My first obstacle!! Fun, kinda, well not really

Goodmorning Bloggers/followers 🙂 . I’m up pretty early partly because I barely slept last night eh, whatever, let’s get to it.

Last night I managed to get on CreateSpace to check out the book covers dilemma. I had to format my doc so it fits the trim size which is 6″in x 9″in. So I looked up how to do the formatting, and did it. But man, this made my book longer than it already is. Are you ready for it? I’m going to type.

OVER 700 PAGES!!! I almost pooped myself when I saw that increase in pages. I seriously almost had a nervous breakdown or something when I saw it. Who will read that much?? What do I do?? How do I fix this??? UGGGGGHHH!

Obviously I won’t just give up. What kind of writer would I be if I just gave up at the first hard thing that came up? So after thinking and bugging out for half an hour, trying to think of possible solutions, I went to bed to clear my mind. So here I am, still blogging because I still intend to publish and by no means will I ever give up, never.

So here are my options:
1. I could split the book into two books or possibly a series.

2. I could make the pages even more or trim it

3.I could go balls in and publish the whole book in its glory.

That last one is my favorite. I don’t have too many good options here. Hero’s Tale wasn’t written to have a sequel. It’s a one and doner. So splitting it would be extremely difficult and making it a series?? I would basically have to rewrite the book. Ugh. Next option.

Trimming the pages and making them even would reduce my page count down to the high 600 at the most. This book has a 10,000 word count meaning I’d have to take out a few thousand words to reduce the trim. Basically, I’d have to take out a few chapters. That will wreak the story. Can’t do it. Next option.

Publishing the book anyway. For some reason I like this idea and my gut is pushing me towards it. I mean this isn’t going to be my first publish and if anything this will be a learning experience. The story isn’t even boring to add to that. It’s just long. I’ve been told it’s suspenseful all the way through. With it being a Romance it has it’s cliche moments but for the most part it’s at least tolerable. You get caught up in the story and if you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you have trouble stop reading it.

I’ve worked hard to get up to this point and I don’t plan on quitting, or even starting a new project. I did think about postponing Hero’s Tale production to give Love Bleeds Red a shot, it’s my only other finished book. Writing is a length process, bear with me people lol.

Love Bleeds Red comes to 348 pages with the format but it has a very low word count for some reason coming to-39286. That story is the first I ever finished and it’s my baby. THE baby. I want to do more to it before publishing because THAT is a series. A sequel has already been started for it.

Hero’s Tale is good too. But I’m in love with the other book. HT is meant to be the jump start to my career, a learning opportunity, me jumping into the deep end and learning to swim. I think you all get the picture. I feel that HT is good enough to publish as my first.

I’ll figure things out today. If anything, publication will be set back a month at the most BUT I don’t, DO NOT want to do that. The book is done, written, complete, finished and every other synonym related to done. There’s no reason to keep dragging this along. It’s my time.

I’ll keep you all posted on this. Feel free to give advice, suggestions and or even tips. I’m going back to sleep.

If you LOVE romance or love to read in general FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Seriously, I follow back always and who doesn’t like mutual support? I’ve seen reviewers too. FOLLOW. Because I will need people to critique my books, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Some help is better than none at all. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks to all that follow me. Enjoy your Sunday and stay warm out there.


6 thoughts on “My first obstacle!! Fun, kinda, well not really”

  1. A quick glance at my bookshelf at what I would personally call “average” sized reads shows books between 300-400 pages.

    It seems a bit odd to have a 700 page book out of 10,000 words? Either your font is massive or you meant 100,000? Either way, I’d check in general that your font size is typical – I’ve read in several places that 100,000 words is the typical size for an adult novel so for it to run to 700 pages still seems very odd when a usual book is 300-400 pages.

    If it is an ebook, that is different still, as on my kindle there are far fewer words per page than most of my average paperbacks, with the automatic font size.

    As far as cutting down length, perhaps you could get some more beta readers to get extra feedback against the length, but of course that may push things back further – could be the best option in the long run though, better sales and reviews is a small price for a months setback but if you are confident that it is fine as it is then trust in that and go ahead with it.

  2. If it is an e-text, the “pages” are much smaller than a print version as Lottl explains in the above post. I believe that the ratio between the 2 formats is 1 page in a paperback equals 2 1/2 e-text pages. I hope this helps!

  3. My 51K word novel was barely 200 pages when it was published. It’s usually about 250 words per page so if you meant 100K words it should be no more than 500 pages.

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