More and more research!


I went again today for another round of Christmas shopping and couldn’t help but stop at the book section. So many books! With so many different authors. It makes me question “How hard can it be to get a book out here” Literally thousands of people do this. It really motivates me. I know if I work hard I’ll have a book out here.


I went to the book section to research book covers. Since I have to make one soon I figure I should learn what people like to see before opening a nice romance novel. The suspense section is showing but that’s behind this one…yeah lol


I saw really light and hot colors in the books. Red was virtually seen in all of the romance books. The book to the left came off to me as a soft and romantic type book while this one comes off as either “hot” or intense.

None of the actual designs drew my eye. I think the designs ultimately come from the author’s mind. For me I already have an idea of what I want, I just need ideas for colors so the book gives the reader the feeling I want them to feel when they see my book which is; romantic, soft and relatable romance. Like one of those classics like the Notebook.

I’m still scheming



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