This is an EXCITING, exciting day bloggers and followers. April 1,2014, marks the day I released my very first book into the world. Right now it’s available at

In a weeks time it will be available at Amazon and in two weeks it’ll be available to purchase online at bookstores. I have to go around and talk to some owner’s to discuss shelf space plans. My high school told me that once I published a book, I could put a couple there so I’ll be making a visit there next week! So exciting.

I had a moment earlier and kinda cried. This whole thing was a lot to take it. In had just hit me that I had finally stepped foot into the realm of my dreams. For a long time I would talk about it. I told people I was publishing a book and that I wanted to be a fiction writer. But now, I have done all of that. I have published a book and I AM an author. Wow..

So this month and the next will most likely be intense. Now is the time to promote my book. I have to get it out and around for all to see, so people know about the book and its author. Any ideas? I have a few. I’m doing book displays at First Friday’s, a book signing, career launch party, and I will be giving out books by hand. I’m even putting displays up on campus. Tomorrow I’m ordering business cards, posters and bookmarks for my book. Promotion, promotion.

And of course this is only my first publish. I plan to publish another book. The goal is to have something else out in 6-7 months. I’ve been dying to write another story. My next book will more than likely be a fantasy fiction instead of a romance. It’ll either be Fantasy or romance. I wish I could do both and put two stories out there at the same time. But I don’t have time to write two books with school and work.

I look forward to selling and signing my first copy of Hero’s Romance.

If you’re interested in buying a copy or even just checking out the story’s description, Click the link-

If anyone would like to give me advice on promotion, SHARE AWAY. I’m still new to this xD thanks bloggers!!

I love this! If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks to all that follow me. If you have a fan page, I’ll be sure to follow you. Thanks followers πŸ™‚ Keep writing and blogging




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