What’s a book without a cover design right? It’s like seeing a blank building that has all of these fascinating items inside. On the inside there’s this world of low prices and rich items. But on the outside there’s…nothing.

So I need ideas for a book cover. What I’m doing today is going out to do some research. I’m going to look at hundreds upon hundreds of titles related to Romance to see what draws in eyes and what doesn’t.

Alot of people are saying just google some images but what fun is that? I like hands on experiences and getting out to see things with the first person perspective.

My editor has came up with a few ideas but I want to max out my options before I narrow in on a decision. So I’m about to head out and meet up with a friend. I’ll keep the updates at least daily.

If anyone has any ideas or advice for bookcovers, don’t hesitate to give input. The title is Hero’s Tale and it’s a romance.

Thanks 🙂


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