Don’t get envious. Get inspired!

Just returned home from a pretty great Christmas party my friend threw. Remember the film director from my last posts? That’s the guy. It was nice. I spoke to a few girls. One in particular caught my eye. I might have to contact her.

Do you ever see someone who you deem successful in some way? It makes you feel slightly behind or even inadequate. DONT feel that way. Get inspired and inspire. I used to get envious of my friend a few months ago but the more I hung out with him the more inspired I got. If he can do well, so can I are my thoughts.

Instead of being envious, congratulate them and push them further towards success. They’ll do the same for you, it’s good karma and it’s a pretty good way to stay in shape…excuse my corny Family Guy humor. But on a serious note, don’t get caught up in envy. It will turn into self-pity-every dreams’ worst nightmare.

Take a moment to look at your strengths and accomplishments. Take me for example, I could easily throw a fit about not having a book published yet. OR I can look at my progress- I’ve hired my own personal editor, I’ve wrote two books, getting one ready for publishing, I’ve started blogs to get my name out, etc.

Looking at the positive things will inspire you to go even further. So now I help my friend with his films when I am able and just motivate him and give him his props. In return he supports me. He even got me connections with a designer for my book cover. I doubt envy would have gotten me that far.

So, don’t get envious people, GET INSPIRED! I’m rooting ALL of you on and hope that each and everyone of you one day live in the dream you love to dream.

Oh and follow my blog, ha, I ALWAYS follow back. I support anyone who supports me.


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