So this took alot less time then expected

I thought that this would have taken 5 days but it actually took 2 hours. After I nailed trim sizing and margin numbers I had the words/lines per page matter to deal with. After not being able to find a way to do this without doing it manually, I decided to do it myself.

Here’s yesterday’s update of the format.

HERO'S TALE FInALThere were alot of unneeded spaces.

Here’s what it looks like now after I divided the lines into 27-30 throughout the entire book. Some breaks started between 27 and 30 to avoid widows. The most words per page will be 269 and the least will be 210. It gets no lower than 200 and no higher than 300.

1 copy

In the above page I’ve removed all of the extra spaces. I learned last night that Microsoft actually does the paragraph spacing for you. It will look a whole lot cleaner and my page count reduced as well. It all evened out. The below page is how it will look with paragraph spacing.


I’m noticing that I posted the wrong pages but that’s not really important. I’m just showing you all how this is changing as I format it. The two 12’s have different words because after breaking the lines evenly some parts went to the next page. After page breaks the final page number came to 486. That’s less than what estimated.

I can even increase the font size. I’m not sure if I’m going to increase fonts and to an actual word count per page. After paragraph spacing I’ll see how it looks to the eye. I’m making it to where the reader won’t have to read a lot all at once.

I’ll update later tonight. At the moment I’m making plans for the book cover. The front and back cover will have things mentioned in the book so I might have to buy props before photography and graphic designs. I’ll keep you all posted.

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