Writer’s checklist

So since publishing is approaching I’ve decided to make a checklist of things to do in order to ensure I’m ready by February. Here are my deadlines.

Look over Editor’s revision-Dec 22nd, 13

Formatting-Jan 5th, 14

Blogs/Fan pages-Jan 5th, 2014

Coverart designs/backcover blurb-Jan 25th, 14

Choose distributor-Feb 1st, 14

My book is 500 pages more or less. It started off at 558 but since I’ve been looking over the revision and formatting as I go, it’s been cut down to 504 with the reduced spaces and proper indenting. I have 200 pages left to format. My editor has finals so I’m doing things on my own until Monday(I gave her the weekend off to rest from finals). But I’m proud of my progress. So far, I am ahead of schedule.


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