My proof copy of my book has arrived!

Hey bloggers and followers! Check it out!

1966953_10202599832090164_1163401766_n photo 2

Finally, finally I have the story in book form. Let me tell you, when I saw that box on the doorstep, I just stared at it. I was overjoyed as I brought it inside! I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I was going to explode. Jokingly I put it back on the doorstep saying, “I am not worthy.” Closed the door then quickly opened it saying, “I am totally worthy!” It was exciting. This book looks GREAT.

It isn’t anywhere as thick as I imagined it would be. It’s size isn’t intimidating, the interior writing isn’t overwhelming to the eye either. Everything is properly spaced the way it should and this book should be an easy read to anyone who picks it up. I believe the cover will draw ALOT of attention. It has this exotic look to it. I’m not expecting men to look at this twice. But women will definitely notice it. The golden part is the back. The back cover description has a nice hook to it. Everything is just PERFECT. The book is exactly how I envisioned. I made a plan and the plan is going great.

I’m sitting in my public library and things feel different now. When I walked inside, I saw all of these books. Me knowing that I wrote a book that will eventually be in libraries made me feel as if I was at a haven or home. I felt like I was part of some sort of club. Today is a very good day; a dream birthed into reality. The absolute best part is that this book is only the first of many that I will be releasing.

So now that I’m on my proof stage, I have to go through this thing efficiently, check formatting and such. Then I get to read it! Yes i know, I read it hundreds of times. But this is different. I’m reading it in book form! After that, all I have to do is tell my distributors to make this title available.

Fun fun stuff. Today was and still has a few exciting moments. My dad hasn’t arrived home from work. So I’m looking forward to his reaction. For now, I’m about to leave the library and go visit some friends.

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