When it comes to dreams I think we should be like Margo

Good morning (or evening depending on your timezone) bloggers and followers.

This morning I woke up with a lot on my mind. There are a lot of things I want in life. Well that’s actually a lie. There are only three things I want in life.

1. A successful career as a novelist

2.A successful husband/father

Ok, so let’s step back. I’m only 20 and I don’t plan to have kids until I’m married and out of college. I figure 27 is the right age. At 27 I’d out of college for 3 years where I would or meet someone if I hadn’t met them in college. I want to live with someone for at least a year and I’d like to be in a relationship with them one year prior to moving in with. Basically I want a relationship built on time and bonding and not impulse. 27 is the perfect number at my age in my opinion.

By then I’d have some books published, met a woman who I would “know”. I’d be ready for family at 27.

Stepping out of 2020 and focusing on 2014 I lied in bed just thinking about the dreams I have. I’m doing pretty good. I used to be incredibly shy and overly clingy when it came to the opposite sex. But recently things have been spiraling upward. I used to talk and talk about publishing a book. Now here I am actually putting in the work and following through with the whole process.

I thought about the way I feel when I write an amazing story or take a beautiful girl out, who I was initially too afraid to talk to. The feeling is the same. You get this rush. Nothing around you exist. It’s kind of like running. Your energy skyrockets and you smile happily, running, running. Nothing behind you matters, you just look ahead and run.

Suddenly I caught myself thinking of Margo from John Green’s Paper Towns. She said something about running or going on adventures. I can’t remember it vividly. But she said something like once you start running, you can’t stop or look back. Because if you do you may never start again or change your mind about doing it. When you have a dream, you have to just do it. Don’t think about it, just run and don’t look back.

Thinking about that made me think hard. Was that true? For me the answer is yes. With anything in life that makes you desire, I believe you have to just run for it. Run and don’t look back.

If you want to write a book. Sit down and start brainstorming and write your draft. Don’t think about it, just do it. What happens when you think about the task? You start thinking about all of the challenges like plot making, character making and everything. You may never reach the computer if you think too much.

Writing was never hard for me. But once upon a time talking to women let alone dating them was hard. I was too shy and self-aware to talk to someone I admired in public. But then one day, I just did it. A few words turned into smiles and laughter. A few days later I found myself at the Cheesecake Factory with an interesting girl. Nothing mattered but her and I. It was fun. I was running.

I think that when it comes to dreams, you have to just run for them. Find the dream and chase it. Don’t think about it and don’t look back. If someone tells you, you can’t keep running and don’t look back. If failure happens, keep running and don’t look back. When you stop running you lose momentum and stop chasing. Dig down deep into your core and chase away. Don’t stop and never look back.

My goal for 2014 is to be like Margo. Obviously I’m not going to skip town and have people go on a journey to find me. But I want to adopt her attitude. Just get up and go, don’t look back and don’t stop running. I admire her so much right now. Because how many of us actually do this? And if we do, how long does it take before we do it? The goal of 2014 is to be like Margo 🙂 if a book character can do it, so can I.

If you don’t know who Margo is then I would say read Paper Towns. It’s a pretty good book.

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