Short Stories!! Update 1-3-14

Hello Bloggers and Followers!

As a novelist I tend to spend a fair amount of, well, writing. Even when I’m prepping something for publishing I’m always working another story behind the scenes. I just think all of its fun. Hero’s Tale is coming along very well. But my imagination is way too massive to focus on just one project for prolonged amounts of time.

I came up with the idea to start writing shorts. These are stories that should exceed no more than 60 pages. Most if not all of my stories evolve from some sort of life experience or dream. Guess what. I had the craziest dream last night!

In the dream I was with this woman who was really stressed out. I think in the dream she HATED going to the grocery store but she had to this time. I accompany her.  As the woman shops she sees gunmen hold up the store. She makes her way to the back of the store as they chase her.

You would think they’re going to kidnap her then the boyfriend would have to rescue her right? Right?? NO! This woman was a complete BADASS. She took these men on single handed and worked them to the bone. If you like suspense and action check out this short story I wrote. I warn you though, it’s a little graphic and there is a little mild language.

Please Go Shopping With Me

I think it would be a pretty nice thing if I wrote a little short story every month. I would format it and everything. This way I get used to making books as I continue to learn the formatting work. There are a few widows in this one. I didn’t bother taking them out since this was just for fun. Check it out. You’ll love it 😀 give me your opinions.

Hero’s Tale is going along pretty smoothly. I’m going to take a few pictures tomorrow for this cover. I’ll try to get designs up asap. I love the opinions and advice I get on here.


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8 thoughts on “Short Stories!! Update 1-3-14”

  1. The way that you write your stories is different from most of the novels I read. You write in present tense which suits your still.

    ‘Handsome fiance’ :3

    I think that the formatting could be more closer to the edges.

    I count this as a regular story than a short one ;P

    1. Yeah the formatting on this one isn’t as dead on as HT. I did this one in a day lol and really? You count 44 pages as a regular story?

      I caught several errors in this haha. I’ll learn from them. How’d you like it?

  2. Writing short stories is a great idea. My second novel I wrote started as one but then I couldn’t help myself and had to write more.

    1. That’s exactly how I usually do things. It’s hard not to. Hey what do you think about novels that use third person present tenses?

      The short story on this update is an example if how my stories are written. Someone told me it was unusual?

      But I can’t see why it would be. Yes, typically stories are told from the past tense, but that’s not the way I write. I didn’t even notice until it was brought to my attention.

      1. It’s not weird, actually my novel I just mentioned is written the same way. For sure not weird, just not common either. Writing in present tense captures action better than past. When I write non fiction I use it almost exclusively.

      2. Present tense is my default I guess you can say. It never crossed my mind to write in the past tense. I think I do present tense because when I write, it’s like I’m there experiencing it ya know? “I’m” the narrator, so I speak from how I see things in my mind.

        A lot of people have read things I’ve written in the past and I’ve gotten no complaints. The book I’m publishing next month is present tense so when I received that comment it made me nervous.

        But it’s not like I’ll switch up my style or rewrite the whole book based on one comment. I’ll publish it and see how it does.

      3. For sure keep going, there’s nothing wrong with your writing. According to my journalism professors, present tense is preferred. Keep up the good work!
        I think it is underused because it doesn’t come natural to everyone.

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