Day 4 of 30. Blog Challenge!

That day I was reminded of the horrifying truth. Humanity was not safe. Our smiles were fake. Our laughs were forced. Our sad truth was we were all terrified and hopeless. For the first time in our existence we were on the edge of extinction. We hid behind gigantic walls made from unworldly metal hoping that the monsters couldn’t get inside. We were fools to think we were safe.

I watched as they broke through the city wall. One by one the giant insects flew inside our city and ate one person after another. All we could do was run and hope the person beside us was the one to get eaten. I deserved to die that day. But she sacrificed herself for me. She was brave when I was a coward. My best friend allowed herself to be eaten so I could live. Shameless.

With her blood on my hands I swore this one single thing. I will erase every single one of those monsters from the face of the Earth…

“No. I’m not letting you.” I began dragging her home. She begged for me to let her go but I refused. “I’m not letting you get yourself killed. I can’t lose you. Nothing can happen while we’re in these walls. We’re safe…”

Then it happened. The entire area went black. Jill and I stared at the ground, trying to figure out why the light had gone out. Then we both looked at the ceiling. It was so frightening. Thousands of gigantic pink eyes were staring at us. Its entire body covered the ceiling.

“It’s…it’s one of them,” I muttered. “It’s a benevolence.” I held her hand trying not to shake. “It can’t get in. The ceiling is too strong. None of them have broken through in over one hundred years.”

It opened its mouth and screamed. It sounded like a woman screaming for her life. It was so loud we had to cover our ears. I was so scared that I got on my knees, shaking. I couldn’t stop staring at it. It had mountains of razor sharp teeth. Its long and purple tongue slithered on the ceiling’s surface as steam came from it. I couldn’t even speak or move.

But Jill stood tall as she pulled out her swords. The blades formed as she stared the monster down.

“If it does come in, I’ll cut the bastard down. I’m not afraid of it. I’m going to be humanity’s savior. I’m going to take back our land, Wyatt. Just you watch.”

The creature screamed again. As soon as it did there was a loud crashing noise followed by fierce shaking from the ground. A wave of dust and debris rushed from the south gate as we heard boulders crash into the buildings. I looked back with fear. The south gate had been destroyed. It was still so quiet but I knew.

“They’re going to get in,” I muttered. “The benevolence are going to come inside and eat us all alive.” I held my head as my body started shaking fiercely. My tears fell one after another.

Jill turned towards the gate. “I’ll kill every last one.” She sprinted off fiercely. My body quickly lurched for her. I raised my hand for her but something stopped me. I was still shaking. With my other hand I placed the one reaching for Jill down. I watched as she ran towards the gate.

In seconds there was screaming and commotion. Everyone began running out of their homes and away from the south gate, trying to escape. I could hear the giants screaming as they attacked people and flew the skies. Soldiers began fighting them off.

Everyone kept racing past me. I was still on the ground staring in Jill’s direction. She had disappeared. More and more screams blasted throughout the city.

I covered my ears. “Make it stop! Make it stop!” I was crying at the top of my lungs. Suddenly my body jumped a few feet up as the ground shook. A gigantic shadow was over me. I looked and for the first time, I saw a benevolence up close.

It had golden hairs all over its massive body. Its head was tiny compared to the rest of its body. It was round and filled with what seemed to be thousands of pink eyes. On its back were four colossal sized wings, flapping rapidly against the air. I could see why they had their name. The creature was, it was beautiful.

I watched as it grinned at me, slowly creeping its way to me on its six legs. Without any warning it let out a horrifying scream. This one sounded like an old man in pain. All I could do was scream. I couldn’t even move. I screamed for Jill to come save me.

The benevolence grinned as its tongue shot at me. I watched as it came feet away. Out of nowhere one of the resistance came and slashed through the tongue. It fell to the ground, burning everything around it as the monster screamed in pain.

The soldier landed in front of me,. “Get out of here kid! Hurry!” But I couldn’t move. All I could do was watch as the monster lunched its head out. The soldier jumped away but another tongue grew from the creature’s mouth. The soldier screamed madly as the tongue burned him alive.

Suddenly I was on my feet running for the north gate. I cried for Jill. She was all I had left and the only one I knew to go to.

I pushed through the people fleeing from the gate. Some tried to pull me with them. “It’s not safe!” They said. But I had to find Jill. When I made it to the gate, I was horrified.

“JILL!!” The right side of her body had been crushed by a bolder. I raced to her. “Jill! Oh no, Jill!”

She smiled and quickly coughed up blood. “Wyatt.” I tried with all of my might to push the bolder off. She was trapped.

She said, “I never got to see it. I never got to see the outside. You were right. Stupid.”

“NO!” I pushed harder and harder. “It’s not stupid! It’s a great dream, Jill. I’m going to help you out of here. Then we’ll go see the outside world together!” I pushed harder and harder.

“Wyatt. I can feel it. I’m going to die. I feel really, really cold and tired. I’m going to die beneath this stupid rock, never to see the outside world.” She was crying.

“No! We’re going to see the outside world together! Now help me push this off of you. Jill I need you! I need you damn it!”

She coughed up more blood. As I tried pushing the rock off, a benevolence caught glimpse of us. Slowly it began crawling towards us.

Jill watched it. “Wyatt. If you stay, the both of us are going to die. You have to run.”

I pushed with all of my might. “No,” I cried. “I’ll run as soon as I get you out of here. I’m not leaving you!”

She said, “I’m not going to be humanity’s savior. Am I, Wyatt?”

“Of course you will be! Stop talking negative and help me!”

As I tried to push, my hands slipped and I ran into the boulder face first. I held my bleeding nose as I fell down, crying pitifully as I bled. The benevolence was a few yards away.

“Wyatt run,” she begged. “I’m done for. But you can live. Wyatt you have to live. Live and someday see the outside world for me. Kill these monsters and become humanity’s savior.” She took off her bkf gear and handed it to me.

I took it slowly. She kept telling me to run as the monster came closer and closer. I had two choices. Run or fight. I knew how to use the gear. My hands shook as I held the bag.

“I can fight. I can fight. I can fight,” I said in tears. I screamed madly as I gave the bolder one last push. But it was useless. The benevolence stood over Jill and I. As I stood, the monster let out the scream of a woman.

The wind behind its scream shot me back several yards. My body slammed against a wooden building. As I fell to the ground I lost my breath. All I could do was watch as the monster dug Jill out. She never screamed. It crushed her with its legs before grabbing her with its tongue. With one gulp, it swallowed her whole. She was gone. Jill Canson, my best friend, my everything had been robbed from me. Eaten alive by one of humanity’s thieves.


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