Blog Challenge Day 2 of 30. Fear


This was close but I’m proud of myself for posting anyway. I got a request from a friend to post about my fears. I thought it would be fun and relevant to who I am as a person and author. It’s pretty short but I might have something longer tomorrow.

My biggest fear is that of whales. I know a lot of people will raise eyebrows and possibly laugh but it’s the truth. My single fear in the entire world is the thought of being anywhere close to one of those huge humpback whales in the middle of the sea. Why? Because they are too huge for comprehension. I’m told they’re harmless to humans. Yeah right.

An adult humpback whale can reach up to 52 feet in length and weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 tons. That is a 100,000-pound gigantic monster in my eyes. Whales seriously freak me out because of their size alone. Nothing needs to be that huge. All a whale would have to do is move wrong and it could literally flick me yards across the ocean. IF I were to ever encounter a whale whilst swimming in the sea.

A lot of people point out that last point every time I confess my fear of the sea giant. There is no way that I would ever encounter a whale UNLESS I’m out at sea and somehow submerged in the water long enough to come face to face with one. I know the unlikely-hood of me actually seeing a whale first hand. Still. They freak me out. If I was ever offered a chance to go on a cruise there is a small chance that I’d decline fearing something would happen where I’d end up in the sea.

Am I afraid of sharks? No. Dolphins? No. Stingray or octopus? Nope. Just those overgrown sea fish that might as well be dinosaurs. I couldn’t tell you why besides their intimidating size. I have jumped from 40 foot cliffs into water. I’ve fearlessly went into back surgery and made a fast recovery at age 12. Nothing gets me except those whales.


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