Let me share something bloggers

Hero’s Tale is coming along great but this is about something else. This may sound crazy or really cool depending on how you perceive it. Okay so for about two years or so I’ve had these dreams where this woman appears. It’s the same woman every single time and it drives me insane


I’m clearly not the best artist. Anyway this girl started out around teenaged back in high school (junior/senior year) where the dreams began. She ages as I age and it’s pretty weird. Her hair gets longer, her features change and her hair grows. Keep in mind I have NEVER seen this woman in real life. Only in my dreams. I can not make this up people.

The things that never change is her her hair style and clothing’s color. She has this long dark brown hair that’s curly. I compare it’s texture to a cloud, it’s fluffy, abundant and curly. She always wears purple clothing. Her outfits change from Jean and shirts to dresses with pantyhose, but they’re always purple.

Last night I had this dream that I was driving down a street. Pedestrians are pretty obnoxious out here. They j-walk and they aren’t even quick about it. They’ll stroll and glare at you when you get close. As a driver that annoys me. As we drive, these five guys rudely cross a railroad when I’m obviously feet away.

I say “oh come on. Really?” So I cut them off, nearly hitting the third guy. Now in my defense, I knew I wasn’t going to hit the guy, I was just making a point. So we come to a stoplight IMMEDIATELY after the crossing.

The group of five come to the car and try to pull me out. I shut the door and tell the lady in purple to lock the doors and shut her eyes. She does. So I’m trying to stay calm, they’re banging on the car as I wait for the light. Eventually I speed off.

In that dream she didn’t do much and I don’t even remember her talking. In other dreams we’re sexual or romantic, a couple. She’s like a guide when I’m in a bad mood. Last night was the first time I dreamed about her in a long time. So I wrote about it lol.

I don’t know what these dream mean at all. Idk if it’s an overactive imagination or something more. It’s bizarre because it’s the SAME woman every time. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, “I hope I see her the next time I sleep. She’s pleasant”. But baaghaaa! I can’t do that to myself. This woman is a dream and not real as far as I know. The dreams are nice but frustrating.

I’m thinking about making paintings and making some sort of social accounts on Instagram, seeing if anyone who resembles her comments or if someone has seen “the lady in purple” in real life. That’d be pretty…weird, yet awesome.

This reminded me of Ruby Sparks. For those who know about that movie I’ll tell you this, I did not create “the lady in purple”. I can’t remember when the dreams started but I do know, she isn’t like any characters I’ve written. And I don’t plan to write her as a character.

Any thoughts, comments on this picture? Leave a comment. Have you seen her? COMMENT! Haha

I’ll post my update later bloggers


11 thoughts on “Let me share something bloggers”

  1. You know what, I love this. I’m one of those people who in the light of day is determinedly atheistic, believes in common sense and logical answers and wants to see proof of something before she believes in it. Except… maybe. You know?

    Maybe there’s more going on than we know. Maybe you have a guardian out there, checking in when times are tough. Maybe the purple is a metaphor – does the color mean anything to you outside of the dreams? Or maybe there’s a Lady in Purple out there who’s having dreams about you.

    Anyway, I know you said you weren’t planning on writing about her, but this would make great material.

    1. I’m not sure what connections I have to that color. My favorite is purple. But I guess if I had to describe this woman, I’d describe her with a purple personality? My favorite color is red. Purple hadn’t even gotten my attention until these dreams began.

      The lady in purple is like this guide. She motivates me and encourages me to push myself. She HATES it when I pity myself and never let’s me do it. She’ll get serious and tell me to stop the self pity and believe in myself. When I’m confident, she’s playful and fun.

    1. Are they reacurring or did they just happen once. I’ve dreamed about the lady in purple so much that I can remember her and visualize her out side of my dreams. Not detail for detail, but basic stuff like her hair and outfit colors. After that last dream I know what her face looks like now. It matches the drawing. I was like 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. They claim that the human mind cannot dream a face it hasn’t seen. I don’t know if it’s true. I once dreamed of a girl who ended up in my second grade class a couple of years later. Maybe I saw her at a store or something, but then again, maybe it was something science cannot yet explain.

    1. Yeah it’s a pretty interesting subject to think about. I keep wondering why she wears purple so I eventually googled purple and dream meanings. I got a lot of interesting things out of it.

      “When seeing purple in a dream you may be seeing the future as these dreams are often prophetic. Purple stimulates our spiritual perspective and intuition”

      “Seeing purple in our dreams stimulate our need to feel at one with the Universe, and to have harmonious relationships.”

      “Purple resonates with power and inspiration. The colour purple is most deeply associated with dreams and dreaming. Listen carefully and take special notice of dreams containing purple, indigo and violet.”


      Those are a few things I read online. Pretty interesting to think about. Either way I’ll just draw out what I see in my dreams. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll learn what the dreams mean.

  3. I’ve had several dreams similar to this where I dream about a woman but I have not seen or met her in reality. But I only remember her appearance for a brief moment in time and it leaves me confused and baffled in the meantime when I awake.

    Perhaps she is a foreshadowing for your lover in the future, or like you said she could be a guide that will ultimately lead you to brighter and better things. Who knows? But I would be interested to see an artistic interpretation of this woman, this “lady in purple” in future posts.

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