journal? I should be writing answers to this quiz. Even though I suck at Algebra, I studied pretty freaking hard for this. But all I can focus on is him and his instrument of led, repeatedly scratching paper in his journal. Is he writing about me?

Haven’t seen him look at me yet but he’s been writing since Mrs. Hall passed out our quizzes. It took him about 5 minutes to finish his. Made me feel pretty dumb to be honest. I never understood math. When it was just 2 plus 2 I was a pro. But the moment letters and shapes got involved that was the ball game. I’ve barely passed math since freshman year. Thank, God I won’t have to take any math courses in college next year.

If Tomas Cherry likes me why hasn’t he told me? It’s not like I mind or anything. I wouldn’t laugh in his face or anything. Actually, to be quite honest, the thought of him writing about me makes my face feel warm. Even with him being a junior and all. I really hope he doesn’t see me blushing. I’ve never known anyone to have secret feelings of affection for me. Not the way Mr. Cherry does. I really need to see what’s in that journal. Maybe he’ll leave it during lunch. That’s when I’ll nab it, hide it in my locker and read it when I get home. No one would expect the quiet girl to take it.

Ugh! But I would prefer if he just came out and said it. Just say it, Mr. Cherry. Get out of that chair, come to me and say, Snow I think you’re beautiful and I like you. God, that would make me go red all over. What if that’s in his journal? Is it like his diary then? But I thought boys didn’t keep those. Agh! I need to finish this quiz!

Lunch starts in about 10 minutes and I just need one more answer. But I can’t focus on anything but Cherry and his journal. I’m nabbing it. He has left me no choice. Once that bell rings everyone will rush through that door. They can’t wait to get out of here so they can share answers so they can come back in 30 minutes and pass. I’ll sneak behind Cherry while the crowds are big and snatch it and hide in the crowds. I should be short enough to manage that.

Man. What if this is just a stupid rumor? I’ll feel pretty stupid and awful if there’s nothing at all in that journal about me. It would hurt my feelings a bit as well. Secretly I want to be the subject in that journal. I want to be the object of his affection. I like Tomas Cherry. Before I even heard this rumor I noticed him. I always want to speak but what would I even say? We’re so different. But, God, I love our differences.

That chestnut brown skin gives me butterflies. It looks so warm and beautiful. Every time I get close to him I see those deep honey brown eyes and man, they’re so intense. I feel like a total girl right now but it feels so good. When I heard he wrote about me in his journal, I nearly fainted. That means he notices me too. But in what way does he write about me? Well. Looks like I’m going to find out here shortly. That lunch bell will ring here in two minutes. TWO?

Oh no. How could I spend a whole 30 minutes eying him and trying to figure out what he writes about? No wonder why the teacher keeps looking at me. All of the students have finished except me!


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