Samantha Black: Character Origin and Creation. (Blog Challenge Day 1x)

So far I’m pretty terrible with this challenge. My last post was Saturday and it’s Wednesday. Last night a friend of mine told me I was doing horrible with the challenge. My response was, “You read my blog??”  I was aware that bloggers checked it out but when I found out that a friend looks at it REGULARLY I got pretty touched and inspired. In short I promised her to tackle this challenge hard.

For this post I’ve decided to do a character breakdown for one of my main characters from Love Bleeds Red, Samantha Black. Love Bleeds Red is the second book I’ve decided to try and publish. I’ve decided to write about her character origin and creation to share how I come up with characters. Originally I was going to write about Aliyah Conrad from my debut novel, Hero’s Romance. But I’ve really been into LBR lately so I chose Samantha.

Her character is heavily inspired by a high school crush I had with a girl named, Samantha Goodford who went by Sammi. She was singled out at her school and didn’t have too many friends. Yet she was extremely blissful and happy. Not to mention very attractive. She dressed like a scene kid and had glossy red hair. I thought she was the coolest girl ever and just drew to her. Eventually we got together.

Samantha Black’s character stems from Sammi in a lot ways. Especially the night’s curse. The curse makes virtually everyone including family fear or detest Samantha Black. Complete strangers will avoid or become disgusted with her presence alone due to the bad vibes her energy throws off. To add to that the curse makes her nearly immortal. For two hundred years she had to face solitude and torment until she eventually learned how to blend with humans.

During her second century of being cursed she meets Thomas who for some reason is immune to the effects of her curse. She’s instantly surprised when he sits with her during lunch and quickly gets cautious. She thinks he’s going to be cruel but is again surprised when Thomas is kind and seems genuine in nature. Not only that, he has love for her. His kindness and genuine nature eventually captivates her heart.

What I like the most about this story is that it has a strong mix of realities I’ve lived. Sammi didn’t really have friends until I met her. She wasn’t an immortal vampire or anything supernatural. But as far as solitude and ridicule went Sammi and Samantha are relatable. The only time someone spoke to Sammi was to make fun of her. She had it pretty bad with bullying because she was so different as far as dressing and personality went.

For this book I took a life experience and added fantasy and fiction to it. The outcome was this amazing and mind blowing story filled with unique characters. Samantha Black is my most favored character because I feel that she’s the most original and interesting TO ME. As I put more and more books out I’m sure readers will disagree.

I originally wrote Love Bleeds Red to help Sammi with depression back in high school. She used to hurt herself and it really tore me up. You have this beautiful and amazing person. She’s kind, funny and wouldn’t harm a fly. Yet it seemed like no one could see what I did. No one could understand the beauty I saw. So through a story I showed Sammi what it was I saw. Simplistic beauty.

When I tell people the story behind Samantha Black’s origin they all ask where Sammi is and why I’m not with her. Sammi moved out of the country when we were in high school. For a while we stayed in contact. But over time life just sort of pulled us apart. I do miss her at times though. That’s why I’m glad Samantha Black was created. I will never forget Sammi because part of her became my story. When I finally share the story with the world I’m dedicating it to her. Full name and everything. Maybe one day she’ll read it and remember the story she inspired and all the times I sent her chapter after chapter. Who knows what could happen.

I thought it would be fun to do a post about character creation and give some insight on my process. I feel like that’s one of the questions I get asked the most whenever someone finds out I’m an author. The blunt answer is dreams and life experiences. I have yet to create a meaningful character purely from nothing. Most of my characters are made from some sort of dream I hold or memory I made with someone. Even supporting characters.

That’s pretty much all I have to give about Samantha Black’s creation. I can’t say too much without giving major spoilers. I haven’t given much mention about this story. So I can imagine how confused or intrigued some people will get with her description alone.  I like Samantha Black’s character so much that I’m deeply considering making a graphic novel based on LBR. But that’s another post for another day.


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