Update for 12-19-13

Wow, so today/yesterday went pretty well as far as research for book covers go. I helped my friend run a few errands as I did it. Spreading the holiday joy while being productive. What better way is there?

My friend is a film director so we have a lot in common which is why we probably hangout so much. He informed me about a designer who could do a professional cover for me or he could do it for free! What luck right? I’m still keeping my options open.

You see for this first publish I want to get all the experience possible. This is my first time being in control of so much. I control virtually all of this projects process, I control what my editor does and how much she’s paid, I control what gets seen, this blog, the fan page and a lot more so it’s a lot to manage so early.

Before I decide I want more help. I want to expand my options. And if getting help for a design becomes a desired path, I would want them to flesh my idea out better than I can. So at the moment my mind is leaning towards exploring the ideas I came up with today…or yesterday.

I’m going to try and stay up to date with the updates and posts. I’ve gained a few followers so far which I’m liking. I welcome any and all support. Thank you for those who read and choose to follow you are greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback or email me. Thanks!


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