Kick em Where it Hurts! Day 18

I’ve been at this 31 days of living my life to its fullest for about 18 days. And I’ve come to the conclusion that 31 days is NOT enough. Not that this is difficult or easy for that matter.

This takes a lot of discipline and dedication. The first two weeks really put you to the test. I found myself slipping back into old habits on day four. Getting lazy, putting things off and waiting. But this was something I really wanted to do. I want to be the king of my life. So I buckled down by week two.

One of my goals is to write two books within 31 days. I’m proud to say that I’m almost finished with one of the books, Where is Dreamland? . Another goal for me is to gain 5 lbs of muscle by working out and eating properly. That has been going great. Last week I went to the gym each day. I went yesterday and I’ve been eating right every day for the most part. Some days I slack. But the point is I have better discipline over my life. I truly feel that I’m living the way I want to. I’m more active, the house is spotless and each day I go for what I want.

A few days ago I had this discussion with my dad. I talked to him about where I was in life and where I wanted to be. Before I am 30, I want to become a successful writer, graduate from college and marry some beautiful woman and start raising a family. Having these aspirations at the age of 21 raises a lot of eyebrows. People often say I should be having fun and not worrying about the future. Especially not marriage.

However chasing these aspirations IS fun for me. Having these goals and knowing that I’m doing my part in making things happen makes me feel full. I wake up knowing that I wrote my own book and published it. That’s incredible. No one held my hand. That’s my accomplishment. I continue to push my career forward by writing, selling books and having signings. I have plans to create my own comic book and a children’s book. I aim to have a new book about before April 1st of 2015.

I’m also a college student going for a BA in English. I want to teach pre-k and elementary so I will most likely major in Education as well or at least get certified. I don’t see marriage in my future for at least 5 years simply because I’m not close to anyone in a romantic sense. There is a woman I’ve been going back and forth with. But that’s pretty personal and I’m not the type of person who spews about his dating life over the internet.

The point is I am truly chasing my dreams. I’m not one of those people who sit on the couch and just wish. I make things happen. That is what truly makes me feel that I’m living my life to its fullest. Regardless how others see it, this is me pursuing and capturing my happiness. One dream at a time. 31 days is not enough.

31 days isn’t enough because I want to live my life like this until the day I die. This is bliss and to live any other way would depress me. I will still meet the goals that I made for my 31 day challenge. Maybe I’ll make some goals for November. I have a trip to England in December that I need to post about. I’m meeting someone special and I’m doing research for my book, Where is Dreamland? . I’ll keep you all up to date.

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