I’m back in this!! Update 12-26-2013

Sorry I’m late bloggers/followers. I work at this cool little frozen yogurt shop and when I close shop it’s usually at 9. Takes me about 45 minutes then the drive home is like 30…if I don’t speed 🙂

So I texted my trusty editor during work to inform her of the page dilemma. Her reaction, priceless. I’m expecting her to freak out like I did, but she VERY CALM. I’d go as far to say nonchalant.

Her response went something like this.

Me: We have a problem. After formatting it and adjusting the trim size it came out to be over 700. Text me asap.

Her: So how is that a problem. The font should be smaller then.

I mean…DUH! Why hadn’t I thought of that?? Last night I almost had a heart attack or something. 700 pages, way too long. But I never thought about changing the font size AND THE STYLE! On top of her advice I got alot of advice on here. You all were helpful, thank you.

So here’s the update. After changing the font and style which was “Time New Roman-14” to Garamond-(Between 10-11). The pages knocked down to 456 with a word count of 115,176. So now I can breathe again. I’ll have format the paragraphs and footers again. But this looks great.

Now I’m excited. Hero’s Tale is an amazing Romance novel that I want to share with readers. I don’t want it turned away because readers see how thick the book is.

So now I need to format this doc, then do a book cover design. The sooner I get the cover then sooner I’ll be ready to start the whole process. My fingers are tingling from the excitement xD.

Well all, I have to get to work. I’ll be on here making comments and checking out blogs for a while too. Some of you have a tumblr and a facebook. As soon as I set the pages up, ADD ME. I can’t tell how great it is to finally know more writers, poets, musicians. You know, creative people. I’ll have links on my page soon 🙂

If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks to all that follow me. Well it’s time for me to get to formatting.





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