My Return to WordPress!!! Book should be out this week!!

Hello bloggers and followers!!!
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Yes, I have returned after two weeks of no posting. I deeply apologize to those of you who follow my daily/weekly posts. I’ve been terribly busy with this publish, school and work. But now I’m back and I’ve brought news with me.

The last time I posted, I shared the news of getting my proof in the mail. The final step was reviewing. Well guess what? I’m FINISHED. I collected the two copies of the novel I sent to readers and sat down for two days. I spend long hard hours getting this done and now I’m finally finished. In 24 hrs, Createspace will ask me to approve my proof. From there, the book will be available online, then in bookstores. I am ordering copies asap so I can sell them by hand and publicize them.

My first book signing is the 25th of April. I already have the location and what now. Then I’m going to have a showcase for first friday in May. I have a goal to sell 5 books a week by hand. I already know alot of people who want to purchase the book. But I want to get the book out as much as possible so people know about the author.

I currently have plans for two new books. One that I’m working on alone and the other which I have a partner for. I’ll give details later.

Also, my laptop HAS AN INTERNET BROWSER NOW!! So I will be blogging more frequently. I’m going to make a post about my adventures with Comic Con 2014, Publishing, Book Signings and much much more.

It’s good to be back all 😀 keep blogging!!


I love this! If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks to all that follow me. If you have a fan page, I’ll be sure to follow you. Thanks followers 🙂 Keep writing and blogging


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