Fiction to reality.

Writers! Read this! ๐Ÿ˜€

How many of you get inspired by your own work? As a fiction novelist I always find myself reliving certain events that I have a degree. Obviously I can’t fly nor do I have any supernatural abilities.

But I do see some of the characteristics from characters I’ve written, in myself. Bravery, romance, persistence, determination and a lot of other things are shown in my stories. When I’m faced with an obstacle I always tend to think back to a story I wrote. The characters inspire me to push myself beyond my limits.

It’s funny because this kind of shifts back and forth. Events from my life inspire characters and events in my stories. But at the same time the characters and events written in my stories inspire me to make certain events in my life possible by taking risk and pushing myself.

For example there’s a character named Lyssa Bietzomb in a story I’ve worked on. It’s called Blossom.

The story centers around an android that was made to protect the creator’s little girl, after her mother dies. The creator became obsessed with his wife’s death and tried to bring her back to life. Through this he created a virus that not only revives the dead, but turns them into monster like creatures that kill anything that breathes. His daughter was one of the virus’s first victims. Lyssa then sought vengeance on her creator.ย 

Lyssa is anย  android that is basically supposed to act as a mother figure and protector for her creator’s daughter. She has the ability to learn human emotion and thought processing. As she seeks vengeance, she comes across a little girl named Macy Ambers. Her mother was killed after the virus went viral. Lyssa eventually grows attached to the little girl as they try to survive the apocalyptic era.

I wrote that story to try and depict the type of woman I would want to marry and the type of child I would want. Lyssa and Macy are a perfect example.

Coming back to my life, that story inspires me to be like Lyssa towards children. I’m kind and playful. My friend Tylor has these siblings. His little brother is four and he somewhat clings to me whenever I’m over. I do what Lyssa would do. I listen to him, I play with him. I never yell at him but I show him manners and always tell him to listen to his mother. It makes me laugh when he listens to me. In a way a character I created has taught me some knowledge of connecting with a child in a positive way without having to yell. You go Lyssa.

Many, many characters that I have made influence me not just Blossom. It’s strange because all of the main characters have some of my traits. I don’t do this on purpose. But as I read the stories over I start to notice the similarities between myself and the characters. I’m starting to believe that story writing actually helps you learn who you are. It brings your true self out without you realizing it.

I’m wondering if any of you writers ever notice yourself in the characters you create. Share and leave comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you do notice similarities, is it accidental or do you purposely do it? For me it’s a mix.



5 thoughts on “Fiction to reality.”

  1. Yes, many of my characters have little bits and pieces of me. I don’t do it on purpose, but when I go back later and analyze what that character becomes I see those bits. When I took a closer look at one of my characters, I thought, “Oh good lord, there’s A LOT of me in that one.”
    At the same time, others are nothing like me, but rather reflections of other people, conglomerations of individuals I’ve known and whose personality traits I either admired or disliked.

    1. Same same. Like some of the side characters resemble people I’m close to or have encountered. It’s pretty cool to look at. So when you “oh good lord” does that mean you see traits you’d rather not see?

      1. Well, not exactly. It was really more of an eye-opening moment where I saw just how much of myself I had put into the story. Things I didn’t consciously recognize in myself until years later I had put into my character. Of course, part of my “oh dear” moment was wondering whether other people would see that.

  2. I’d gotten inspired by my own creations too, sometimes, one article just leads to another, and, inspirations would come to me, nonstop, and that, is how writers are sometimes…and, we often (sometimes not knowingly) write about the people we encounter in life, as inspirations come from our interactions with the outside world.

  3. I find with my earlier works a lot of me was in the characters, either in who I was at the time or who I hoped to become in the future. It was a bit of a mix on whether it was intentional or not. The more I write the less of myself I put into into the book, but now I find a lot of my characters are bits and pieces of people I’ve known in my life that left an impression. I was rereading what I had of my current novel and realized my main character reminded me of a family member, and another one was similar to an old neighbor.

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